How do we know its 1974?

I’m aware that Lostpedia (the bible) refers to the time period as so, but where in the episode was this explicitly said, or a clue given that this might be the year? I tried to watch carefully, but I may have missed something. Did Lindeloff and Cuse confirm in a podcast or interview that its 1974? If you could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.

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  1. Sawyer tells Miles and co. they are in 1974. He must have seen a calendar in one of the buildings ’cause I cannot imagine him asking Horace.

  2. Sawyer tells Juliet, “You realize, it is 1974…” when she tells him that she wants to leave the next day on the subarine. This is appoximately 34 minutes into the episode.

  3. And to add to all previous comments…

    …and the episode kept flashing saying, “Three years later”…”Three years earlier”…

    So there’s your 1977.

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