Why DID they have to come back????

Okay, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about exactly WHY the O6 had to come back. And I thought that of course, you can never trust/believe anything Ben says, right? And he seems to be the one person who is vested in their coming back to the island, so now why would he want them to come back so much? If he knew they would be coming back to 1977, Dharma time, (which I know is a big supposition, but bear me out here), then could he have staged it so that they would be there and then die in the Purge? This would mean that they never could have been on Oceanic 815, and challenge his leadership of the island. Especially since he’s already killed John Locke, he now can do away with the rest of them and be leader of the island. (Of course this idea totally negates Faraday’s “what happened, happened” but we really don’t know if that’s true either!) After watching the previews of the 3/25 episode, it looks like some really bad things are going to happen!

Any comments?

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7 thoughts on “Why DID they have to come back????

  1. sorry to be blunt but this idea is rather stupid….if you went back in time 50 years and died there this would not stop you being born and cumin bak to the past 50 years on. if ben killed the losties of that time era then fair enuff but killin the 1’s who travelled back wouldn’t have changed anything thats alredy happend. ben will still have lost his leadership and by the way…lockes not ded.

  2. Wow, what’s with the negativity here. It’s like my laptop has a frozen donkey wheel and has gone back to a time when still existed. Imisscharlie, I’m not sure if this is the reason why Ben wanted to get them all back. However, I think it is a good theory. We’re still not sure how what they do now effects the future. All we have is Faraday saying “What happened, happened”, but is this true. I believe they are now not experiencing the past of the original timeline, but have created a whole new one. So, in this new timeline, if Ben were to kill the oceanic 815ers in the purge, they of course would not crash on the island in 2004, but only on this timeline. Hope that made sense. Glad I commented here, it just helped me think of a theory about Ethan and Amy. Think I’m going to go work on it.

  3. Thanks, damuse09, for your civil comments. I left another website ( theories) because of all the insulting posts.

    That being said, yes I know Locke’s not dead, but Ben doesn’t know this yet.

    As for the multiple time lines, I hope that’s not the case. From a storytelling point of view, it’s kind of confusing, and I think the average viewer (which I consider myself) will be unsatisfied with this kind of technique. There needs to be a final unambiguous ending, for me at least, and the multiple time lines would confuse the situation.

    Anyway, I hope they don’t die in the purge–I like these characters too much for that!

  4. Hi, Imisscharlie.

    ‘Why did they have to come back?’ That’s something that I’ve been asking myself constantly in the past couple of weeks. However, I’m sorry to say that I don’t think your theory makes much sense, at least not to me. Or maybe I’m not getting your point.
    It’s just that, the way I see it, things would happen like this:
    1. 815 crashes
    2. losties start flashing through time
    3. dharma days
    4. the purge

    “…so that they would be there and then die in the Purge? This would mean that they never could have been on Oceanic 815…”

    IMO, for them to end up in the 70’s, they would have had to crash on the island and afterwards flash to the 70’s, and therefore, dying in the 70’s would not “avoid” (for lack of a better word) the oceanic crash.

    Unless this has something to do with multiple timelines, and their death in the purge in one timeline alters the next timeline, maybe. I have no idea, since I’m not a fan of the ‘multiple timeline’ theory.

  5. The Losties going back to the ’70s and dying in the purge would not prevent them from getting on flight 815 and crashing on the island in 2004. From their perspective they’ve already done that. We don’t need multiple timelines to explain why they can die in the ’90s and still get on flight 815 in 2004.

    Why did they all need to come back? Maybe that’s just the way the island wanted it. Or maybe Jacob wanted it that way… who knows? We havne’t found that out… yet. Maybe Hawking was just wrong! Ben obviously believes it needs to be that way… otherwise he would have just walked into the church, killed Hawking and gone down to the Lamp Post Station to find out what flight he needed to be on to get back to the island.

  6. This answer seems really obvious.

    Ben knows that the O6 need to travel back in time because he knows how they figure in the past he has already experienced. Sayid for example was known to Ben long before Ben (adult) met Sayid.

    If this works for Kate, Hurley and Jack as well as Sawyer, Juliet et al then the past as written must proceed according to the time-line. Much like back to the future, to not follow the time-line will prove devastating to humanity – a branch will occur leading to new outcomes. The Swan is not yet built and needs to be.

    The Losties will ironically assist with the purge. To not do so will result in a new time-line. We have only seen Bens role in the purge without reference to the real reason why.

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