So does anyone have any ideas on how the others/hostiles got on the island? I just noticed in the fun section someone posted that we know they were always there. I don’t think the show has ever explain how the others/hostiles got to the island. Any ideas? Happy Thursday everyone!!!

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  1. you must remember that only a few of them are blood related others. The rest are just recruits. So technicly they came from portland, LA, colorado, ect ect……….

    As for the real others well we don’t know.

  2. I’m not sure about that… I think some of them are from the Black Rock… assimilated the same way the Frenchies were assimilated. But I think that some of them, Richard Alpert at the very least, go back much further than the Black Rock.

  3. Sinster, chances are the original ‘ancient’, inhabitants are long dead.

    Some of the Black Rock survivors would have been amongst them, in addition to the newer ‘others’, who either came to ‘the island’ ala Ellie & Widmore, and few more like Ethan, etc., were from Dharma.

    People like Juliette were recruited later. Mikhail was recruited to ‘the island’ in 1991, so there is quite a mix.

  4. I think Richard and maybe Ellie have ancient ties, but honestly, I fully expect to have a completely unexpected origin for the Hostiles, who morphed into the Others by combining recruits (Juliette) and former DI (Ben, Ethan).

  5. By submarine i think.I just assumed by what ben said ages ago that they go to the island and can/could leave the island anytime they want!!

  6. I think that’s one of the big mysteries of the show. One thing we do know, they speak Latin and they protect the island… which makes me think they are ancient, very much pre-Black Rock. Remember, the Black Rock was full of slaves and miners, who we can assume where not intellectuals, and were possibly illiterate.

  7. I like the theory of the Black Rock, I think that’s where Richard came from at least. Maybe the Others are Jacob’s children? In the Bible Jacob is the father of the twelve tribes of Irael. I hope we find out in season 6!

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