Ilana smacked the Pilot in the face with a gun!

I think the guns that Ilana and that other dude found were at the hydra station, because the plane crashed on the small part of the island. I would love to hear people’s reasons for believing she is working for widmore, or for ben linus or… whoever shes working for. Because after ben shot that one dude in the chest while trying to get off the island, I’d be a little freaked out. And we have seen what happens when airplane survivors freak out… im refering to the people in the tail, season two, tossing people in a deep pit because they have trust issues.

please proove me wrong, because I want to believe its more then just another group of crashed survivors freaking out. I know lost writers can do better then having to go to familiar territory.

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7 thoughts on “Ilana smacked the Pilot in the face with a gun!

  1. based on your user name and the title of the theory, i assumed you were gonna say that lapidus must have said shenanigans. i think they are neo-dharma. the newer, better focused dharma.

  2. Why Dharma? How many factions do you think there are now involved in the power struggle over the island?

    Paik (Sun?)’s
    Oceanic Six?

  3. andre i believe many of those factions are on the same side.

    paik before sun was connected to widmore industries, and now who knows.

    hawking might not be on a “side” nor do the oceanic six

  4. i was thinking about this after I wrote it, and maybe there’s a new faction. because In “Some like it Hoth” when miles gets abducted by the black van the one dude asks “what lies in the shadow of the statue” wasn’t he with Ilana when she smacked Lepidus in the face with the gun?

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