Hi. I have been reading through this site for about two months and finally decided to register and post.

I don’t know how you all feel about SPOILER info but I kind of have some. So here it is.

Ok, I don’t know why no one is talking about this but it has reported and confirmed that a MAJOR character is going to die, as in for real, like Charlie, Boone or Shannon. By the end of THIS season. And I know it isn’t Kate. So I am guessing Hurley. He really doesn’t add much to the story. So take a guess at who it will be.

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I am an disgruntled fan of Lost. I love to hate it and hate it to love it. JJ is notorious for letting down fans but I don't hold it against Lost. I have a crazy theory that has been brewing for the last year now and I will be posting it shortly. Forgive my tirades and bitter comments. I get on edge when I can't get my Lost fix.

13 thoughts on “Who will die? *CONTAINS SPOILERS*

  1. My guess is based on something I wish I hadn’t read on imdb. I see this as a spoiler, but I guess we’re all reading the thread that says SPOILER in its title. And it doesn’t mean that this character will die..

    The actor who played young Ben is cast for the next two or three episodes of Lost.

    If someone major dies, my guess is Ben, purely because of this coverage.

    Maybe he re-entered the island at a bad angle and he’ll suffer flashes.

  2. It would make sense as Hurley, and would explain why he records the ‘numbers’ transmission.

    Although he is too bad ass to die, Sayid would also fit as a candidate in my opinion.

    I’d like to say that it is not Jack, Kate, Juliet, or Sawyer. It could be Miles.

    Where has it been reported and confirmed that someone will die, if you don’t mind me asking?

    Oh, and as long as you post (as you did) CONTAINS SPOILERS in big writing, you are fine. People who don’t want to know won’t look. I personally think there should be a “spoilers” section…

  3. They’ve done this before.. with Locke in season 3. But he’s alive now – or at least appears to be. But I don’t know.. I HOPE it’s not Sawyer! 😛

  4. I also noticed that Young Ben is in upcoming episode(s). Also, Pierre is in the next one, we see Roger Linus in the next few episodes, as well as Phil (the DHARMA guy who saw Horace with the dynamite)

  5. I like spoilers but not everyone does… giving away that someone is going to die on the show in your title might be more of a spoiler than most people would like to hear.

  6. Narrowed down to Ben, Sawyer, Daniel, Jin, Miles… that is written somewhere… I have to say that I think that Jin is serving next to no purpose going forward… Sawyer has completed his character’s arc as in his character has grown about as much as he can. It would also make sense that the semi-major character could be Juliette if the major one is Sawyer, to me anyways… have them go out together. Ben will be in serious peril, but will not die. Daniel will be around at least through the season finally, if only missing for a few intermediate episodes. So my money is on either Jin (who did have a DUI recently) or Sawyer.

    Just as important as who is dying to me, is what wonderful new roles are going to be joining the show… and there are a lot of them I think. Any ways… just my 2 cents.

  7. The actor that plays him.. not the fictional character of Jin. That seems to ensure that the kiss of death, in that 2 of the 3 that have got DUI’s are no longer show regulars.

  8. The whole DUI thing gets you thrown off the show was started to throw people off. Anyone who fell for that when it first came off obviously didn’t think it through and since we’ve seen both Jin and Ana Lucia since they got their DUIs I think we can safely debunk that “theory”.

    Here’s something from an interview with the producers:

    In an interview with TV Guide’s Aussiello, Lost producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse explain why they killed off Ana Lucia, played by Michelle Rodriguez. A few highlights:

    Calling herself a ‘nomad’, Rodriguez insisted that she only be on the show for one season.

    When Rodriguez got her DUI, the producers considered changing her storyline because they were worried it would look like they were punishing her by killing off her character.

    Same for Watros. Libby wasn’t shot because Watros got a DUI.

    Is it debunked yet?

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