Why is Sayid a killer??

Something has been bugging me in an episode from season 4, the one where Sayid goes to france i think it is to kill someone and meets up with the woman who tries to kill him etc.

I didnt like this when i watched because it seemed to be a completely different episode from the rest of the season and didnt seem relevent, but as we know nothing is really irrelevent in Lost, well ok some stuff from season 1-3 is pretty irrelevent. But since season 4 we seem to be going at quite a fast pace, so the question is who did Sayid kill? (im not entirely sure but i think he killed quite a few people in that episode) What is their relevence to the story, who was the assistant an assistant to? we are assuming Widmore but thats never been verified, in fact this is one of the few episodes where there have been no answers to what was happening in it.

Anyone have any thoughts?

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4 thoughts on “Why is Sayid a killer??

  1. I know but who exactly are his associates? are they from the island, what did they do to be killed? Why was he unable to kill Widmore? we saw how easily Ben and even Sun got to him so why could Sayid not just kill Widmore?

  2. For possibly the same reason Ben didnt. Whether its due to a constant isssue, or Widmore still has work to do for the island and cannot be killed, I think there is good reason that Widmore is left alive. Its a hard thing to figure out without more info on Widmore, but its a good question non the less.

  3. When the dvd box set for season 6 is finally released I hope they have in depth documentaries with interviews of all the writers and answers to all the un-resolved niggling little details.

    If they do not I don’t know what I’ll do…

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