Kate Having a Desmond Moment???

I was recently watching Part 2 of the Pilot episode, and something caught my eye.

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6 thoughts on “Kate Having a Desmond Moment???

  1. Welcome! We always need a fresh perspective! I am curious to see what others think here…I don’t have access to previous episodes, but I am going on “stay at home” mom status in June….I wonder if it’s okay to register LOST DVDS for a baby shower….? Any theory with Joyce references is a good one!

  2. RW Faust, I certainly like your thoughts, and this idea has occurred to me as well, as I am sure it has occurred to others as well.

    That would not come as a surprise to me, if Lost did end this way!

    I don’t think anyone can deny ‘the loop-like’ occurrences we have seen throughout the show! There are too many, to simply ignore. I know it has meaning, but haven’t been able to make the connection.

  3. kittycarson, congratulations on becoming a mom in June!

    I don’t think it would be improper to ask for the DVD set, at all.

    If anyone questions it, blame it on hormones! lol

  4. Yeah, pregnant hormones can accomplish anything… I can’t think of any other reason I would have been at the grocery store at 3am buying corn dogs when my ex was preggers…

  5. R.W. Faust, I do understand what you are talking about, and I came to the same conclusion on my own how the whole thing might be an endless circle.

    However, I try not to dwell too much on really small details, because then I start getting paraniod and start making giant assumptions when I something as insignificant as Jack eating cerial. 🙂

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