Richard Alpert . . .

In the episode . . . was it ‘Cabin Fever’? . . . were we’re shown Locke’s birth: when his mother and grandmother are in the room and they’re going to take Locke out of the incubator and his mother freaks out, Richard Alpert shows up and he’s looking through the window. The nurse says to Locke’s grandmother something about “do you know this guy,” and the grandmother looks like she does; there’s a recognition there, you can see it in her face. Alpert even waves or gestures to her. The grandmother says she doesn’t know him at all. Perhaps Alpert is Locke’s father? Perhaps grandfather? She KNOWS him though. Somehow. Wonder if we’ll find out that connection?

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5 thoughts on “Richard Alpert . . .

  1. I believe Richard Alpert was at his birth because when John met Richard for the first time (in the past) and trying to convince Richard to tell him how to move the island, John told him to go to his hospital where he will be born to prove that John Locke was/is who he says he is.

    John’s time was skipping at that time and then he vanished in from of Alpert’s eyes.

    That explains that.

  2. But that doesn’t explain how Locke’s grandmother knew who Alpert was. She acted weirded out when she saw him. I doubt Locke would have said “freak out my grandmother when you’re there.” I really think there was some familiarity between his grandmother and Alpert.

  3. Another thing about Emily Locke is that do you think she becomes Emily Linus when she marries Roger Linus? Then dies giving birth to her second son Ben?

    Could Ben and John be brothers? Emily Locke and Emily Linus both have strawberry blonde hair and Emily Locke was about 16 when she had John…it was also in the 50’s so could she then have been 28 in the 70’s and married?

  4. I do not think that Richard Alpert was recognized by Emily’s mother. Her reaction was not strong enough to suggest this. I do suspect it was left intentionally vague to give us this idea, though.

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