Data Collecting Island -Full Blown Theory-

I’m going to take a shot at an overall theory here. It’s based on my own observations as well as everything I have read on the many forums. So here we go…

The show is starting to take on a final form now. We know a lot more about things and theories are starting to get harder to come up with because the picture is starting to narrow. What I see in front of me now is a show with only a few really big mysteries left. The are:

—The Island itself.
The actual earth/trees/rocks of the island. Being as we know “exotic material” exists on the island. It seems likely the islands special features are comming directly from this source. What might that source be?

Smokie is attached to the island and in some way has a purpose. So far, all we know is it is some form of security system. It can identify/scan you in some way. It can kill your ass! It can not pass a sonic fence. It can also manifest itself in the shape of human form, and probably many other forms.

—The Others and Richard Alpert
-Once you’re an other you can’t go back (apparently). Unless your Juliet and you get judged and branded. Then your something else.. I guess. Richard is ageless. They are working for the island… maybe. They get new recruits. They have a weird thing with leaders. They probably know pretty much exactly what is going on but are very protective of that.


What in the hell is the point of this show? Not many people seem to talk about this one point. Is the world going to end? The Valenzetti equation seemed to state that is exactly what the numbers meant. To predict the date that man would destory itself. We have a lot of stuff about duality, a war, science and faith. Fate and Choice.

This leads me finally.. to my theory.

At some point in time. Be it past or future. The Exotic material ended up on the island. I’m going to place my bets on a meteor for now, maybe dark matter/mirror matter. Something that crashed onto the island (not a UFO!!!). When this happened the island got all it’s properties. Specifically, some form of time shifting and electromagnetism.

So the island is now super special. An anomaly. If this happened in the past. The island collected people and caused various strange events until it got to a certain point in time. A point I believe is in the future for us watching the show. As in a timeline past 2007 that we haven’t seen.

In this future the world is going to end. Something is going to happen because of the island and because of all the meddling from various sources. Possibly Jughead and Electromagnestism are going to mix. That would be bad. So the people of this future decide to do something as a last ditch to stop it all from happening. They take the island and set it up to send it back in time. Back with a purpose and a crew to travel through thousands of years in time to stop in some way the events leading to the end. To collect data…

Smokie is from that future and is a security system. One meant to protect the island as it collects data. Smokey may even be the data collector. Or maybe there is a lot of smokies? I do think Smokie(s) is nanobots. Pulled from the exotic material maybe? Engineered by the people of the future? Who knows.

Richard and his pose are the workers on the island. They do what has to be done to keep things safe as the island travels and collects what it needs. They may or may not be human. They might be like smokie. They might be immortal because of technology from the future.

Jacob.. well this is tough. I used to think Jacob was the driver of the island. That he controlled everyhting. Now I am thinking more that Jacob is going to be more random than that. That he is trapped by something, the incident maybe; and will come into play at the endgame. When it comes time to change things.

I do believe the entire series so far is showing us things that have always happened. The end game is “Can they actually change fate?”. Desmond maybe part of that and maybe Jacob as well.

The Losties are all picked by the island to move towards it’s final goal. To change the course of time. To break the rules and actually stop course correction.

Locke and Christian/Claire are all part of the island now. They are helping out it’s mission. Somehow they are different. Maybe they are part of Jacob. Existing in some realm outside time/space? Which allows them to be the hands and fingers of the island. To reach it’s goal.

That’s it! What do you folks think?

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16 thoughts on “Data Collecting Island -Full Blown Theory-

  1. What’s with the “I’m sure I’ll get ripped apart for some of this”…

    Are you really afraid of being ‘ripped apart’ because you wrote a theory, which is what this site is about..

    And even if your theory sucked big time -but it doesn’t- who cares about what they say about your theory.. ;P

    That statement just seems a bit ‘out of fear to fail’ or something to me…

  2. I really like this. Part of me hopes it to be true. I can see the story progressing in this direction. I like that Christian/Claire and Jack are a part of the island. I think it’s going to become vital for Aaron to come back. Something very important about Christians blood line (or dare I say Jacob’s blood-line). Not sure we’ll be getting these big answers this year, but atleast they’re starting to give us the direction. Nice theory.

  3. Also… ekolocation.

    I think at this point almost every single main character is “special” in some way. They are all there for a reason.

  4. Walt thinks that Vincent went to live on a magical island where he can run free with other dogs and be happy all the time… little does he know the other dogs are just manifestations of the smoke monster…

  5. or maybe vincent is a manifestation of the smoke monster. he died in the crash. and the monster has been judging the losties by spending time among them as vincent

  6. I am pretty sure Vincet is not jsut a dog anymore. The pilot is pretty clear when you rewatch it.

    Vincent is chilling in the bushes and “observing” Jack and them as they hike to the cockpit.

    Also Christian told Jacob to go get Jack cause he has work to do. In the Missing Pieces webisodes.

    What better way to watch what people are doing than disguise yourself as a dog!

  7. Well, Christian told Vincent… anyway…

    It’s interesting. Also interesting is that Locke (future leader of the Others) is able to summon “Vincent” (kind of like the current leader of the Others at the time)while others aren’t even able to find him…

  8. You’re not buying my Vincent observing them theory highbrow?

    It just seems too weird. The camera work is pretty specifically laid out to reveal Vincent in a couple shots back in the Pilot.

    Could just be for the visuals only.

    My buddy thinks the end of the show is going to be Vincent and the Smoke monster on an island cliff. The smoke is going to put a big tendril gingerly around Vincent shoulder and they will stare off into the sunset.

    Ohh.. and Starry Starry Night will be playing in the background.

  9. But Walt could have told you Vincent, this world was never meant for one as beautiful as you.

    I am agreeing with it. In my last post I was trying to cite evidence to support your theory that Vincent is the smoke monster (or part of it) observing the Losties…

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