The Incident, A Unfortunate Death, & The Finale *CONTAINS SPOILER*

I believe I have figured out the plot to the finale ( with a little help from “buttercherries”‘s Theory, It got my mind thinking )

So as most of us know, the title of the finale is called ” The Incident “. And Most of us also know that a main character will die, In that episode.

This brings me to my theory.. The Incident Is that Miles comes into contact with his younger self, And bad things happen… ( Think Secret Orchid Video, with the Bunnies.. (( ))

When Miles comes in contact with himself he will die.

I dont know why the Incident will cause the Swan Counter to be commissioned. But that is my theory..

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6 thoughts on “The Incident, A Unfortunate Death, & The Finale *CONTAINS SPOILER*

  1. I marked this as “contains spoiler” as I didn’t know that a main character will die in the finale.

    Please make sure you mark spoilers as such so that people know to avoid them if they don’t want to know what happens.

  2. I don’t think both young Miles and Old Miles can die, or it would have been impossible for him to travel back in time in the first place. (Read my Theory of Compossibility).
    Bro_Des, I like your thoughts of old Miles dying and his younger self being able to speak to the dead.
    This would explain why they ended up leaving the island and would explain why he suddenly seems surprised by his ability; he couldn’t always speak to dead people, only after the incident. I commented on this before, but not to this extent.
    Good thoughts, like your line of thinking.

  3. I’ve read theories on here for ages but never been arsed to registered before…

    But this is a class theory, I reckon you could well be right and this would be a quality twist that most wont see coming.

    That’s good work Lou.

  4. Sorry Admin. I wasn’t Sure if i should mark it spoiler or not, seeing as I’m only theorizing on the identity of the death. I will be more careful in the future.

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