Miles is the Incident

Remember that video from with Pierre Chang? Here’s the link if you haven’t:

Anyway, Pierre Chang (or Dr. Edgar Halliwax, as he pretends to be in this video) totally freaks out when the number 15 bunny appears behind him, because it’s the same bunny he has in his arms. I think that the incident is that He finds out that Miles is really his son, who is also on the island, and they (little Miles and big Miles) somehow come in contact, and something, unfortunate happens. This is why Pierre suddenly banned his wife and son from the island, so essentially, Miles is the cause of his own bastardization! And this also might have something to do with why he can read the minds of dead people.

Perhaps this incident coincides with the 815ers finding each other again.

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12 thoughts on “Miles is the Incident

  1. I really like this! I have been thinking that perhaps Miles tells his father what the future holds – purge etc, and for this reason he (Change) sends his mother and his baby self away!!

    Chang clearly loves his son, as its the first time we see him look contented, so the only way i can think a man like that would send his baby son away is to protect him from a). an incident and b). the future purge!

  2. I don’t think that miles will cause the incident. I believe our losties will visit the time-wheel one more time but all together this time with the help of faraday for to go the correct time and this thing will call as the incident.

  3. buttercherries, while I believe that Miles may be the cause of why his father (Dr. Chang) loses his arm, I do not think this is what will cause the so-called incident at the end of the season! Perhaps, just one of many things.

    Ilana & Bram, et el are on ‘the island’, and there will be many other events which will come into play, such as Sayid perhaps running into ‘the others’, the tense situation over Ben being taken from Dharmaville, and the possibility of the return of Desmond, and John Locke, Ben & Sun catching up to the other losties.

    The wheels have been set in motion, for all of these things to culminate into an explosive ending, with one event occurring that will change everything again, for the following season.

  4. Others have alluded to something like this through other posts and comments as well. I def think Miles and his baby self are bound to collide. I am not sure it will be THE incident, but will have something to do with it, obviously, since that’s what this episode leads up to.

  5. Why do they have to touch each other? The Incident does not have to involve some catastrophic event (not saying it doesn’t).

    I believe it’s incident enough that both exist in the same time period. They could reference that alone as being the Incident – the fact that two of the same entity exist in the same time period.

  6. Hmm… i like this theory but i think it needs some more back up. If you can find evidence in past episodes that supports your theory that would be great. I want to think that the incident is going to be something that makes you go “OOOOOOOOh, that makes sense!” and the loose ends of the show kind of come together…

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