Radzinski shot himself in the Swan.

I was watching the finale of season 2 last night. In the flashback when Kelvin is painting the map on the blast door, and Desmond is sitting there asking about what happened to Radzinski, he was talking about the same balding Dharma guy from the flame.

I just think its pretty neat.

“You see that brown stain there? that’s him. He put a shotgun in his mouth and pulled the trigger while I was asleep”

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3 thoughts on “Radzinski shot himself in the Swan.

  1. I think they are going to talk more about the swan in the 5th & 6th season…hopefully clean up some of those holes.
    Radzinsky! really? he was in there w/ the Iraq Vet guy?

  2. Soupertrooper, it certainly shows that the writers had the (basic) story line planned out from the beginning!

    I had speculated awhile back, that maybe Radzinsky was killed (because of his winning personality) lol, and he was replaced by Faraday in the Swan. And, it was Faraday who shot himself.

    Having seen more of Radzinsky though, it leads me to believe that maybe Kelvin could have shot him!

    Imagine being ‘cooped up’ with that guy! lol

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