2008 ben and locke bumping into some elderly losties

I read all the theories and posts and i dont remember anyone mentioning anything about the losties stuck in 1977 survivng the purge. which is entirely possible!

Im almost sure that we will see one or more maybe Sawer/Kate/jack/Hurley/Sayid/Jin live out the 30 some years into 2008.

Thats all i have in my head right now.

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11 thoughts on “2008 ben and locke bumping into some elderly losties

  1. Hi poohbear…it feels weird calling anyone poohbear, but I like that name, lol.

    This is an interesting perspective on the whole thing. I dont really have much to debate or agree on with it, it just interesting.
    It would be kind of funny to see that happen and us all be wrong about everything.

    Maybe something happened, and the whole time the Losties we know are on the island post815 crash, and are posing as others, hiding out or captured in the temple.
    I like this. Something fresh. I hope more people read this.
    I would suggest moving this to the theories section, but lack of evidence or even logic behind it may have it eaten alive there…but I would still agree that it is a very possible scenario.
    I can see it now, Sun walks in and theres an old Asian man sitting there who’s eye light up upon the site of her. Her grandfather, or real father…?
    Nope…Hi Jin! I can hear the (build up,wtf) lost music playing, upon making peoples heads explode.
    Intersesting…very interesting.

  2. Hi Poohbear

    Yes definately inetresting, could this be how adam and eve end up the cave?

    P.s. are you related to winnie the pooh, I have just purchased a winnie the pooh moses basket and it cost too much, its – i love my bear baby stuff from now. sorry pooh corporation will not be getting any more of my pounds, lol.

  3. this would be interesting, help explain better jack waking up in the jungle in the pilot. adam and even are undeniably bernard and rose, so that would fit as well.

  4. Do you mean to say that the 815 Losties will age and meet the younger versions of Sun, Locke, Lapidus, etc? That would be so sad, especially for Sun and Jin.

    As for Adam and Eve, didn’t Jack say in the first season that the skeletons had been there for about 40-50 years? That would mean they were dead from about 1954-64, no? Seems like they should be people from the military during the time of the bomb. Unless I’m really dense, I don’t see how anyone who’s alive in 2004 could be Adam and Eve.

  5. Hi Imisscharlie

    Your right about the dates, but who knows what happens when the writers open up the can of worms that is time travel!

    As the cockneys would say – can you adam and eve it?

  6. Ok… lets say that the losties survived the purge and also managed to leave the island to the realworld (so to speak) they end up covering for the purge to save thier own buts. plus they are at the advantage of knowing when they would need to get back to the island befor it moves again right cause the sub still exists. but to tell the truth i dont believe the sub is really the way onto the island, its probably a cover for a temple entrance i mean why do they need to be knocked out for a simple sub trip??

    It could also explain the food drops-having the losties from the future living in the past coordinatting the drop. and they are at an advantage to be able to come back to the island before it moves and way after the crash to avoid bumping into each other.
    i could be off base but its been rolling around in my head for some time.

    and if this turns out to be wrong -and sun and jin meet up in thier own timeline it will be because of the famouse incident that the losties themselves cause in the attempt to return to thier own time.

    AES i choose the silly name poohbear cause thats what i nicknamed my baby boy- im a big big fan of winnie the pooh 🙂

  7. Hi Poohbear.

    I like your thought about the airdrops. Could you add a word about that in my previous post about the logistics of how Dharma travels back and forth? Would love to have your thoughts on some of the questions I asked there.


  8. “help explain better jack waking up in the jungle in the pilot. adam and even are undeniably bernard and rose, so that would fit as well”

    Seriously? How does a 65-70 year old Jack living on the island relate to him waking up in the middle of the jungle? And Adam and Eve are undeniably Bernard and Rose? I am going to deny that right now.

  9. seriously-2004 jack whatever however people think he woke in the jungle,i beleive he was in the original 815 crash and was a very lucky bastard to be relativley unhurt besides the gash in his side.

    bernard and rose as adam and eve? i never implied that, for all i know they got killed in the ambush,or are hiding out in 1977 maybe joined up with the hostiles.

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