God Save Us All… There’s a War coming.

The lines are about to be drawn and it looks like the real battle is between. It isn’t a battle between Ben and Widmore as we thought but rather between Ellie and Widmore and the battle will be over who is right about the nature of time. To set off the bomb they survivors will change the very fabric of time and no one knows whether or not it will cause the future to change or cause everyone, or even the world, to blink out of existence. Ellie wants her son to live I suspect and Charles doesn’t want to risk the existence of the world.

Ellie knows that her son travels back in time and that Jack is there, thus why she wants to send the Oceanic 6 back to the island. Perhaps her goal is to destroy the island as well or that there is some need to have explosions in both the past and present thus why her agents (the Ajira passengers) have a package.

Widmore already tried to take control of the island to protect it and specifically take Ben off of it. He must have thought that he succeeded when Ben talked to him off the island, he could never find the island again, of course. But Ben is back and Widmore knows that Ben will either do something disastrous or join Ellie’s side. Perhaps Ben already is on her side judging by the way he reacted when Locke told him her name and how he seemed to be working with her to get Jack back.

But Widmore has his own weapons that even he doesn’t know about. The first of these is John Locke. Widmore wanted Locke on the island for the War that was coming. In fact he had known Locke needed to be on the island his whole life which is why he had Abbadon get him on flight 815. When Locke was killed Widmore may have thought that he had lost the war already because I suspect that he didn’t know that Locke would come back to life.

Which brings us to Widmore’s other weapon: the island itself. The island commanded Ben to not betray Locke, brought John back to life, and I think chose to have Ben, Sun, and Locke start separated from the others and safe. The island doesn’t want Ellie to win. I’m not sure if this also encompasses Jacob or Richard but I suspect that it does.

From the way that Ben bumped of Ceasar and how Ceasar didn’t trust anyone with information about the shotgun he may have been an agent working for Widmore. In that case he didn’t trust Locke because Widmore hadn’t filled him in. Perhaps he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

It’s very important to know that 3 people know everything that is going to happen. Widmore, Hawthorn, and Richard. They all know what happens in the past up to a point where those in the past rejoin the present timeline and even they won’t know what’s happening for once like Ellie said.

I know this was a bit wishy washy and all over the place so in summery: The survivors will do something important back in the past that Ellie and Charles will see. They will disagree over what to do about it and separate (it may be these differences that later inspire her and Ben to kick him off the island). Locke does something that Charles agrees with and Jack does something that Ellie agrees with. Ben works for or supports the ideas of Ellie though I don’t think that he knows what lies in the shadow of the statue because after all, would you trust Ben?

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4 thoughts on “God Save Us All… There’s a War coming.

  1. sublimanal, I think there may be merit to Ms. Hawking wanting Daniel alive again. I do get the impression, she is serving a ‘higher power’ that is far less selfish, and for a more noble purpose!

    Having said that, I think there may be elements of your theory, pertaining to Widmore and his connection to ‘the island’, that may ring true.

    You covered quite a bit, and I do agree with certain aspects.

    I truly believe that whatever ‘war’ is coming, that it extends beyond Widmore and Ms. Hawking, though IMO.

    A very well written and nicely presented theory!

  2. What if Ellie was banished from the island for killing her son. She will also have to confess the father’s name as well I suspect. Which Widmore let let slip was him? I wonder if widmore makes her pregnant on or off the island? I also think there is another part to the flash back or forward to explain why she came out of the other room crying and told Dan to concentrate on more important matters.

  3. I agree that there may be a first half of the flash forwards to explain her tears but I don;t think she gets kicked off for killing her son. Widmore gets kicked out much later not right away. Plus I think that Ben has to get to know Ellie so he can react to her name like that.

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