this one guy spoiled the Variable for me, how did he get that info?

well I guess i should start out by saying that it was my fault, i read “Spoiler Alert” and clicked.

So i came by this post where this guy said that Faraday will tell Dr.Chang that he needs to evacuate the island and that his mother will kill him. I don’t remember who posted it, and I don’t think the post is up anymore. but whoever wrote it must have had some real good sources cuz I read that post like 2 days ago.

I told him I didn’t believe him, and i was wrong. so whoever wrote the post please tell me how u got the info, if you’re still on the site.

and for anyone else, thoughts?

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5 thoughts on “this one guy spoiled the Variable for me, how did he get that info?

  1. There is a lot of information out there if you want to find it, but it kills the suspense in my opinion. I am no one to tell others how to enjoy a show but for me personally I would rather wait and enjoy the suspense.

    One example of how the information is leaked is from people around the filming locations such as early pictures of our Losties in Dharma garb driving period Dharma vehicles that were snapped near the set. If you read it before the season it might have lead to a spoiler.

  2. 99% of the spoilers that get released are so small and insignificant they don’t really take anything away from the show. Then again, some are huge. There were plenty of huge spoilers going around about The Variable. Even if you go to Dark’s site and go to the spoilers section you’ll have to click an an “are you sure” button to see the major spoilers. You see, that’s a spoiler site so if you want to see spoilers then go there and see them. If you want to see the major spoilers then go there and click the button and see them.

    If you don’t want to read spoilers then don’t go there… just hang out here. If you come here and post spoilers on a site like this than you’re an idiot no matter how many times you write “WARNING SPOILERS” in the title of your post.

  3. I have a friend who lives on the island, and he took a tour of the filming and took photos of Hurley in a Dharma costume… him and dozens of tourists who where there. LOST isn’t the next James Cameron movie, it isn’t a closely controlled set with guards and super secrecy. Compared to soap operas that have entire magazines dedicated to spoilers, LOST is pretty well contained, but again, it’s not TOP SECRET or anything. As others have said, just don’t read the spoilers. I don’t because I’d rather enjoy the show. I don’t even watch the previews since I don’t have television and watch online. For me, it’s like movie previews, those have pretty much ruined movies for me to the point that I try not to watch too many of them… I almost don’t even want to watch Terminator Salvation after seeing too many previews…. but I will anyway!

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