Who is Jacob? and What lies in the shadow of the statue?

First off i want to make it clear, apparently another actor has been cast and will make an appearance before the end of the series. he may or may not be Jacob, however if he isn’t i still have some theories. As for what lies in the shadow of the statue. I remember in the episode where the losties are trying to find the orchid so that Locke can go and bring the oceanic 6 back to the island, they keep experiencing flashes of light and then they travel through time. At some point Locke climbs down into a well when another flash occurs. The other losties realize that they are in shade all of a sudden, when they look up they see the statue. I think the weird time travel wheel thing lies in the shadow of the statue, or something to do with it.

Richard Alpert could be Jacob and honestly he doesnt age, so chances are he is Jacob. but then again there have been moments where i’ve doubted it.

Jack could be Jacob because their names are similar, also I figure that’s the reason why Christian speaks for Jacob. but there is also the fact that Matthew Fox is the only actor that actually knows what the end of lost will be. There’s also the countless times that Locke has told Jack that he is an important part of the island.

Locke is an awesome character, that’s why he is probably Jacob.

No I don’t think Aaron is Jacob, because hes a pretty minor character. however it would make sense, Claire disappeared and was hanging out Christian, who we all know speaks for Jacob.

Also, did anybody notice in the episode where Alpert visits Locke as a kid, he shows him all these things and asks him which one is his. A baseball glove, a book, a glass tube of sand, a compass and a knife. technically that compass is a paradox, it has no creation it just loops through time. the first time we see it is in the episode where Alpert finds Locke by the crashed Nigerian plane. Alpert tells him to give him the compass in the past. in the same, or a later episode, Locke marches into Alpert’s camp and gives him the compass. he tells him that he will be born in a few years. when was it made, technically it wasn’t made it just always has been. unless someone can prove this is babble and I really hope someone can because i get mixed up thinking about it

I look forward to seeing what people say.

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10 thoughts on “Who is Jacob? and What lies in the shadow of the statue?

  1. Interesting ideas. You may be right about the wheel being what lies in the shadow of the statue, but IDK for sure. I don’t think Alpert or Aaron would be Jacob. It would be weird if Jack turned out to be Jacob, though. As for the compass, it’s not a paradox, it’s a jinn (if I remember the correct terminology from the book “Time Travel in Einstein’s Universe”).

  2. Jacob can’t be Alpert because the DHARMA initiative have something to do with trapping him in the cabin (remember in series 3 Horus speaks to Locke and tells him to get the plans for the cabin from his pocket) I think the DHARMA initiative use that ring of ash to trap Jacob within the cabin

  3. I like that theory Illya, but i remember Horace telling Locke that he was building the cabin for himself. I guess we’ll all find out in due time.

  4. my knowledge of lost is at a minumum, as is my spelling, but i think that old women who has the pendulum is jacob, like a secret code name like spies have…..


  5. locke’s dream of horace was when he was in the jungle with ben and hugo.Ben whispered in locke ear when locke he was asleep,thats all.Ben’s always doing it.He uses the power of suggestion whether your awake or asleep.He gets inside your head and manipulates you into seeing stuff that aint there.Remember when ben manipulated locke into not pushing the button.Is’nt that proof enough.Look at it at face value.Ben looks like a gargoile or something,and he acts like it too.He’s a nasty piece of work.He’s just so creepy and spiteful.He hates everyone.That little fucker should die in a really painful way

  6. Remember all the eirie whispering in the jungle.Its been going on throughout the whole story.If ben’s been whispering in your ear when your asleep,then i’ve no doubt you’ll hear whispering later on,as if your subconcious was trying to tell you something.

  7. The compass does create a paradox…well, Locke actually creates the paradox, but it is not a paradox and does have a creation…it just hasent been recealed yet.
    I imagine the compass will come from ‘Black Rock’, and could be why it is important to Richard…A compass from a ship, that crashed in the middle of the jungle on his island.
    Richard doesnt just get the compass from thin air, it is from somewhere…it just hasent been revealed at this point.

  8. ‘What lies in the shadow of the statue’ is inconsequential. It’s a ‘password.’ I’m not sure exactly whose password it is… Either the others, or Whitmore’s group, but if you know the appropriate responce to ‘What lies in the shadow of statue?’ You are obviously part of ‘the group’, does that make sense?

  9. I see what your getting at, but if that’s so then why would they ask miles. in the van after kidnapping him, then they told him he wasn’t ready to go. it would make sense, but there’s a statue… and its a freaking weird island.

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