Why Jack Isnt A Jerk.

In ” What Happened, Happened” We see Jack Refuse to treat Ben, and we all think ” Wow Jack, Hes just a kid. Your a Jerk”….Think Again

I believe Jack Knew He Couldn’t Save Ben. If He were to save Ben, Then he wouldn’t need to go to Richard, and if Ben Never went to Richard he wouldn’t “lose his innocence” and become the man he is today. And if he never became the Ben we love to hate, the Losties probably never would have made it to the Island, and DHARMA would all be alive today.

I Don’t know who told Jack, ( Jacob, Christian, Locke, Hawking?? )

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9 thoughts on “Why Jack Isnt A Jerk.

  1. I, for one never thought of Jack as a Jerk in that scene.

    In fact I was amused that Jack found himself in the classic ‘what if’ situation. It goes ‘what if you could go back in time and kill Adolph Hitler in his crib? Would you do it?’ though Jack doesn’t even need to do the actual murder. He just has to refuse treatment.

    I think Sawyer’s comments to Jack (in LaFleur) about his getting people killed really hit home.

    Sawyer accuses Jack of not thinking things through before reacting to situations. That must have really hurt Jack. And here sawyer comes and asks for help in saving Ben Linus.

    Here you have Jack sitting calmly and listening to Miles explain the whole ‘What happened, happened’ premise of time travel and he just as calmly makes a moral decision that he does not want to be the one to save Ben. He basically abstains.

    He puts Miles’ hypothesis to the test.

  2. I believe Jack showed that he is now fit to lead the others, the losties, the island. The easy thing to do wpuld have been to operate!! he would have emerged from the infirmary as a hero to the D.I.! but at what cost?

    If Jack had operated he would have been manipulated again, just like Kate and Sawyer!

    Jack chose to put his opinion, his belief first! A Leader can

  3. maybe if jack had saved ben, then they wouldnt have to ask for richarads help and ben wouldnt have lost his innocense, but he would have also always remembered that it was sayid that shot him, jack didnt help him cause all he could think about is how when ben grows up he locks jack away till he operates him, but he wants jack to want to help him unlike when he was a child

  4. I agree that if Jack had helped Ben then it would have altered the flow of time, and Ben wouldn’t have lost his innocence, but i don’t believe that it was Jack’s intention. I just think he didn’t want to help Ben. However, Ben was already interested in defecting to the Hostiles, so I wonder if we don’t really understand what it would mean for him to lose his innocence. Perhaps, in typical lost fashion,it means a different sort of innocence. A comparison could be drawn from the the tree of knowledge? as though Ben will be cast out of ‘Eden’, or dharma in this case, after visiting the temple?

  5. I like the new Sawyer But I like the new Jack better. I think Jack knows a lot more than we think. This guy has information that we will find out later was crucial. He definitely is beginning to act like Locke from the first few seasons and I like that. Did you notice the 70’s side burns right before he went to the Island. I think Jack is carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders right now and he, Des and Locke in the end will be the ones that make the big difference.

  6. You didn’t like the me, Kate .

    Jack is a jerk. At that point he did exactly what he was supposed to do. Not treat Ben. Because that’s what happened. And it happened that way because Jack is a jerk.

  7. I don’t think that’s why he didn’t help him. I think he would have said so if that was the case. Whether or not Jack is a jerk can be argued but I believe his reasoning for not helping little Ben was exactly what he said.

  8. Kate and Juliet know all about what Ben is going to be putting them all through later and they helped him… Because they’re nice… Juliet more so then Kate. Kate just wanted to carry Ben around to show off her freakish strength. Sawyer helped because his woman told him to. Hurley didn’t help because Ben can’t chew waffles while he’s unconscious. Miles didn’t help because Ben was still alive and his forte is dead people. Jack didn’t help because… he’s a jerk.

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