How do you get your “Lost” on?

In the beginning I use to throw a Lost party every week. Little did I know that there would be fair weather fans in my midst. So the weekly Lost party started with 27 people after the first season it went down to about 18. After the third season it was about 7. I moved before the fourth season and spent much of that watching it after everyone else because I had to Tivo it and really didn’t want any spoilers so I swore off all of the forums. Now here in the fifth season, I watch it all alone, no one is allowed to call me on Wednesday from 9p until about 10:30 (I spend about 30 minutes writing things down in a Lost journal to add to my theory, you have to get it while it is fresh). But I watch Lost on the edge of my seat in Dane Cook fashion (only making comments during commercials, such as, “I like her now, I use to not like her, but she is ok now.” (we all knew he was talking about Kate, right?)). I hate when there isn’t a new episode, I about go crazy, especially when I know all the good stuff is going to be in that new episode. So I have been on edge and surfing the net like crazy for any little tidbt. Which is strange because I am for the most part a purist when it comes to Lost. I hate spoilers. I hate the people that chat about the podcasts. But now, with it being so close to the end-sigh-I just want to know every little silly thing.

ps: Why isn’t there a spoiler/rumor section on here?

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I am an disgruntled fan of Lost. I love to hate it and hate it to love it. JJ is notorious for letting down fans but I don't hold it against Lost. I have a crazy theory that has been brewing for the last year now and I will be posting it shortly. Forgive my tirades and bitter comments. I get on edge when I can't get my Lost fix.

6 thoughts on “How do you get your “Lost” on?

  1. My daughter and I go out to dinner together every Wednesday Night so I start out by checking my watch every three minutes to make sure we make it home in time (we usually get home about 45 minutes before it starts but, you know, never too careful).

    I’m the only one at home who watches Lost so I watch alone. I tell everyone to shut up and I sit in the recliner and enjoy a beer or two while I watch. If anyone talks I turn the volume up to drown them out.

    Lost is the only show I actually sit in front of the television to watch. Anything else I watch I watch on the internet.

    I usually only like to watch Lost when it’s actually on television. I’ve only re-watched about five episodes not counting the first five or six episodes of season one that I watched again when I was trying to get my girlfriend into Lost (she’s into it but still catching up)…

  2. I put the kids to bed (my youngest would love to watch it with me but it is on too late, besides I would have to translate all the dialogue for him into french and that would drive me crazy on first viewing). Then I fire up the VCR to tape it while I watch. It used to drive me crazy when it was broadcast from 8 pm to 9 pm Eastern Standard Time because I was still putting the kids to bed and would sometimes miss pressing the record button.

    My wife usually watches Lost with me, though she doesn’t do further research or anything. She just comments and speculates during commercials and after the show. I have encouraged her to visit this forum and she has once or twice.

  3. Well I am at university away from home, so in a dorm. And there are 4-5 people on my floor who also watch LOST, but there has been only once that 3 of us watched it together (they aren’t as hardcore). So after watching, the episode will probably be up on the internet for us to download 2 hours after LOST ends on TV. Then I download it and watch it with my roommate.

    But before this I tell everyone who watches it how amazing it was without ruining anything (which kills me!)

    Now my brother and step brother are into it, but they are both back at home, so I always talk to them the next day about it, talk about theories and stuff like that. My mom is also starting to get into it, as well as my dad (although they are divorced they always seem to love the same shows, which is weird).

  4. my boyfriend and I basically just sit in front of the tv, eyes wide, spluttering occasionally at commercials. We used to invite people over to watch it, but I would fly into a homicidal rage whenever one of them would ask a question or make a comment, so no one is allowed to come over during lost anymore. I usually can’t do anything after it’s over other than go to bed, because my mind is so boggled.

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