Color of clothing

Just a thought…the episodes relate to many sci-fi

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4 thoughts on “Color of clothing

  1. I’ve never thought of this before, could be a light vs. dark thing. I recall locke always wearing white. When I go back through the series I’m going to watch for this. Good eye.

  2. This is a good question for further study.

    Costume design is an art that is often underrated in modern drama and those color choices are very definitely deliberate.

    Just as Ben Linus wears black consistently after season three (why?) and John Locke almost always wears Kaki military or sports hunter fatigues (to blend in with his jungle surroundings?) and charlie wears a red and white striped tuque with a big pompom (just kidding) Kate’s color choices in wardrobe evolve.

    From blue bra in season 1 (I miss those gratuitous bathing scenes) to a red one in season 4. Why?

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