Ilana is working for”.

It should come as no great shock that Ben kills Cesar the first chance he gets. I suspect that Cesar may have been hired by Charles Widmore, and may also have been the man watching Sayid. Ben may or may not have known this as fact, but when Cesar tells Locke that he is in charge, and not to take one of the boats, Ben kills him.

You will recall, that one of the first things Cesar does, while searching Ben’s office was to take the gun and lie about that to Ilana by telling her it was a flashlight!

This was totally premeditated on Ben’s behalf. He makes Cesar think that Locke should not be trusted. And, while Cesar is looking the other way, Ben does what Ben does best. He steals the gun from him. And, the first opportunity he gets, he kills Cesar!

Now this may seem like some isolated or random incident, however, you would be wrong to think that. Ben could have easily got the boat away from Cesar, by wounding him or injuring him. The real reason he kills Cesar is to get him out of Ilana’s way!

Ben and Ilana exchanged a very knowing glance. There were no words spoken, it was just a glance. A ‘telling’ glance! This told me that Ben knows who she is and why she is there. Ben hired Ilana to arrange for Sayid to be falsely arrested, so he could be placed on board of #316. Ben knew that he would have no chance of getting any cooperation from Sayid, and he was needed to make the trip back to ‘the island’ complete. So, the story Ilana gave about Sayid being arrested at the murdered man’s family’s request is a complete fabrication.

Ilana and her men have guns, and by the looks of it, a lot of them! Guns, that they fully intend to use. They have also developed a ‘code word’ to identify anyone else that is ‘with them’, so to speak. We learned this very quickly when Frank Lapidus couldn’t respond to her code. This would definitely not be Charles Widmore, as he has nobody really left on ‘the island’ that would be on his side within ‘the others’ that would be willing to help him.

The only people Charles Widmore might presently have on his side, that are present on ‘the island’ are Daniel Faraday and Miles Straume. Either one or both of these men, are ‘sleepers’, waiting to move into action once they receive ‘the call’. They may have somebody else that is on ‘the island’ who will turn traitor. Somebody who will receive a message from the future that will convince them, they need to betray their present situation.

Ben is no fool, and if I had to put my money on him or Widmore, I will choose Ben as being the smarter one between the two men, any day. Ben knew when ‘the freighter’ was coming, and count on the fact he also knew in advance what to prepare for, from Charles Widmore this time around. Ben means business and is totally prepared to fend off any attack from Charles Widmore. This time, it would appear that it is Ben who is well armed!

After all, Ben always has a plan!

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~ Contrary to popular misconception, karma has nothing to do with punishment and reward. It exists as part of our holographic universe’s binary or dualistic operating system only to teach us responsibility for our creations—and all things we experience are our creations. ~

222 thoughts on “Ilana is working for”.

  1. Dabia, love it, completely the opposite of my theory on Ilana you have to read it, called, What lies in the shadow of the statue.

    You could be absolutely right, that is a code word similar to the snowman question, I just don’t know why she would ask Lupidas knowing that he was not with them to begin with.

    You are right about Cesar lying to Ilana, they were definitely not working together because she would have just been like hey, we have a lot of guns you dont need to hide it Cesar c’mon “FRIEND”.

    I dont know if she is working for Ben though, you make an excellent point about the knowing glance but I am not convinced. I think she is more then just a ploy for Ben.

    I really think her purpose is to dig up the jughead and set it off causing the incident. Ahhhh, I hope I am wrong. I want to be suprised.

  2. Hi Joshcgs, I haven’t read yours yet. We must have been simo-posting, so I will comment and go over and give yours a read! Glad you like this one!

    I think Ilana asks Lapidus, because she is instructed to ask this question of anyone she meets. She is not to take anyone at face value. That is why I think it is Ben and not Widmore, she works for, but you never know.

    I have a strange feeling you might be right about ‘Jughead’ too!

    Things definitely are amping up for full out war!

  3. dabs, very intelligent analysis and great reasoning behind why she would likely be on ben’s team. i can’t quite recall, the people with ceasar when he got shot are they the same as any of the people with ilana?

  4. That is a great question, username. to be quite honest with you, I never paid any attention to anyone else other than Ilana and Cesar.

    And, I was looking for more faces. Until last night, they looked like ordinary people on the plane. So, they had me fooled.

    I think the guys with Cesar are part of the group with Ilana. They are the only faces that looked familiar. That would make sense why they didn’t intervene, if Ben is the boss!

  5. That one guy who spoke to Lupidas when he first got back was like “Lupidas Ilana and some of the others have guns, and said they are in charge now”

    So I definitely do not think everyone on the plane is on the Ilana team, and as for who she is working for, Ben/Widmore

    Now I have no idea.

    I just think “What lies in the shadow of the statue” is more then a code, they are looking for something! And I think it is the Jughead!

  6. I am not sure if everyone on the plane is working with Ilana, Joshcgs.

    I am pretty sure some are just passengers, and there may just be a surprise or two amongst them!

    I was just thinking about your theory, and recall somebody mentioned a while back about the possibility of Jughead being buried under the foot of the statue. We all felt it was too far away, but now I am having second thoughts.

    At least we know, it is definitely a code-word!

  7. If she is working for Ben, then it is a code-word, to know who is with them and who is not.

    I only say this because I do not think Ben was around when the statue was in one piece. When Ben came to the island the well had probably already been constructed, the orchid was built in its place sometime after, and when we saw the statue, the well was gone!!!!

    But if she is working for Widmore, he was probably around when the state was up, HE buried the bomb in the statues shadow, and someone else knows what time to dig, like Richard, that is why Ilana is asking questions!

    Widmore wants her to find the bomb he buried all those years ago!!! This way she can cause the incident again, and Widmore can get back,,, somehow???

    I really still am on the fence of whether she is working for Ben or Widmore.

    Any help for me and Dabia??

  8. Joshcgs, the statue is thousands of years old. I am certain it was long destroyed before Widmore or anyone else ever got to ‘the island’.

    Neither Ben and Widmore were around when that statue was one piece.

    Yes, I believe it is a code word. Ilana would know that a pilot on an airline, would not be able to answer that question, I would think. All she needed to know about Lapidus was, is he part of the group that knows, or isn’t. When he declared he didn’t know what she was talking about she knocked him out.

    Ilana would not want anyone to know what her and her team are up to, IMO.

  9. Just because it is really old, does not mean it did not stand when Widmore was young on the island. It could have been his people who knocked it down the fully conceal the location of the bomb.

    They had to hide that thing and make sure it was never reveaed, what else could they do with an active and leaking bomb?

    I still think you are right about working for Ben, but I can’t get over the idea that they are looking for something hidden with the statue.

  10. Joshcgs, they could very well be looking for something under the statue.

    There is no argument from me, on that one! Quite plausible!

  11. Thanks Joshcgs, they are both very good theories, and are both quite plausible.

    It gives everyone, an opportunity to consider both ideas!

  12. I guess technically Widmore did hire Frank through Abaddon.

    My impression of Frank was, he knew something was up when he saw the fake plane crash on the bottom of the ocean, and decided to investigate on his own, and got himself hired.

    He has shown loyalty to ‘the losties’, so at this point, I believe he is legitimately not with Widmore. As i mentioned, it is entirely possible that alliances and betrayals will occur on both sides.

    In fact, count on it! that’s the best I can think of. There is no clear cut proof on him yet, but if he is with Widmore and Ilana is working for Widmore and not Ben, he would be welcomed, and not hit over the head.

    Just a thought!

  13. That was my thought exactly, leaning towards your idea that Ilana is infact working for Ben.

    That does support Ben getting “everyone” like Sayid on the plane.

    I really do not trust Widmore at all, so that includes Miles, Lupidas and Faraday. They may have shown loyalty but only when the situation calls for it, we still do not know what the true reason Widmore sent them to the island for. I think we will find out about Miles next week! and Faraday soon thereafter.

    IMO between Widmore and Ben, Ben is the good guy! Widmore is a baby killer and it seems like back when they did find the jughead, Richard did not love the idea of Cunnigham was it? Did he change is name? being in charge.

    I think Richard lets one of the mortals lead the mortals, he just chills, and does what he needs to do in the best interest of the island, apart from what the others/hostiles may be upto.

    I like Richard, I think he will definitely turn out to be one of the main protagonists of the story.

    I am starting to get really bored with Jack & Sawyer, their time is done!

    I want to see Locke, Ben, Richard, Smokey, Widmore and Desmond goto war!!!

  14. I agree about Ben & Widmore. I seriously do not trust Widmore, but I also don’t trust Ben. Between the two, I have the impression that Ben might be the better man.

    Widmore, aka ‘the babykiller’, has to be the essence of evil, IMO. Nothing could convince me, there is any inherent goodness in him.

    I am also anxious to see the bigger plot play out, and know that there will be many surprises, so I am ready for something major to happen and soon.

    It does appear that ‘the losties’ are becoming more of the ‘bit’ players at this point, but I am sure they will come into major play again. Especially, next season.

    I would be disappointed if Frank turns out to be a rat, but I am sure Miles will turn regardless. Poor Faraday, seems to be so mentally distraught, that maybe he’ll actually screw up in favour of doing something good! lol

  15. whats in that chest on the beach they are so worried about?

    i definetly think ilana is working for someone and knows about the island….the people on the island with her kinda look like others IMO…but who knows

    Ceaser was just a jackass…he wanted power but didnt know what to do

  16. henrygale108, I have no idea what’s in the chest! I thought it might be some kind of weapons.

    I initially thought Cesar was going to be some big bad guy! In the end, he didn’t turn out to be much of a threat!

    I do not believe Ilana is working for Widmore. I am pretty sure she is working for Ben.

  17. One good thing is I dont have to suck up and say I love your theor, because I really do…

    I have been DYING for a good theory on this one, and I can pretty much say, you nailed this.

    Josh, I havent read your theory yet, but Dabsi sets a high bar…I will be there in a few minutes though.
    This is killer. All the little devious moments have been captured here perfectly…And I can stand by the Ben is no fool statement any day of the week.
    I dont trust her. I questioned her heritage based on your Egyptian theory. I dont know if she would even necessarily be from there, because the show seems to play a lot on peoples roots, their family tree.
    I seriously am glad you wrote this, I didnt like her from the jump, and missed so many of these points until you put them in the spotlight…nice work as usual…

  18. I am pretty sure its not Widmore for the simple fact that Ben wanted Sayid on the plane.
    I know Widmore has the bucks, but Ben was the one who knew Sayid said ‘an unpleasant no’ not Widmore.
    He was already shook in a way that Sun wasnt coming, and I now recognize the glance on the plane.

  19. Thanks AES, I wondered why you questioned her heritage. When I first saw Ilana with Sayid, I was very suspicious of her, and wondered the same thing.

    I guess I was trying to ascertain if she was South American, therefore making it more plausible for her to be with Sayid. I was too embarrassed to ask the question.

    I think Ben is way smarter than Widmore, and he is up for this battle! After last night, nothing would satisfy me more, than for Widmore to get his proverbial butt kicked!

    Thanks for your kind words!

  20. AES, I also saw the glance he gave Sun. It was telling!

    Glad you think it’s ben she’s working for, because I really wrestled with it.

  21. Dabs – I have been so back and forth on this myself – whether she is Ben or Widmore’s person.

    The thing that strikes me though is that it seems possible that in either case, the people like Ilana might not even know their real employer. (She even alluded to this on the plane with Sayid.) It’s a stretch, but seems possible.

    I think the bomb being buried under the shadow of the statue could work simply because I don’t think the writers necessarily need to cover all logistics like mileage around the island.

    And if it IS the bomb being referenced, then I think it would also tie together Widmore’s statement about “the war that is coming.”

    So it would be interesting if the war that is coming could be directly correlated to the Incident, because it would have to be in a sort of “parallel time” (for lack of better words at the moment) since technically Ilana is in 2007 and the Incident occurs prior to that. If the Incident (in the past) is triggered by a future event, that could really get Highbrow going and back into the whole ‘time and WHH conversation.

    Obviously I’m on the fence since I am talking about some of the implications either way, without a real firm idea of who it could be.

    Ben can hire/manipulate people without them ever knowing it’s him, it seems.

    And Widmore has a never-ending supply of people it seems, too.

    Widmore has sent people to the island before, and there’s NO way that he didn’t know about 316.

    Ben was NOT going to the island JUST to be judged, as I think I commented over at my theory earlier.


    Love the theory. I’ll love to see how it turns out!

  22. I don’t think Ilana is working for either Ben or Widmore. I think she’s working for DHARMA 2000! I think her box is filled with Apollo Bars… my Lord, that sounded wrong…

    Anyway, good reasoning here Dabs. I’m throwing in with DHARMA but I have a feeling you’re probably right here… I think it would be cooler if it were DHARMA though…

    As for “what lies in the shadow of the statue”… it’s a code. What else could it be? If it’s a question she’s trying to get the answer to then asking Frank was dumb and pointless. It only makes sense it it’s a code.

  23. I totally agree with Dabia, I am not sucking up lol, I just wrote my theory and then read hers and was like, crap, i am wrong.. but then idk, other people were commenting making me question, so now i am just unsure…

    after thinking about it though, why would Ben want more random people coming to the island and starting trouble, its not like they gave him power from the getgo, he had to shy away to the boats alone and was followed by sun and lupidas.

    Walt predicted that a group of people with guns are going to try and kill Locke, thats who it appears it to be, Ilana and crew, and Alex did say that she knew Ben was trying to kill Locke again, so Ilana probably is working for Ben, but idk she is so much like naomi lol seems like the Widmore type… plus Widmore could have sent her there with weapons just like last time….

    idk i reall am torn……..

  24. Ok, I had this big comment written out that didnt make any sense, highbrow beat me to the punch of her working with neither…I was trying to tie her in with Richard and the older civilization thought of sometimes…
    The statue question makes sense as code, but if the statue really exsisted, its not quite the same…and how would she know of the shadow.
    I just mean that snowmen dont really talk, but the shadow from the statue that actually exsisted…well…actually existed…

  25. Highbrow –

    i mentioned a third party such a dharma 2000 earlier check the comments in either this theory or the statue one.

    i really think she may be working for a third party, the DI, Ann Arbor??

    SOOOO possible..

    you remember our back to the future convo,
    loved how hurley had the same one with miles.

  26. kimberly, I love the approach you have taken on this. you make valid points and arguments for either Ben or Widmore.

    Charles definitely knew something, but may not have known about #316, unless Ms. Hawking told him. Ben wouldn’t have, and the only other people present were the ’06’, so it might have been more difficult for him to know.

    I just get the feeling that Ms. Hawking despises him, but who knows.

    Ben has all the right moves when it comes to manipulating. That is something Widmore never had! Ben has always seemed to one-up him in that department.

    Since losing Alex, he would be even more determined to nail his butt.

    Thanks for your comment! It was a good one!

  27. highbrow, you are absolutely right about it being a code. And, who knows there could be another faction of Dharma blazing the trail.

    Good thoughts!

  28. AES

    I def think the statue question was more then a code, I just think Ilana is going to ask every single person she thinks may know something about the island until she finds what she is looking for.

    I think Widmore knew about the bomb being buried under the shadow of the statue, and now she is trying to find it.

    For who, Ben or Wid, IDK

  29. Joshcgs, I did see your comment on kimberly’s post, and it was a good one.

    I guess the real question would be is Ms. Hawking the new Dharma??? That works for me, more than Widmore being involved.

    I think she would fit in well, given her comments about the DI. Also, she didn’t much care for Ben, but she still allowed him to travel!

    Bet, she wouldn’t have done that for old Widmore!

  30. Heres my problem with either…
    How would Widmore know?
    And why, either of them, would they not get everyone who is supposed to return…instead of just Sayid?
    Something is missing…sometimes the obvious…It all makes sense but something is just missing.
    I dont know why, with everything else going on on the show, this particular thing bothers me so much…

  31. She was like secretly working in that church dharma station.

    3rd party DI 2007 may be back!

    Yea I think everyone, including Penny, knows Widmore is evil

  32. But I DO agree completely, that Dabs nailed it with the glance between her and Ben…
    I think she is an other, rather than Dharma…
    Ben recognizes her, one way or another, literally, as someone he knows, or as an ‘other’..

  33. AES, I understand what you are getting at about Widmore.

    Here is what I think. I think Widmore yanked on Daniel Faraday’s chains. It is his son. He had to have known what his son was researching. He funded him.

    Also, Daniel would have been able to go back and tell his father what he discovered, because he has similar abilities to Desmond.

    That’s what I think. And, Widmore may still have a spy on that ‘island’, that is playing both ends against the middle. Somebody who will gain, regardless of what side wins!

  34. Widmore needs a player at this point in the game, and I think that is Ilana. He wanted to send Locke back, but I just dont see that working out as an alliance.

  35. AES & Joshcgs, The one thing we have to remember is that there are certain rules!

    Either Ilana is like Keamy a ‘soldier of fortune’, I thought maybe even Massad (hope I spelled that right), or she is totally an ‘other’ on the outside world.

    Part of the reason I say this about Ilana, is Juliette and some of Ben’s former ‘others’ were military trained!

    Think about it!

  36. But then again, Ben noticed she has Sayid in custody, if he didnt hire her, Widmore did, so he would have taken care of her the same way he did Cesar, awwww so torn

    If I had to bet on it…..Wild Card, 3rd party!!!!

  37. Locke is definitely representing ‘the island’. That is something Widmore has NO power with.

    That is way out of his league! But, yes he was trying to recruit Locke.

  38. I think in a way, it may be John.
    He spoke to Widmore, and Chuckie told him some things…I dont think Locke will realize, until Ben can convince him though…Which with Locke and his history with falling for Benipulation, probably wont take much.

    Locke knows more than Ben does NOW…but I still believe Ben remembers more than we are supposed to believe.
    There is talk of who ordered the purge, Ben denies, Charles was gone, its not Richards style to do it, and I just dont think it will be Jacob…who is left…the others true leader, John Locke…

  39. Whatever the plan is, I think ben is in on it! Widmore is out of the loop with Ilana I believe.

    I’d go for a third group, before I would Widmore.

  40. Yea for sure, but right now, Locke is like above everything, I re watchd the episode 2nite and Ben is like “you know nothing about what this island wants” and Locke goes, “dont be so sure”

    I was like wow, he is changed, he knows things, maybe more then Ben now.

  41. I think she is on Bens side…that is all I really have.
    I said im having trouble with this…just cant get past the thought of her being one way or another, related to Richard.

  42. can i ask you guys a stupid question,, how do i change my picture from this blue gravatar thing i went into the edit profile but i dont see the option.

  43. AES, that is certainly something to consider. I would have to believe that if Locke does this, it’s because ‘the island’ wants it, which takes us down a whole different road!

    Now that may be something both sides are trying to avoid at all costs!

    Allowing ‘the island’ to win!

  44. I think Locke knows the temple from the Smokie encounter…was it highbrow that called that?
    But I also think John has been intercepted by Chazz, and fed the wrong idea…however you want to percieve that…

  45. Locke died and came back, he is like on top of the world right now and seems to know exactly what he is doing, even telling sun he is going to get her back to jin, thats a big promise.

    pain in the a$$ to change my picture forget it

  46. I like Josh’s comment about Widmore needing a player at this point in the game. Very convincing there.

    Perhaps I am the only one here who doesn’t necessarily think that Hawking wouldn’t help Widmore. Why wouldn’t she? Did I miss something on this?

    It was her and Charles on island.

    We saw him get banished for the ‘affair’ off-island that produced Penny.

    Was Ellie his love on island? And much like Christian had a woman/child in Australia, Widmore does the same thing to Ellie? But since Ellie knows island stuff, she has the cajones to fight back whereas Jack’s mom just sits back…

    This is possible. But…

    There has to be a reason that Hawking is off-island, too. And since Daniel is her son, and Daniel worked for Widmore, I can’t totally think that Hawking is anti-Widmore.

    Which is why I think that Widmore knows about 316. If it’s simple enough that Hawking has told him. Or if it’s simple enough that he found the island with the Freighter, so he obviously has some means of knowing.

    When Ilana captured Sayid – and said it was for the family of the guy he killed – my first thought was that it was Ben.

    So I probably lean that way, but still think that Widmore has a chance.

    To bring it to new DHARMA would just be all around fun! Especially if somehow Widmore flipped and became a backer of DHARMA – so then the connection is even stronger.

    Thanks for letting me process all through your theory/comments, Dabs!!!

  47. Widmore player in the game, thanks for the support kim but i am sad to say i am losing faith in my own theory : (

    not about the bomb and the statue and the shadow’s time of the day!

    but who ilana is working for,, prob ben,, i really dont know at this point, cant wait to find out

  48. No problem kimberly, you make a compelling argument for Widmore still having an ‘in’ with Ms. Hawking.

    She seems to be an unforgiving woman, especially because Widmore had Faraday working for him, and what happened with Theresa Spencer. But, still waters run deep!

    Maybe they have formed an ‘unholy’ alliance of sorts!

    Widmore likely knows about it, but it may not have been from her, though!

  49. Locke is, and always has been a gamepiece to me…but I think that is going to be a point made sometime in the future.
    Calm down Dabsi ;]
    But I think Johns relationship with Smokie, Jacob, and the island itself…if it is actually capable of relationship, will prove that he in the end, played them all.
    I think Smokie gave him vital information, and left out all the details.
    His destiny was predetermined by himself, and he was first led to an understanding upon the crash, and seeing the beautiful eye of the island.
    “Thats not supposed to happen!”
    He crys this over and over early on. He knows he is supposed to do something of greatness, but cannot understand until time travel begins, that the suffering was necessary to learn everything he needed to know.
    It was a chance to look back on his life, and make a concience descision, to let it go.
    He learned to not come into contact with himself from the orchid, but I think there was more to it than just that…

    …sorry, way off track from the first thought…I can get lost in discussion on John or Ben.

  50. Joshcgs, way to keep the spirit going on your theory, because it definitely has legs of its own!

    I definitely believe that! This is what makes some great debate. It’s anybodies game at this point!

    Keep the faith!

  51. Okay, get this…

    If Widmore doesn’t have anyone on island now, then AES theory that Widmore and Des return together becomes even more possible!

    Look at that AES! Do you hear the pieces clicking into place now?

    Ahhh, that Widmore would have to humble himself enough to have Des take him back. Wonderful.

  52. AES, thanks for reminding me about those things about Locke. I was undergoing a little blood, sweat and tears for a minute!

    You are correct. And, I will have to put my faith that John does know what he is supposed to do.

    It is HIS turn! No more Benipulation!

  53. Now you’re talking, kimberly! I like this idea a lot! it may be why Ben says if Sun ever sees Desmond, to tell him he is sorry!

    You could be onto something!

    AES, I think you’re right about why Ms. Hawking leaves ‘the island’. Pregnancy issues!

  54. Kim you are definitely right!

    Desmond and Widmore are going to form an alliance to kill Ben.

    I knew the scene at the marina was not finished, he killed penny, thats why he is sorry.

    Desmond is going to use Widmores resources to get them both back!!!!!!!!

  55. Yes, could be that she leaves because of that…but why wouldn’t she come back?

    And why would she have all that crazy access to the old DI station?

    I’m so off on a mental tangent now thinking how Widmore is going to ask Des for help, it’s ridiculous!

  56. I don’t think he killed Penny, there’s no way the guy is floating in water and Des doesn’t get the heck out of dodge to save her and Charlie.

  57. Kim is so right, Desmond doesnt hate Widmore he always seeked his approval.

    Ben is going to get out of that water and shoot Penny, thats why he is SO sorry.

    Desmond will tell Widmore, or vice-versa, and they will both go back to kill Ben..

    Kim,, Bravo

  58. kimbelry, If she had a child to raise, I doubt she would return, and I don’t think Ben liked either her or Widmore.

    Neither did Richard Alpert.

  59. He could have been sorry for shooting Des…

    But I think that Widmore will have to do some serious begging to get Des back…it’s not going to be Des begging to get back, unless he has another vision.

    And we welcome back Daniel and Hawking for this…

    And Hawking and Daniel go back to Widmore…

    It’s all making sense.

  60. Good point, kimberly! She doesn’t have to be dead, joshcgs, for kimberly’s theory to work!

    Just the fact that Ben went after Widmore’s grandson would be enough for him.

  61. KIM!
    Gret idea on the Des/Chazz connection!
    I do see this happening, and this makes so much sense…
    why not, Des and Charles, then She can be on Bens side, John can be on Smokie,Richards side, and thankfully…Ceasar is dead…I couldnt be happier…

  62. Agreed that she wasn’t liked by anyone other than Charles.

    So you really think she wouldn’t return if she had a child? Hmmm. I guess I presumed her role as leader would trump motherhood – those Others are a bit whacked. 😉

    Obviously something happened, and if it was to raise the son that she met, that would be just fine.

  63. Ok, while we are all here, can I bring up something slightly off topic, but discussed earlier…something I have been thinking about regarding the marina scene..

  64. Oh yes AES, bring it up.

    But I also have to say that is a really interesting idea Dabs – that she could maintain her role on the outside world.

    I have to think about the implications of that considering that she seemed to know the likelihood of sending the O6 back could be to not just ‘where’ but ‘when’…

  65. I agree, kimberly. It makes it much more fun! Anyone can join in these conversations, just like joshcgs, and so many other members have!

    you don’t need an invitation!

    You guys know who you are!

  66. Ok, I have been reading ideas all day and not commenting on when Ben saw Des and Pennys son…or child, that he stoped because he has a soft spot for kids…We saw the Alex scene, and saw him be judged by the monster, and he was forgiven…
    I think there is more to it than that…

  67. So…I dont think Ben stops because of the sight of the child…but because of the name of the child…
    Its when Penny says “Charlie…” Ben seems truly stunned.
    My reaction to this scene was, he realizes she is lying about having no connections to her father, because she named her after him…when actually, its after Charlie Pace.

    But then, the twisted paradoxal side of my mind kicks in, and makes me remember an earlier idea I threw around, that Charlie, Desmonds son..Pennys son, grows up in the past on island to become Charles Widmore…but that is rediculus…isnt it?

    Either way, the name seemed to be what stopped Ben in his tracks, at least from my perspective….

  68. I was just shouting Ohhhhh at the computer! I ahd forgotten about this conversation we had way back.

    You are onto it, and it would have to be Charles Widmore, because he is and always will be an ‘other’.

    Right? Not Charllie Pace.

  69. COMPLETELY agreed about the moment in the scene that stops Ben.

    I cringed when she said his name because I was expecting Ben to pull the trigger and say something like, “Charlie? Oh really you don’t care about Daddy.”

    WOW. That would be something…

    Charles’ mother is his daughter.

  70. I recall the writers saying in their Podcast, that he was likely named after Charlie Pace and not Widmore, but that doesn’t imply something else.

    I am thinking on this one!

  71. This could make sense why Ben couldn’t kill him…technically.

    And it also makes sense since Charles hasn’t been able to be in contact with Penny or therefore, little Charlie, which would make for a slight-problem if they are the same person.

    So does that mean that when Des goes back that he would end up in 1934-ish?

    I’m just thinking how this could work…

  72. i think yo have it right, kimberly and I am just trying to work thruugh my thoughts on this one!

    As to how this is possible.

    It may take some time.

  73. WAIT! Got it!

    We have been assuming that Charles and Ben are alive like everyone else.

    What if they are not? What if they are like Richard, reincarnates?

  74. Changes them to be able to be their own mother’s father? Sorry…I can’t get off this and I am sitting here cracking up…yet fully engaged…so keep it coming!

  75. Me too, but I may be inebriated! haha! Just kidding, I am tired, but there was definitely a reaction from Ben when he learned the child’s name!

  76. It works and yet it’s almost Boone-Shannonish. Oh, that’s rather juvenile.

    I think my brain power all went to figuring out that Widmore is going to employ Des (via Daniel and Hawking) to get back to the island.

    So now it’s just fumes…

  77. Geez AES. Keep us hanging…

    Okay so back to Ilana/Ben for a moment.

    Walt’s vision of men going after Locke with guns – in a way, that happened last night.

    BUT, if Ben has Ilana on island, and set out to get Locke – then that would mean that he knew the likeliness of Locke coming back to life. Which wouldn’t make me confused at anything he said last night, knowing how he lies…but it is interesting to think what Ben’s motives are in having them there.

  78. Ben says it was one thing to have faith in it happening to Locke, but another to actually see it.

    We don’t know what Ilana’s instructions are, but that doesn’t mean that Ben would stop at harming Locke again, if he gets in Ben’s way!

  79. BTW..I caught your “AES, post it in both!”
    I take it you read my post “Request”
    I dont come off jerkish or petty do I?

    It wasnt my intention, really?
    If you girls even think I do, please, be honest, Ill delete it…

  80. I think you made a reasonable request, that was nicely worded. Most people don’t know how to fix it from posting in different places.

    I fixed mine, so I have to mark each one, individually. I learned the hard way.

  81. Kim, are Ellie’s cajones like Kate’s shoulders?

    AES, if you’re saying that Penny is her own grandmother then I’ll just go ahead and jump in line to disagree.

  82. I haven’t read all the numerous comments so forgive me if I repeat but I love this theory too. First because, why would the family of the man Sayid killed want him sent to Guam? Random or what?

    Also, ever since I heard her response to Sayid asking if she works for Ben Linus “Why would I work for a man like that?” I have been convinced. She didn’t deny it and I think that’s a clue.

  83. Thanks, jessicab5128 I agree with you on the family of the man Sayid killed. They would simply have no jurisdiction to authorize a bounty hunter escorting Sayid across international borders, nor would they make this request. It never made any sense.

    If Widmore knew who was responsible for killing this man, he would think that Ben was responsible and not Sayid, unless he saw sayid do it, and I doubt that.

    You are also right on the second count. How would Ilana know what kind of man, Ben is! Whoever employed her would not have that information. Even if it were Widmore who hired her, she would not know what type of man Ben is.

    This has Ben’s ‘stink’ written all over it!

    Thanks for your comment!

  84. IDK now there are very good points here, Llana in another theory I just commented on, I thought she was working for widmore & remember Widmore’s TEAM also used “Code Talk”(Tell my sister I love Her) or something like that.
    I also think she can literally be Naomi’s sister but she reminds me alot more of Ana Lucia maybe her sister???

    But the only way Llana knew about Sayid killing that man on the golf course is through Ben.
    But If Sayid was killing Widmore’s peep then Widmore would surely figure it all out.

    And Llana would be there for Revenge to kill Locke since he killed Naomi, Thus proving Walt’s Dream true wth “peep with guns trying to hurt him”.

    If they are there for the statue then i think they are responsible for the destruction of the Anubis Statue, And they kept Lapidus alive to dig.

    They could of used “code” but the statue reference is just too close to home to be nothing.
    Ben seems to be the one she s most likely connected too.

  85. BING, thanks for your comment, you do make some good points in reference to Ilana.

    I never thought she might be Naomi’s sister, but I suppose it’s a possibility. Something to think about for sure! You could be right about that one!

    As for speaking in ‘code’, I am thinking Widmore isn’t the only person who would be capable of doing that. It’s quite commonly used in covert military operations.

    I am thinking that what Joshcgs has stated about the statue, might be right, and am keeping an open mind about that.

    Thanks again for your comment.

  86. Ya for sure good theory you def changed my thinking on the whole thing.

    And thanks for not ripping it to shreds and if widmore and Ben are the leaders of the island for so long then im sure they will use the same tactics.

  87. Hey Bing,

    I never thought about how the Widmore team with Naomi used codes as well (tell my sister I love her)

    Funny thing about you mentioning Ilana being Naomi’s sister, Miles said (that was a code, she doesn’t have a sister)

    I think she really does have a sister, because Miles does not real know much about her OR he was lying because he seems like a Widmore snake.

    And I think you’re right, Naomi and Ilana may be related, the whole, “tell my sister I love her” thing may mean more then we thought,

    maybe Naomi was buried in the shadow of the statue, who knows what they did with her body.

    My only concern is that how are you going to look in the shadow of the statue if the statue is gone (I think the statue was knocked down so that no1 can ever find what has been buried)

    Ilana is going to need to go back in time, to see the statue, and dig in its shadow (certain time of day of course, who has a watch???)

  88. did kim write the des & widmore theory I would to check it out, you girls did some serious brainstorming las night

    got me convinced about the Wid & Des team.

  89. It has been brought up in many posts Josh…It is VERY possible that it was brought up before, but I really tried my hand at tackled two Des and Widmore scenarios in “A Penny For Your Thoughts” and last night in “Our mutual friend…’Oedipus'”.
    And be warned, these two girls you speak of…they will keep you up half the night writing crazy theories, only to have highbrow hate them the next day ;]

    Honestly though, they are the root of my inspiration here, even if my imagination runs out of control…they are always there to give me support, and keep me grounded.
    So actually, Ill take the chance now, to seriously extend my gratitude to you two for all the support here. Spending half the day on a television show website may be a little nuts, but you keep it a more sane place…so…
    Thank You.

  90. isn’t oedipus the guy who is given up for adoption because of a prophecy that he will kill his father and marry his mother?

    which he ends up doing anyway!

    Because you can’t change what is supposed to happen!

  91. i wanted to talk to you guys so bad today but I was swamped at work, I JUST got home and saw all the comments, about to go out so we will have to pick this up tomr.

  92. Yea, from what I remember in the story

    – A wiseman tells Oedipus’ father that his son will grow up to kill him, marry his own mother and take over his kingdom.

    To keep that from happening Oedipus is sent away to live in a different land.

    Oedipus is then raised by the King & Queen of a different land,

    – He meets a wise man who tells him the same thing, you are destined to kill your father and marry your mother.

    Oedipus does not know he is adopted, so he decides to run away to prevent this from happening.

    Course Correction takes place – while running away, Oedipus encounters his real father, unknown to him, they have a duel and he kills the king (his father) and as the new king, he marrys the queen (his mother)

    It had to happen no matter what Oedipus or his father tried to do to prevent it.

    Oedipus also plucked out both of his own eyes and I think killed his mother when he finds out the truth, he had two incest daughters and he plucked out his eyes because he could not bare to look upon them!

    WOW my memory!

  93. lol, good memory indeed…Just read my theory…I have made promises to try and stay away from the word ‘cha…’
    I wont even say it.
    My theory has nothing to do with…manipulating what has occured, it ties in with something different…
    I do believe you are referring to the Penny theory though, again, I may be mistaken

  94. I have to check out both when I get a chance,, for some reason I am like obssessed with that statue, ever since we saw the foot!

    And Jacob/Temple

    My three big vices on LOST, I want answers!

  95. Oedipus Rex, was hs name and wow going back to H.S. days but he gets put up by adoption cause he is prophecised to kill the king(his Father) & marry his mother but because they gave him up is the reason why it all unfolds that way, they caused it by trying to prevent it…could be wrong but its very very deep

  96. Im not going to lie, the statue bothers me as well.
    Not that there isnt a bunch of interesting things going on, just…why four toes huh?
    What is the deal with that?

  97. BiNG – I totally agree, but do you think if they said, nah that prophecy is bs, and never gave Oedipus up for adoption, would he still have killed his father and married his mother?

    I feel like the whole point of that story is showing how no matter what you do, you can’t change what is going to happen, very similar to the time travel ideas on lost.

  98. Haha ya the 4 toes, Well Anubis is supposed to be a Jackal kinda like a dog because Jackal’s would hang out in cemeteries or something like that & thats why Anubis is refered to as the keeper of the underworld, I Think thats why 4 toes??? could be wrong.

    But as for Oedipus i think that oedipus would have never killed his pops cause he would be a happy prince but because his prophecy he turned out to be a no good kid kinda and kills his dad because??? its been so long cant remember i just know its on the streets out of town and he comforts a widow which is his mom and the man’s wife he kille…alot od coincidence just like lost sorry if wrong or lame

  99. nah you are not wrong at all, the story of Oedipus is really similar to lost because of how things can play out so differently.

    Maybe if Oedipus was raised by his real father, he would grow up to hate the jerk and become some wierdo incest freak that has secretly wanted his mom his whole life.

    Being sent away and adopted was the cleaned up version, c’mon now!

  100. HAHAHA you say it like its so common but its very true about Lost i kinda thought it was all destined to happen now it seems like its all on them from here on.

    but thats kind of what your saying though is its always happened or always will happen no matter what they did…i personally would kill the lil bastard myself if he was supposed to do that to me but i would need a darn good prophet with credentials haha jk.

  101. remember miles saying to hurley,

    “We had this conversation already, but have no consciously experienced it yet. For some reason I might have to agree, this all has already happened,

    expect this time Widmore changed things with Locke.

    He met Locke when he was VERY young, he said in Tunisia, I met you 50 years ago or however long.

    He sent Abbadon to get Locke on the plane with the walkabout convo.

    Ben has been trying to stop Widmores’ plan, whatever it may be. (possibly have Locke overthrow Ben which seems to be happening and in that case, Widmore is winning)

  102. I don’t know where I am going with this, I really get LOST in my own thoughts.

    I just know that Widmore is not sitting back, he must have a player on the island, and he has lost contact with the freighter.

    Ilana is his new player, like a chess piece, she is his pawn,

    they are all piece in a game of chess, in a game with Widmore and Ben on opposing sides. Locke has become the Wildcard, the piece that moves in a way no other piece can (combo of the knight and queen perhaps?) so Ben wants Locke dead, and Widmore wants Locke on his side!

  103. Widmore told Locke to get everyone back, he said Abbadon and Hawkings would help him.

    He def wanted Sayid on that plane as well, not just Ben.

  104. Hmm ya i thought Ben & Locke were getting along until Alex/Smokey told us he was thinking about killing him “AGAIN”.
    I have been preaching time loop for awhile now i even made a theory that peep shredded to bits, but it’s ok there is still 50/50 chance im right, But back to business do you think Locke would have ever been on that plane if it wasnt for Widmore & Abbadon?

  105. I think Locke is the only real change, and that is why Widmore and Eloise know it is so important for Locke to go back.

    She told Jack, put something of your fathers on Locke’s body, etc..

    Widmore said – you must be back on the island because a war is coming.

    All of this already happened but w/o Locke, and non Widmore needs Locke to change to outcome so he can go back to the island!

    This is all bs now, idk!

  106. I don’t think Ben will ever be ok with the fact that John has taken his spot as the island guru.

    He probably would LOVE to kill John, and has probably been planing to do so ever since he saw John was alive.

    Thats why Alex said, “I know you’re trying to kill Locke again, and if you touch him I WILL DESTROY YOU”

    Ben $hit his pants and will probably do w/e Locke says from here on out,,,,

    SO lying Widmore will not be able to manipulate Locke because Locke is now IN CHARGE!

  107. ever since Locke arrived on the island,

    he has been given the ability to walk, has had dreams that act as prophecies,

    he always felt connected to the island, he is truly selfless and only cares for the island (he was willing to die to save the island)

    He really is and always has been the one true leader of the island, this is truly believe.

  108. i really need to go poke some smot and goto sleep, I worked from 8am – 9pm, I am exhausted, but all day I wanted to talk on here and now I cant stop!

  109. Damn it man if i knew you “Burned” we would have been chilling weeks ago…No wonder I like your ideas man im bout to burn my kush and write a theory i been thinkin about hope u rip it apart.

  110. Thanks for carrying on the discussion and the debate, guys! Lot’s of interesting comments made, and more to consider.

    It is also nice to see some camaraderie and good fun injected into the discussion, as well.

  111. Ya for sure there has been alot of great comments & theories here.
    I love the way when i read something i’ve never thought of myself, IDK but all kinds of ideas go racing through my head.

    Almost like i’ve done it but forgot then somebody tells you & it just all come’s back.
    If anybody has ever been so intoxicated they blacked out? (A raise of hands c’mon dont be shy) & then the next day a friend tells you what you did unknowingly? or shows you video footage & pics? in my case)

    As for where im located Josh…i’m from where the “Tree’s grow big & Green, Where kush is King & will turn you into a Fiend, Where everday seems like a Dream…In the Valley, Smoking out fat in Southern Cali.”

    No-one else needs to comment where im from unless you get what im saying.

  112. Ya for sure there has been alot of great comments & theories here.
    I love the way when i read something i’ve never thought of myself, IDK but all kinds of ideas go racing through my head.

    Almost like i’ve done it but forgot then somebody tells you & it just all come’s back.
    If anybody has ever been so intoxicated they blacked out? (A raise of hands c’mon dont be shy) & then the next day a friend tells you what you did unknowingly? or shows you video footage & pics? in my case)

    As for where im located Josh…i’m from where the “Tree’s grow big & Green, Where kush is King & will turn you into the jolly Green Fiend, Where everday Seem like a movie or a Dream…I’m In the Valley, just chilling out in Southern Cali.”

    No-one else needs to comment where im from.

  113. ohhh no a double post sorry peep i messed up this easy process somehow…maybe shouldnt wake and bake then start theorising & hahaha my bad peep dont Rip a new one!

  114. BiNG!!!

    You woke and boke?

    I had to goto work, you’re lucky!
    But I just got back to my apt so I will join you!

    Unfourtunately I am on the other coast where the Diesel is king.

    Living in Manhattan where we have the delivery service, but we get it all from Canada!

  115. Haha i love diesel also, so tasty just like kush but i used to have my medical mary jane recommendation card so i know exactly what your talking about when it comes to deliveries…not from Canada though ur lucky


    except maybe BiNG –

    take a Xanax or Clonzapan with a couple of shots, you will have a ridiculous night and not remember $hit!

    I have waken up in random beds and completely dressed from the night before as a result!

  117. Hahaha I’ll take you up on that & maybe you’ll find the craziest post ever by me on it thanking you…i have access to those exact pills just never had the sac to try it but no i know a good combo…im no rookie when it comes to things like that just more cautious…i took 2 Oxy’s & almost died, almost fell asleep not to wake up but onlu thing that kept me up was my trusty BiNG & Ms. Mary Jane & now im forever grateful

  118. hahaha the admin probably gna get pissed we got off of lost topics and onto drug combinations!

    Not good for any kids looking at the site, but hey they can find that info anywhere on the web.

    Whatever you do, don’t bring anything out that will would hate to lose!

    Those anti-anxiety pills + alcohol is a crazy combination!

    Let me know how it goes?

    Do you have a medical marajuana card that you use to go into those shops, cause that is amazing!!

    What kind of BiNG do you have?
    I have a 16inch black label erlenmeyer ROOR. Love that $hit!

  119. Hahaha i’d remake an account under cheech or chong hahaha good one Deb,

    yeah i got into alot clubs & saw & tried many diff strains, its so lovely but it only last a year…$125 & ANYBODY in Cali can get it. its too easy i had mine the day i turned 18 no wait i lied i got it 2 months after a Day B4 4/20 i will remember that.

    As for my BiNG i have two at the moment…A 2ft Trident/JBD if u know that lil story about JBD…an a 4ft Skyscraper glass, i think thats the Co.

    But KIDS drugs are bad dont do them just look at Josh and my post you will think crazy ideas and talk about time travel and smoke monsters ooooooo scary.

  120. didnt JBD stop making bings? do you have a classic?

    you ever seen a hurricane?

    look back at our convo about the outrigger canoes I am gna work to figure out the timeline of them.

  121. Dabia

    – I know you’re hitting the pipe every Wed at 9pm!

    – And atleast BiNG and I are not talking about snorting heroin like some losties i know (Charlie)

  122. hahaha

    You know i am every weds at 9, me and my gf thats like a ritual.
    but you couldnt be right about our convo…I cant believe they had charlie be an Heroine addict…Lost showed me that u can actually Snort Heroine (in pulp fiction Uma sure couldnt) & why couldnt it just be “Blow”?

    An just reminding me about the other connection with drugs on Lost is the BEAUTIFUL plants Locke was lookin afer when he was soul-searching Remember?

    An i would love w/e that guy gave Sayid, would be right there with my tongue out, i love me some psychodelics.

    Hey Josh we should co-write a theory on the drugs & lost connections there is a couple…im jk peep would prob freak out on us.

  123. My gf doesnt like LOST – again you’re lucky
    but she does blaze!

    Yea heroin can definitely be snorted! You mentined oxy’s well guess what BiNG, thats synthetic heroin for people on their death bed!

    It can be injected, ingested or snorted,

    In Pulp, Uma thought it was coke and she did a lot, when you snort heroin you have to do it in little bits, like key bumps

    I would not know anything about that, I read it somewhere…………….

  124. it can’t be blow because they mentioned that it is heroin in the statues,

    and have you ever seen Tropic Thunder, Jack Black and his “JellyBeans” he was snorting heroin the whole movie!

  125. Ya when Oldham gave Sayid that drug he dropped on sugar cube, I loved when he I like tell us your name and Sayid goes

    “Saaaaaayyyyiiiidddd Jaaaarraaahhhh”

    He was so happy and euphoric, i said the same thing like, i would take that $hit voluntarily!

  126. Horace&co was not very quick on the pickup because if I drugged some1 to tell the truth, and they said

    “Ask Sawyer” to confirm what they were saying.

    I would not just disregard that comment, I would be like, who is this Sawyer???

  127. hahahaha

    you guys & girls make me laugh but its apparent its easy for obvious reasons.

    Me and Josh dont mean to change the topic, But ur post is gonna be the most commented be happy.

    As for Josh, I know about Oxy’s being synthetic form of heroine like morphine is also which is another form of opium from a beautiful flower called a poppy flower.

    And i’ve never ever snorted anything but i know you can also smoke oxy’s even in there pill form. havent tried nor while I.

    some peep take half of oxy’s or 1/4 of it im retarted unlnowingly and downed 2 for free…hey they are $50 bucks a pop so i wasnt pass that free ride up, lil did i know it almost sent me on a ride to meet my maker i’ve never been quite the same since

  128. haha thanks for looking out everybody…but remember Josh that Cocaine grows from ground as does Poppy flowers & sweet so innocent & none lethal Marijuana so its really never ok besides bud.

    and i wouldnt mind bother me to be the first human-BiNG to O.D. from sweet, sweet mary.

    I will never ever take pills again i learned my lesson well maybe Ex occasionally or some Vic’s

    “Dont judge me Monkey”.

    if u get it u do, if u dont i’m not really callin anybody a monkey.

    hahaha great Vid Deb, ill smoke a bowl it…but what u tryin to say ill be a crazy hippy dancin in shamballa cause if so…sign me up

  129. haha thats a quote from a movie, but yea like shrooms and bud are goodshit, everything else is idkkk

    avoid it.

    that video was weird i thought it was going to be one of those “this is your brain on drugs” commercials lol

  130. haha ya the “sweet, sweet mary” is from a song & movie( a must see & own “Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas” )

    As for the Monkey, and i love Family Guy and that monkey but if you have ever seen
    “Grandma’s Boy” you will know.

  131. What you dont have an In & Out???? OMG that is the sadest thing i heard all day.

    I do feel for you but i am very very jealous that there is NO “White Castles”
    anywhere remotely near cali…i’ve had white castle once in my life, when my ever so caring gf of 4 yrs brought me some from Illinois in one of those like lunch pal things that keep food fresh.
    I had to re-heat the bad boy’s but oh man they were so good even after a day old.

    can eat like 30 if i was well equiped with my BiNG and some “stuff”.
    getting the munchies now just writing this…and that reminds me so randomnly and so coincidentally, just like a Lost connection, but my gf is actually spending here last day visiting family in Illinois thats why i been have so much time to theorise, and i love it.

    But JBD was a big time glass Co. then the feds busted all the main peep running the business so all the peep blowing the glass for JBD juat went and started another called Trident.

    Trident prob has the most unique glasswork for good price (average 300 bucks) mine cost me 320 but i got a 2 ft Bong with a lil tiny almost exact replica of itself just smaller on the back of it angled like the big BiNG is carrying the Lil one.

    Both my pieces glass on glass, with ash catchers…i also have a Vap, a triple Bubb that is glass on glass,
    An my 4 ft would have cost me $500 then $100 more for an enclosed ash catcher BiNG that attaches so nicely…dont ask me how i get the money

    All pieces diffused also even my all 3 downstems on my triple Bubbler…i told you man im no rookie & im only 20 peep so im just livin it up.

  132. Hahaha ya you know exactly whats up…im refering to when they roll up that frankenstien stuff & that bling & the super bling to make the best joint EVER.(besides Chong’s in “up in smoke”)

    while Alex is puffin & dante is filmin he tells the monkey that then…look at us we are kind of debating what movie lines they go to.

  133. What funny comment are you talking about OT???

    What buddies are you talking about??

    What backup??

    What recruits are you talking about??

    Now what is your problem??

  134. You think you are being funny, OT? Well, I don’t share you kind of humour I guess.

    What is really sad is, that the two people on this site who befriended you, and were kind to you, you have attacked whenever you perceive any wrongdoing, that exists in your own mind.

    I have been nothing but kind and generous to you! I see now, that was a mistake. I do not take to threats of any nature, no matter in what context they are made.

    I have watched you do it to AES for no reason, and now you have done it to me!

    You do it, and then apologize for it afterward, as if it holds no meaning for the person you have offended and insulted.

    Let me break it to you gently, you are not the only one who has feelings!

    To say I am beyond disappointed in you and your bizarre behaviour and antics, would be the understatement of the century!

    Any further apology from you is not required!

    PS: You said you respected me, and I knew that was a lie. Otherwise, you would not have carried a dispute you were having with AES, over into my post and talk ‘smack’ about him there to me!

    It was a classless thing to do!

    You see, even somebody as nice as myself, has their limits!

  135. Dabs your the cream of the crop to me around here. Don’t take me so seriously please. I lost it a while back trust me there was a reason. I am at a lost for words , But got lots more. Sorry

  136. OT, I have a question because I have seen this bizarre exchanges over and over and I have no idea what is going on.

    When you jumped in here earlier, were you talking to Dabs or were you talking to “Cheech & Chong” (Josh & Bing)?

    I think sometimes people might understand you more if you clarify who you are talking to and what exactly you are talking about.

    I know that everyone has a different sense of humor, and that’s just the risk we all run when exchanging comments without any other way of indicating our tone, meaning, etc.

  137. kimberly, I asked OT to explain his comments, and waited for an hour for a reply.

    I have no idea who or what he was referring to, however, I saw some kind of threat was being made.

    I still did not receive any kind of answer to explain his comments. So, what am I supposed to think, and how am I supposed to feel, other than he was joking.

    I’m done!

  138. I know…it’s really strange and I don’t get the humor or what he was referring to…which is what usually happens for me when I read his comments, so I finally am asking myself because it makes for some really frustrating off-topic yet underhanded tone to the posts.

    I know “Cheech and Chong” have been off-topic too (OBVIOUSLY), but I at least know that they aren’t talking a thing about Lost or anyone else here. I can’t say the same for OT and am hoping that at some point there’s more of an explanation that can make sense.

  139. OT – we were simo-posting…

    Your apology for jumping in doesn’t necessarily answer the question.

    Oh well. Can’t say I didn’t try, I guess…

  140. Dabs…um, at least people will read your theory b/c there are so many comments, right? 😉

    It really still stands as a great theory, no matter how many rabbit trails commenters went down!

  141. Dude what are you talking about? on old smokey, im not sure who your talking to, cause u posted right after me & i was having somewhat of a conversation with Josh about very off-topic material & ur post really doesnt make sense to me & to think u have friends with a sense of humor like yours leads me to believe they are just as lame as yourself…just BiNG real buddy keep it geared to “Lost” & not yourself at least i was having a conversation on the other hand you are “ANNOYING” two ladies & SERIOUSLY askin them to watch the Finale with you is very very creepy!

  142. What the hell did I miss with OTMonkey??

    and BiNG – Yes it is true, no In&Out Burger on the east coast, I had to goto Vegas for that one.

    But do not be jealous because White Castle is crap compared the In & Out Burger.

  143. Joshcgs & Bing, as you can see, somebody did take offence to your off-topic conversation, although I had a difficult time trying to determine who the remarks were directed at.

    I know you meant no harm, and I take no particular issue with it. It was all in good fun! Now, I would ask, if you wish to continue this conversation, please carry it over to one of your many posts, Joshcgs.


  144. You are WAAAAY too nice to have the handle DA Biatch Is Here…At least peep are reading your Theory DABS, If i saw a theory on this site with as many comments as this one, I would Read it first then SOME of the comments.

    Me & Josh were discussing your theory & some we had ourselve’s but then it got way off topic SOMEHOW & STUPID peep like O.T.O.O.S just go down to the comments to see what peep.

    Only to follow up on a conversation that OBVIOUSly 2 peep were having(LOSER)& make comments that make no sense but i will stop here peep like him just love seeing his name posted & he is very LAME & not funny, not one BIT.

  145. I assure you, everyone who frequents here reads Dabsis theories…whether 1 or 1000 comments…
    Oh, and btw way, I found nothing necessarily offensive about your comments, but the thing is, if someone does, or is new and isnt interested, then they probably wont continue reading a theory that turns into that, and if Lost convorsation picks back up, they may miss things…

    As for the comments by you know who…they have most likely been erased by admin…that individual has been warned several times now…and they are becoming rediculus…I only play his game because they are directed at myself, or people I like here, in what seems a pathetic attempt at attention…and I try to at least lure him to my posts to stop the idiocracy on others.
    I highly advise to take the path of ignorance in his regard, because if not, you see what developes.
    Besides, he cannot take being ignored, quite funny actually…Im not kidding, ignore him…then just sit back and watch him self destruct in front of everyone.

  146. No, I swear, the person was upset because nobody knows who or what they are talking about almost ever…
    you two just walked into the range…I swear, for the good of the site, best be let handled by admin…not worth the bother.

  147. A big thanks to emzi for ‘picking up’ on this.

    Thanks for the really nice comment, Bing. You guys did nothing wrong, IMO.

    As always, big thanks to AES, for always being right on the $$$.

    Back to discussing theories!

  148. Dabsi, you and I are due for a long,late discussion soon… Its been a while ;] Im working on a theory now, and hopefully I can get it out either tonight or tomorrow…

    And as always to you, thanks is not necessary.

  149. AES, there is not enough thanks I could ever give you!

    Ever the wise, ever the considerate, and ever the ‘friend’.

    I look forward to that theory. Please give me a nudge if it’s tonight. I have been on ‘the fly’ all day, and still will be for awhile.

  150. Im going to try and get this out soon…its not quite the one I was originally planning, but I stumbled upon a new interpretation of something…

  151. Thanks for nudging me! lol

    I am just on my way to bed! I am pooped! I will definitely have more time tomorrow to give my full attention! Promise!

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