Roger is going to spill the beans”’Mini-theory

As you will recall, when young Ben breaks Sayid out of the Dharmaville jail, he does so, with the use of Daddy Roger’s keys, that he pocketed from him.

When the question was posed, as to who had keys to the jail, it was stated that Roger and the ‘new guy’, Jack were the only ones who had keys.

Given Kate’s lack of discretion, having a conversation with Roger about young Ben, made Roger very paranoid and caused him to question her interest in his son. Unfortunately, our dear Doctor aka ‘Janitor Jack’ once again decides to cover Kate’s backside, by telling Roger he is friends with her, and vouches for her concern. Their fate in Dharmaville has now been cast.

When Daddy Roger shares these conversations with Horace, he is going to put it all together, that Kate and Jack, are perhaps spies who have infiltrated their group. This will jeopardize their future and safety in Dharmaville. The party is over. Cheers, Jack and Kate. Bang up job so far!

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~ Contrary to popular misconception, karma has nothing to do with punishment and reward. It exists as part of our holographic universe’s binary or dualistic operating system only to teach us responsibility for our creations—and all things we experience are our creations. ~

9 thoughts on “Roger is going to spill the beans”’Mini-theory

  1. I think this scene is even more important Dabsi.
    I think it is almost meant to be compared to the scene with Sawyer at the end with Phil.
    As soon as Sawyer realizes he and his friends are threatened, he knocks Phil out, and ties him up, a work of action without thought.
    On the other hand, the scene with Jack and Roger is the same scenario, and instead of action, Jack thinks, and tries to talk he and his “friend” out of trouble, leaving an easy opportunity for Roger to tattle tale…

    It makes Sayers speech of why he is in charge, come into retrospect a little more…

  2. I think it is a certainty that Horace will find out about our losties, who will run to the jungle rather than be caught. I think they will end up in the hands of the others and maybe cause the incident, all the while escaping the purge to come. This would give the writers a good way of giving us a detailed look into the real others, who we haven’t really seen yet.

  3. AES, It would appear that Jack’s huge ego, makes him think that he doesn’t need to make more of an effort when it comes to pacifying Roger’s concerns.

    Jack’s methods of containing the problem, certainly paled in comparison to that of Sawyer’s. Sawyer knew he had to put Phil ‘on ice’. lol

    I am noticing that both Jack and Kate seem to have lost their original fire which made them such fierce characters.

    I wonder what it will take for them to get it back!

  4. Yeah, Sawyer, Juliet, Kate, Jack… They’re not long for DHARMAVille. Hurley and Miles will definitely be headed out along with them since they arrived together. I think Sawyer did the only thing he could do. Jack and Kate are idiots.

    It’s going to be interesting though now that we’ve seen Dan again. Apparently he’s a DHARMA scientist and is now returning from a trip to Ann Arbor. What’s going to happen to him when they find out that Sawyer was full of it when he told them the story of where they came from? Surely they’ll remember that Dan came with him…

  5. Too bad Kate didn’t just lay Roger out with her manly beast strength like Sawyer did to Phil.

    But seriously, I was nearly pained watching this entire episode – what with Hurley, Miles and Chang and then Kate and Jack with Roger. They do not have a clue how to fit in, or NOT draw attention to themselves.

    I agree that Sawyer pulled a Jack and ‘reacted’ in his decision making, what happened to Sawyer the Con? Sawyer the slick?

    I think Juliet could be the wild card in this scenario that is transpiring.

    Her scene in the infirmary, cool as ice…change voice to panic!!!…back to cool as ice.

    I think her ‘acting’ abilities as well as her knowledge of the Others will factor in to what is to come!

  6. lol kimberly, what has happened to Kate? She has been so traumatized by losing Aaron and playing ‘mommy’ on the outside world that she appears to have lost her edge!

    Even with Jack, at least when he was running around like a chicken with its head cut off, screaming and running off in the wrong direction, he was at least useful.

    Now he has been relegated to ‘janitor status’ he appears to have lost his ‘stones’. He can’t even lie effectively to outsmart that dimwit Roger!

    At least I know where young Ben gets his ‘snake-like’ qualities from. lol

    Sawyer was quick to act, and Juliette calm under fire. They can at least be counted on, which is more than I can say for Jack and Kate right now.

    I hope Jack finds ‘his purpose’ and Kate snaps out of her fog, and they get back into fighting mode. Otherwise, in present form, they are more trouble than they are worth!

  7. Yeah the ABC tag line: “Everyone has a purpose…” for how they ran ads for last night’s show…

    If what they are showing us this season with Jack and Kate’s lame stupid behavior is rich irony… As in, Jack and Kate in Seasons 1-4 were the ones who so desperately wanted off the island and yet they were ultimately their own worst enemies by being the ‘ticking time bombs’ that started the whole mess in the first place. Rich.

    (But that’s if we are subscribed to the whole ‘absolutely nothing changes in the past’ line of thinking…)

  8. kimberly, I suppose they are waiting to show us Jack and Kate’s purpose this season!

    I know if it were me, and I was as desperate as they were to get off of that ‘island’, and I had to give up my life and return to a place I didn’t want to, I would be much more like Sayid! In fact, I’d be with him! lol

    Somebodies ‘mangoes’ would be getting squashed! lol

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