Bens Return

Bear with me guys but its my

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12 thoughts on “Bens Return

  1. Also, I think now that Sayid will be free to explore the rest of the 1977 island, which should hopefully explain where Faraday is, and then hopefully meeting Widmore in his leadership role. And this also means we will get to see the state of the smoke monster in 77…lets just hope Sayid is a fast and efficient explorer ha!

  2. I really dont think young Ben is dead, but I like the idea you push here….

    Lost#s, Bear…it took me a minute, broke my train of thought, lol

  3. some peeps are speculating that Sayid builds the underground barracks that Rouseau ends up living in. full circle and kinda funny if it’s true

  4. Sayid is more of a desert rat than a Jungle Bunny.

    Wonder what Survival training the Iraqi Republican Guard gave its communications officers in 1990-92?

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