Yet another possible Jacob?

Jacob is said to be someone who has played a non-speaking role in the past, hates technology and who a lot of the Others fear, including Ben himself. I have a thought that The Smoke Monster could be Jacob. This would be totally gay if writers went with this, but it’s pretty feasible. The only flaw is that the last Episode of this season is Jacob-centric, and I don’t know how they’re gonna portray a monster’s flashbacks…

Any thoughts?

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3 thoughts on “Yet another possible Jacob?

  1. I actually don’t want any thoughts on this. Gonna leave this one alone. Jacob is the statue. Jacob is the island. Jacob is Christian. Jacob is the captain of the BR. Jacob is omni-present. I’m an Atheist/Moralist… I don’t believe in Jacob. Not sure what I mean here. Just going a little Lost crazy.

  2. a list of dead people:bens mum,jacks dad,charlie,cortez,libby,etc…….oh and JACOB.have you never hallucinated?lost aint too far from the truth when it comes to this subject!oh,except people dont usually see dead people.

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