The begining and all thats next.

hello guys, I am new at this website with lost theories. You should know that i am a physicist, and that i know a lot of things about time travel and all other goofy stuff. So read what i wrote, because it gets interesting.

Lets start at the begining. We know the answer, why the oceanic 815 crashed on the island. it was Desmonds fault. But do we really know what has happened there. What has changed. I am thinking time has changed its ways. We all saw Daniel Faraday going out of the submarine last episode. The theories that i heard are next. he was time traveling, he was away and returned 3 years later. Lets explain the first option. We all saw ceasar holdin a time line map. The map was showing the time bariers on the island. If Daniel wanted to travel in time he had to go right in the middle of all time bariers. And search for a portal. That would be possible if Desmond changed the time on the island when he crashed the oceanic 815, and didnt type those numbers in the computer. If Daniel was time traveling this would be the only option. But how would he know about that. Were the nose bleeds somehow connected? I am thinking that he was away of the island because he needed to get over Charlottes death. I really hope, that i helped clarify my theory. Its hard for you, but very easy for me:)

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  1. Sorry but i think it would be more topical at this moment in time to assume sayid chrashed the plane.Where was he when everyone was panicking on the beach in the first episode.Its true some of the other survivors were’nt present either.Based on the sci-fi premise that an electro magnetic pulse would only cut the electrical systems of an aircraft, i find it hard to assume that des accidentally chrashed the plane.For kalvin to leave the swan ,and for des to follow him ,and for the rest of the events to take place which made des late in pushing the button , for all these things to coincide with an aircraft which was accidentally off course by 1000 miles to be torn apart in to three main sections is all to much of a coincidence.I really do believe the plane was sabotaged deliberately and precisely where it was supposed to be, by sayid.I’m betting sayid had a parachute on flight 8-15.

  2. Apart from getting lost in the story ,and it being science fiction,these’s so much sociology going on it’s difficult to keep a clear head.At the start and for most of the entire story things seemed pretty ordinary and everyday.All the ordinary stuff weighed up against the sci fi stuff makes me reach my ideas and stops me thinking up outragous assumptions.This story has all the ingredinent youd expect.There’s a lot of love.I enjoyed the bits where people/couples find each other after losing each other.There’s a fair share of heartbreak too.So,even though this story is peppered with science fiction,there’s no reason to assume there is’nt some hard cold reality to it too.So,less of the sci fi and more of the real heart warming events that we all enjoy please bad robot

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