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Ok, I am not a jacob/richard/smoke theroriat at all. I could care less about any of them, well, maybe I do care about jacob, but I think these have all distractions and ways to make us dobt out therories because no one theroy can truly tie all of these things together (which may just be the oint in and of itself). There have way too many Jacob theories posted without a lot good solid points being stated. So I posted this as a hand to someone who maybe too lazy to dig. So without further ado, I give you everything we know about Jacob…
Jacob, previously referred to as “Him”, is said to be the leader of the Others and the person from whom Ben received his instructions. Initially, Ben was the only one who knew how to reach, hear, or speak to Jacob; however, Locke has heard Jacob speak and Hurley has accidentally stumbled upon his dilapidated-looking cabin located deep in the jungle. Jacob has apparently enlisted the aid of the dead to act as his representative. Many details of Jacob’s identity, history, powers, and authority are still shrouded in mystery.
The first chronological reference to Jacob on the Island occurred in 1954, when John Locke entered the Camp of the Hostiles. He gained an audience with Richard Alpert by saying he was sent by Jacob. Richard recognized the name, although no further information about Jacob’s identity was revealed. (“Jughead”)

After living on the Island for several months, Juliet asked Ben for permission to return home. Ben informed her that her sister Rachel’s cancer had returned, and that Jacob would heal her only if Juliet agreed to stay on the Island. Ben later claimed that Jacob had successfully cured Rachel’s cancer. (“One of Us”)

Later, when Walt was being held in Room 23, Juliet told Ben that his decision to keep him there was dangerous. Ben replied by saying it was Jacob who wanted Walt to be in Room 23. (“Room 23”)

Episodically, he was first mentioned by name in “I Do”. According to Danny Pickett, Jack “wasn’t even on Jacob’s list”. (“I Do”) Soon after, when Karl was being forced to watch the Room 23 video, the phrase “God loves you as He loved Jacob” appeared. (“Not in Portland”) .
The first physical encounter with Jacob occurred on Day 89. After questioning Ben’s claim that there was a leader above him, Locke took advantage of the announcement of Naomi’s arrival to the Island to make Ben take him to Jacob. Ben explained that Jacob was not the sort of person one visits, but instead was the sort of person to whom one is summoned. Reluctantly, Ben agreed to take Locke to see Jacob. On the way, they came across a line of gray ash on the ground. They arrived at a small cabin nearby. Ben told Locke to turn off his flashlight because Jacob hated technology. Ben cautiously approached the cabin, and announced to Jacob that he and Locke were entering.

Inside, Ben introduced Locke to Jacob, and gestured to an empty chair; there appeared to be nobody else in the room. Ben appeared to be speaking and argue with Jacob, while Locke stood in complete disbelief. Locke accused Ben of putting on a show, but Ben claimed that there was someone sitting in the chair and that John was too limited to see. Locke told Ben that he was pathetic and turned to leave, but as he did so, he heard an ominous voice saying, “Help me”. Locke asked Ben to repeat himself, but Ben said that he had not said anything. Ben seemed shocked that Locke had heard a voice, which he appeared to not have heard, leading to the conclusion that Locke heard the Jacob’s voice while Ben did not.Locke shined his flashlight onto Ben’s face, and the room suddenly started to shake. Ropes and chains shook on the wall, chairs rocked, and windows smashed. Ben’s lantern fell to the floor, shattered, and caught fire, but was quickly and inexplicably extinguished. Ben also appeared to shake someone in the chair, about where their arms or shoulders would be, telling him to stop and that he has had his fun. Immediately after which, as if in response to his demand, Ben was thrown hard against a wall by an unseen force. There were very brief glimpses of a third man sitting in the chair and a close-up of an eye not belonging to Ben or Locke. Locke stumbled outside in fear and confusion. The chaos stopped as quickly as it began. Ben calmly followed him outside and hung up the now intact oil lamp. Locke asked “what on earth” was in there. Ben simply replied with, “That was Jacob”. (“The Man Behind the Curtain”)

Upon arrival at the mass grave, Ben shot Locke. Locke asked him why he had shot him, to which Ben replied, “Because you heard him”, referring to Jacob. When Ben asked what he heard Jacob say, Locke answered, “Help me”. Before leaving, Ben said, “Well, I certainly hope he helps you, John.” (“The Man Behind the Curtain”)

Ben returned to the Others and claimed that Jacob changed the plan; they were to attack the beach and kidnap the pregnant women a night earlier than scheduled. (“Greatest Hits”) Ben then told Mikhail that Jacob had told him to stop all communication off of the Island. Bonnie told Mikhail that she trusted Jacob, and if she didn’t, it would all fall apart. (“Through the Looking Glass”)

On Day 91, Hurley became lost in the jungle and came across Jacob’s cabin. He walked up to the cabin and peered in through a broken window. Sitting in the same rocking chair as seen in “The Man Behind the Curtain” was Christian Shephard. Jacob’s eye suddenly became visible through the window, frightening Hurley, who ran away. When he turned back toward the cabin, it was no longer there. Instead, as he turned back, the cabin was now in front of him. The door to the cabin swung open, seemingly by itself. Hurley closed his eyes and counted to five, telling himself that there was nothing there, there was nothing to be afraid of. Once again, when he opened his eyes, the cabin was gone. Hurley then fell over backwards and was scared by Locke standing over him. (“The Beginning of the End”)

After the survivors split into two factions, Locke decided to visit Jacob for advice. However, when he attempted to find the cabin, it was not in the same place as Locke had last seen it. Hurley accidentally revealed that he had previously seen such a cabin elsewhere, but quickly replied that he thought they meant the plane’s cabin. (“The Economist”)
After Keamy and his men’s attack on the Barracks, Ben said he and Locke had to see Jacob for advice. Hurley accompanied them, as Hurley was the last person to see the cabin. (“The Shape of Things to Come”) Along the way, Locke had a dream of Horace Goodspeed building the cabin. Horace told Locke that he needed to find “…me. And when you do, you’ll find him.” They went to Horace’s corpse in the mass grave and inside his shirt pocket was a map which lead to Jacob’s cabin.

Upon finding the cabin, Locke entered alone. Inside, Locke encountered Christian Shephard, who claimed not to be Jacob but said he could speak on Jacob’s behalf. He asked if Locke knew why he was there, to which Locke replied that he was there because he had been chosen to. Christian confirmed this, and then a creaking sound caused Locke to turn, seeing Claire in a corner. She told Locke she was fine, and that she was with Christian. Locke started asking questions, but Christian interrupted him, saying that that there was no time, and that the people from the freighter were already on their way. He told Locke to ask the one question that did matter: “How do I save the Island?”.

After Locke exited the cabin, Ben asked, “Did he tell you what we’re supposed to do?”. Locke replied, “He wants us to move the Island”. (“Cabin Fever”) Locke was not told how to move the Island; according to Ben, this was because Jacob wanted Ben to be the one to move it and thereby be banished forever from it. (“There’s No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3”) It has since been revealed that Locke misinterpreted what Christian said and Jacob actually wanted Locke, himself, to move the island. When Locke meets Christian again he is reminded of their conversation when Christian says, “You asked me how to save the island and I told you you had to move it. I said that you had to move it, John.”. (“This Place Is Death”)
There are several instances in which the Others refer to a leader without explicitly mentioning a name. These may or may not be referring to Jacob:

Tom said to Ethan, “You know what he’ll do when he finds out”, implying that “he” is above both of them in the Others’ hierarchy. (“Maternity Leave”) While being held captive by the survivors and being interrogated by Sayid and Ana Lucia, Ben stated, “If I tell you about [the Others], you don’t know what he’ll do! ‘ He’ll kill me!” Soon after, Ben told Locke, “The man in charge ‘he’s a great man, John, a brilliant man ‘but he’s not a forgiving man. He’ll kill me because I failed, John. I failed my mission.” (“Two for the Road”).

Mikhail Bakunin, when describing the list, said, “The man who brought me here, who brought all of my people here, he is a magnificent man.” (“Par Avion”)
Jacob’s eye is brown, not the color of Ben’s or Locke’s.
The only words which the audience has heard from Jacob are “Help me”
Jacob is the middle name of Jeffrey Jacob Abrams (J.J. Abrams).
On the DVD commentary track for “The Man Behind the Curtain”, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse described an interesting relationship between Jacob and Ben, which is more of a symbiosis than a master/servant role.
They stated the ash surrounding the cabin was described as a controlling mechanism, such as a “magic circle”.
Jacob’s mysterious introduction as an invisible character with an other-worldly voice was a plot twist.
On the front cover of Lost: The Complete Third Season, the text “Jacob loves you” is visible. Production notes
Jacob was confirmed to be “him” In the 3/20/07 Official Lost Podcast.
There are no official images of Jacob yet.
According to an E! Online interview on May 23rd 2007, in response to the question if the role of Jacob had already been cast, Damon Lindelof stated “False; you do see a guy, but ‘ I’m still sticking to my ‘false’.”
The filming location for Jacob’s cabin in “The Man Behind the Curtain was also used for Eko’s grave.
Biblical references
Jacob is a great-great-grandfather of Aaron (elder brother of Moses) via Levi, Kohath and Amram. Another name for Tribulation is “The Time of Jacob’s Trouble” Jeremiah 30:5-7
During Biblical times, many gods were worshiped and to differentiate the Jewish god from these various other gods, he was referred to as the “God of Jacob”.
Jacob’s name
His mother Rebekah named him this because, while his twin brother Esau was firstborn, Jacob came out of the womb hanging onto his heel.
The English rendering “Jacob” comes from the Latin “Jacobus”, which was from the Greek

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