did i miss something??

maybe its just me…..but when young ben got shot by Sayid and kate and sawyer took him to the others richard says to them he will be changed,and wont remember this….ok now when ben is being taken back to be judged with lock,and sun

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9 thoughts on “did i miss something??

  1. Thank you…he may have been told…but that kind of defeats the purpose of him forgetting…not to mention when he awakens after being ‘healed’, he asks Chuck if hid Dad is there, and when CHazz says no, then he whines and says how he never wants to see him again…

  2. I believe Ben has mentioned the temple before – for some strange reason I think he sent Alex and co. there for safety in season 3 (or I could be completely delusional, lol!)

    But yeah, I think that he didn’t remember being healed and that Richard DID tell him. He probably asked questions about it when he was a kid?

  3. I think the fact that he woke up in the temple with a bullet hole in his chest helped him remember things… or at least he could deduce some of the things that had happened based on those two pieces of evidence. All thats important really is that he doesn’t remember the face of the guy that shot him…

  4. when he woke up as a child, after being shot, he clearly didn’t remember what happened. I think he was reliving it as desmond did in his dreams. and when Ben woke up with Locke standing over him, THATS when he remembered it all. He had experienced it as an adult through his childhood eyes. You didn’t miss something, as usual, they just haven’t told us yet

  5. OR what if Richard knew Sawyer and Kate were from the future, so he knew Ben wouldn’t know about it until it chronologically happened for Sawyer/Kate, which would be Ben’s adult life? Maybe Ben knew something had happened and he’d been healed in the temple, but couldn’t know the details until it happened for Sawyer and Kate? Therefore Ben would forget all the details of the shooting, and wouldn’t ever be the same because he’d been touched by time travel?

  6. I kind of get where your going MOJO, are you saying that Ben won’t remember Sayid shooting him until it has happened for Kate/Sawyer in the 70’s due to T.T.?

    Then when it takes place in another time all of a sudden he regains his memory??

    I think if Ben remembered EVERYTHING then he would say “thats where they took me after Sayid shot me as a boy” it just seems like he knows the basics & by him just All Of A Sudden forgetting because of temple healing him better hold some significance cause it would be kind of the easy way out i think for writers.

  7. Yeah, BiNG, that’s what I was trying to say. lol. Sorry it took me so long to answer.
    In Miles’ and Hurley’s conversation about time travel, Miles makes distinct points about things happening out of chronological order, but only for them. For whomever they are involving in their time travels (i.e. Ben), it is how it always was. The question is, is that always really how it was, or was there a previous course of events that happened before Sayid time traveled and shot Ben? Are they changing what happens, or did “whatever happen, happen?” Because if they are changing things, Ben wouldn’t remember until it actually was changed to be that way. If whatever happened, happened, then Ben would always remember it that way (if he could remember after Richard helped him, at least.) make sense?

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