The Variables”.

We learned in this last episode from Daniel Faraday that he had not given any consideration to the ‘variables’ in his equations, and only focused on the ‘constants’. He tells Jack, that ‘the losties’ are the ‘variables’. What does this mean, how will they be able to use this information, and will they fail or succeed in their quest to prevent ‘the incident’?

An important distinction having to do with the term ‘variable’ is the distinction between an independent and dependent variable. This distinction is particularly relevant when you are investigating cause-effect relationships.

In Probability theory, every possible event has a non-negative real number between zero and one associated to it, the probability, which gives the chance that it happens. If you want to know the probability of two independent events both occurring, for example the probability that it will rain and also that the stock market will go up, you multiply the probability for each event. If there is a 0.3 chance that it will rain and a 0.6 chance that the market will go up, there is a 0.18 chance that both will happen.

In quantum mechanics, alternative ways for the same outcome to arise are said to ‘interfere’ with each other. The possibility of something happening can just as easily be diminished as increased by the fact that it can happen in different ways.

The more ways there are to achieve a singular outcome, the less likely that singular outcome will actually happen.

Essentially, what all of this means is, while it is possible to predict, change and effect outcomes, it is not quite as easy as Daniel explained it, as it is not an exact or a precise science. Failure is just as easy as success! I suspect this is why Ms. Hawking is so nervous for the first time in her life, as she isn’t certain of what will happen. She has fulfilled her role, at calculating and predicting on her end of the equation. The rest is up to ‘the players’ on ‘the board’ now. There are only a few ‘key’ players who don’t seem to be very concerned, and one of them is Benjamin Linus. Always true to form, he is as ‘cool as a cucumber’, under fire. Ben always has a plan!

Consider the following; somebody, whether that person is Ms. Hawking, Ben, Widmore, Richard or Jacob has to know what is going on, or maybe all of them do. Somebody planned for ‘the losties’ to be on Flight #815 in the first place, likely by employing these same calculations. I don’t believe any of this was mere coincidence. If you apply the same logic (the variables) that Daniel is suggesting to ‘the losties’ to prevent ‘the incident’, and apply them to the crash of Flight #815, this could also have been calculated and predicted. You should also consider, that it was likely no coincidence that after the FDW was turned and ‘the island’ began skipping through time, that they arrived and settled into 1974. I have long thought, that ‘the losties’ are mere pawns on a chessboard, being manipulated to serve some greater purpose, presently unknown to us.

Because of the complexity of accurately predicting a desired outcome, it is quite possible that ‘the losties’ may fail in their attempts to prevent ‘the incident’. However, this does not preclude another attempt to achieve an outcome that may be less desirable, but still effective.

For instance, we know that pushing the button in the Swan Station worked. That is, until Desmond failed to enter the numbers, on that fateful day. If that event could be altered, so Desmond was in the Swan Station to push the button on time, Flight #815, would not crash. An alternative method could then be employed, to ensure the button would always be pushed on time. Perhaps, if ‘the incident’ fails, this might be their next plan.

I am not suggesting this is how it will play out, only that there are other options available if they do fail. I personally don’t know what to anticipate, but I don’t expect that whatever action they take, it will come easy, or without a hefty price. I expect many twists and turns ahead. They are way out of their element, and in over their heads.

We should be prepared for anything to happen from this point on. Who knows, maybe the FDW might get turned again, so they can take another ‘run’ at it. Turning back the ‘hands of time’ on Lost, isn’t news to us. You know what they say, ‘if, at first you don’t succeed”’

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~ Contrary to popular misconception, karma has nothing to do with punishment and reward. It exists as part of our holographic universe’s binary or dualistic operating system only to teach us responsibility for our creations—and all things we experience are our creations. ~

461 thoughts on “The Variables”.

  1. FDW turning again eh? I smell a loop hehe. Great post Dabs, I like how you deducted Eloise’s inability to determine events from this point forward. Really excited about the next 3 episodes.

  2. Thanks, username! I am totally excited to see where the story leads us!

    I never realized how many aspects were involved in calculating the odds of something happening or not.

    It’s wide open from here on in! Should be great fun!

  3. ekolocation, I may just do that! It did occur to me, that this method, was likely the one used to calculate the Valenzetti Equation!

    I did attempt it from one angle, but didn’t find precisely what I was looking for, so I am still on the hunt.

  4. Great summary… I read about probability theory the other day and I thought it was really interesting.

    Without trying to be “that guy” again and definitely without trying to start an overly heated debate, probability theory is only used to calculate the probability of future events. The odd that a past event will happen is 1:1 because it already happened. That is with a past event being defined as an event which has already been observed either directly or by observing the effects of that event.

  5. yes. but we are experiencing present just as we experienced the past. u said the probability of of something that happened in the past is 1 if we experienced it. but whatever. there is no way schroedinger will be relevant to lost.

  6. Dabs, I think your argument that the Losties were strategically placed on 815 bears even more weight now that we have seen evidence of Hawking’s foreknowledge of events.

    She obviously was very devoted, to the point of the tragedy of her son’s murder, to the island and things happening in a time and way as they were supposed to happen.

    We have seen her with knowledge of 316 and ‘knowing’ that the O6 needed to get on the flight. To think that she didn’t have a hand in orchestrating 815 now is speculation, but the ‘odds’ are now in favor of her having a role in it, just as we’ve seen Abbadon/Widmore already in orchestrating Locke to Australia.

    The evidence is here now more than ever, it seems to me.

  7. Hi highbrow, I know exactly what you are saying about Probabliity. That is why I included the information on Quantum Mechanics.

    I also referenced Schroedinger’s Cat and Superposition.

    As you know, the information is long and doesn’t easily relate to placing it an average theory about Lost.

    I had to be discerning with the information, I provided.

    I left enough room open, so that it could be easily inferred, that failure is as easy as success, and that there are so many calculations to consider.

    The odds that you mention, are increased/decreased by the number of variables, either positive or negative.

    I didn’t want this to be too confusing! lol

  8. Hey kimberly, I totally believe the flight of #815 was in fact orchestrated.

    I think we will see this play out in the future.

    Ms. Hawking definitely used the Pendulum to coordinate the events surrounding #316, and would have easily been able to have done the same.

    To believe otherwise, at this stage of the game, would be fodder, but you never know!

  9. highbrow, and ekolocation. Please refer to the theory of how odds are calculated in my theory.

    This is what directly pertains to the situation.

  10. PS: I really don’t want for this to go in a direction, that creates confusion on something I spent researching.

    I want for the average viewer to be able to relate to the method.

  11. haha. sorry. im just trying to clarify things for me… i digress so often its amazing i ever get anything done/know what i am talking about

  12. Hawking has her elderly fingers in everything. I bet she used the pendulum to help Chucky get his freighter folk to the island too…

    Eko, the probability of the event that happens happening is 100%. Say you’re standing in a field and you look at the sky. You could give it a 50% chance of rain. Then it starts raining. What are the odds that it’s raining right now? It certainly is. There is a 100% chance it’s raining. Then you go back in time to just before it started raining. What are the chances it’s going to rain at that exact time? 100%. Certain factors still need to fall into place in order for it to rain but you already know that they will. It’s like reading spoilers.

    I’m dizzy. What were we talking about?

  13. ekolocation, understood! lol

    I wish I had a better understanding of this myself!

    I struggled with what I had, though, to be able to make any sense out of it, and how this might apply to ‘the losties’ and their situation.

  14. higbrow, I suspect what you say is true about ‘the freighter’.

    As much as I personally find it distasteful, I think Ms. Hawking likely did help Widmore!

    She has had her fingers on the pulse for a long time, now!

  15. oh kimberly, I have one more thought about how people were selected for flight #815.

    I liken it to a horse race. Odds are placed on horses, given their past and present performances under a variety of different circumstances.

    I believe that ‘the losties’ who were meant to survive, and play a part in ‘the island’s’ little drama, were selected in a similar process.

    This would mean, that John Locke wasn’t the only person who was being ‘sized up’ during his lifetime. I believe they all were! And, this is how and why they were selected. They were the best ‘odds’ at potential success.

    I guess, the bigger question is, who is orchestrating this finely tuned plan?

  16. The “who is orchestrating this?” is a great question that I have been pondering – going back and forth through various scenarios.

    Is it safe to say that Widmore wanted Locke on the island – since he and Locke had the 1954 experience?

    Then to take it to another level, I think having seen Hawking’s actions with Daniel it doesn’t necessarily come down to sides anymore…the way that it might have seemed at first to people like Widmore or Ben even. It has more to do with the roles that the Losties play…and ultimately what their purposes are. I am sure that Hawking didn’t necessarily want Daniel involved, but knew what his role was and how he was needed.

    I think one thing that could leave this ‘purpose’ thing with Daniel open still is the three years in Ann Arbor, and how he got to the place that Desmond is his constant even. But that’s another thought.

    I’m especially curious on Ben’s information, since Richard has been the one who has encountered the Losties throughout time and actually would remember them.

    Back to your ‘probability’ and theory…I am working on a thought about this whole scenario of how the variables (the 77 Losties) are in their present. I also think Daniel’s statement to Jack, “You aren’t supposed to be here…” is not to be overlooked!

  17. kimberly, I think you make a lot of very solid points!

    I think after we see Ms. Hawking and the sacrifice of her own son, whom she adored, gives us an indication, that although she may have some thoughts and ideas on the outcome, that she is serving a far greater purpose than imagined.

    Ben & Widmore do have a ‘vendetta’ going on, but I wonder how far apart, are they really, on the ‘end goal’?

    We at least know that Richard wanted Locke on ‘the island’ from way back, and that Widmore, more recently wanted Locke to be present.

    It brings up something you said, earlier on, about ‘the island’ itself, being selfish. I am not so certain anymore, if ‘the island’, is a friendly place!

    So, maybe this isn’t so much about actual ‘sides’, as we once thought. The differences, may be more about ‘power’ and ‘control’ for purposes which are either good, bad or otherwise.

    I think most of the ‘key’ players have their hands in this orchestration, unbeknown-st to ‘the losties’, who are basically ‘the pawns’ or ‘the variables’ being used in the game.

    I agree with you on Dan’s statements to Jack, that it may not have been his destiny to be there, in 1977.

    I couldn’t help but note, in my research, that too many variables will actually decrease the chances of probability.

    This leads me to believe that perhaps, somebody miscalculated!

    Good thoughts, kimberly!

  18. I think Dan’s statement “you’re not supposed to be here” is an early indicated that he’s kind of figured things wrong. He has a plan to change things on the island now that desperation to save Charlotte has driven him to believe that what he knows is impossible might just actually be possible. So he has his plan and then he sees the new recruits in the picture and, uh oh, things are going wrong.

    He get’s back to the island and immediately puts his plan into action. He kind of makes it sound like he’s there because of the picture but if his plan was to stop the incident then I wonder when he was planning to show up. The incident is 6 hours away!

    His plan was screwed up because the past cannot be changed, no matter how badly you want to save someone. He must have realized that before he died when he discovered that his mother shot him… “You knew all along” or something like that which translates to “this must be whaterver happened happeneing”.

    So I don’t think that when Daniel said “you’re not supposed to be here” he meant that it wasn’t thier destiny to come back to the island or to come back to the 1970’s because how the heck would he know?

  19. highbrow, you make some very good points. The sub doesn’t travel to ‘the island’ that often, so unfortunately all they have is six hours.

    Not a very high chance of success, IMO, variables or not!

    Variables are real, not junk science. They are used in real life to calculate a variety of things. As an intelligent being, I know you know this to be true.

    Whatever happened only applied until Daniel realized that mixing in ‘the variables’ increased/decreased the chances of events occurring or not occurring.

    Perhaps, the word ‘change’ really is a poor choice of words. Perhaps, attempting to predict by mathematical certainty is a better way to address it.

    I am certain that in 3 years, Daniel had time, to fully research these possibilities, to fruition, as opposed to making a ‘wild prediction’ during the course of a ‘flash’ on ‘the island’, when he made his statement about ‘whatever happened, happened’.

    I have full appreciation for your sentiments, and am not implying that both rules may still apply, but with one more element thrown into the mix!

    How am I doing for a Friday? Not bad, huh? lol

  20. I doubt that they will explode the h-bomb and fix things up. Most of the losties have no real propose on the real world. And most of them would have a really shitty life if that plane hadn’t crashed.

    The problem is that Jack heard exactly what he wanted from Faraday — that he is in charge of his destiny — leading him to plot to explode the bomb. While others like Kate for instance won’t have the least interest on doing that to prevent the plane from crashing into the island in the first place.

    Also it’s pretty obvious that the bomb won’t explode or at least that it’s explosion won’t fix things up as expected otherwise LOST would end in season 5.

  21. Highbrow, you ask the question, “how the heck would he know?” That is exactly what has been bothering me and I think is either a key element we are about to find out, particularly by delving into his journal, or…yeah, it’s nothing.

    The thing is, I DON’T think that it’s nothing.

    I don’t think that Hawking would send him back simply to be shot. All her talk about his potential, his destiny, his gifts; being so protective of his time, wanting him to perform his research (especially despite his ‘failures’ etc.) It was NOT simply to get to the island on the freighter in 2004. It was not simply to tell her to bury the hydrogen bomb. It was not simply to go spend a meaningless three years 1974-77 as part of the DHARMA initiative science team.

    Was his main mission to disarm the gas with Charlotte? Is that what the physicist with all these ‘amazing’ gifts and knowledge supposed to do? If so, then it would seem that in doing so, that it serves the purpose of the ‘war’ that is to come. And so at that point he is simply a pawn – to his very own mother.

    So, he died. So far, it looks like that is what happened. But we have a glaring hole of what his studies were in that time. His purpose has to have been bigger than these things that we have seen. Time and time again on this show, the ‘first’ time around we think…”WOW, what a coincidence!” Then we start getting more to the story and we see people in different times and we realize that there is more at play than what we’ve been shown so far.

    I have a question and possible scenario to add to this, I just need to rewatch an earlier episode before I speak out of line. (Don’t let me forget!)

  22. kimberly, I completely agree with all you have said.

    I, like yourself, am left with no other conclusions than to think things are beyond the coincidental realm.

    You know how hard it is to convince, highbrow though! He can be a real stickler!

    I see he has incurred your wrath today! lol

    He must either have very good self-esteem, or he loves the attention of women, with their hair standing on end, and fire flaming from their nostrils. lol

    I’ll remind you to expand on your thoughts later!

  23. hi dabotchery!

    as i suspected! ahah!

    i love your math and equation, it reminded me off primer, (sorry to mention it again)

    but in Primer when they used their machine to work out what the stock market was going to be. owever, they didnt comprehend the human psyche.

    in the scene were young daniel is playing his piano, mrs hawking says…along the lines of, “do youknow what destiny is….”etc.

    look back at the scene and observe the reactions of mrs hawking. when she tells young dan, about destiny, she already knows that when he grows older he is going to die. presumptuous i know. but you just watch, there is a reason he has been chosen…why? because he is gifted. perfect for the island! weve not got the full story yet obviosly.

    and at the end were dan is shot and he says “you knew this was going to happen”

    of course, dan has realised she has known about it.

    dans choice to try and save the island, and his future soul mate, looks uncertain.

    i dot buy into the whole, the past cannot be changed, time travel does not exist, so whos making the rules here, more over, i dont buy into, the whole what ever happened, happened. because if this were true then faradays actions seem redundant.

    whatever happend happend…but ehat ever is about to happen,hasnt happened yet.

    thats my take on it, for now.

    i ned to think more. but great post dabomb!


  24. losts-columbo, you certainly made my day! da-bomb, blushes, well thanks!

    You need not worry about mentioning the movie, because it was the movie, Primer that inspired me, and made me believe in this theory!

    I totally caught the look Ms. Hawking gave Daniel at the piano. It must have been when she first learned that Daniel was going to have to be sacrificed! That was a ‘wow’ moment for me!

    I absolutely believe there is a reason why Daniel was chosen, and believe we will learn what that reason is.

    I am so glad you do not suscribe to the past cannot be changed. I have suscribed to the retro-causality theory for quite some time, even if there was no proof of its existence.

    I despise the term, ‘whatever happened, happened’, as I feel it led many people down the wrong path, and they still cling to this misnomer!

    I am believeing more and more in your theory of ‘the doubles’. I am working through those thoughts at present to see how this might work in.

    I knew you would understand this theory, because you work with ‘odds’ every day at work!

    Thank-you for totally getting it, and enjoying the theory!

    I think your dabomb too!

  25. ahaha! dabomb!i was trying to be “street”, but turned out to be alan partridge!

    im not terribly sure im convinced on the doubles thing, but it could be instead, like i mentioned in your (amazing) mrs hawking debate,that it is a possiblility, that some have traveled before their time of existing to see what happened, ie ben. but perhaps he was just told, but why would he believe them, moi digression…

    daniel was perhaps chosen, but could we possibly say cultivated? is there perhaps, a breeding ground for the next prodical enigma?

    i dont suscribe to the past not being able to change, simply as i said, because know one has written the commandments of time travel, who knows what would happen, could hapen, will happen. time travel, only exists by humans curiosity for being more omnipetent, and why so in time travel? plus, if hawking and faraday claim, what ever happened happened, yet she says she doesnt know what the future holds, suggests that someone isone step ahead….

    also if it rains and the stock market go up, thats a correct score double, youve just won 2000 pounds mrs debothchery!



  26. lol losts-colombo, ‘street’ is cool and so is Alan Partridge!

    I believe that Daniel was cultivated, and I also believe that ‘the losties’ were chosen given their own variables which were calculated and predetermined.

    There may have been others on the plane, who were likely candidates but perished, and for those who survived, that were not useful to the ’cause’, fulfilled their purpose and were subsequently killed off.

    it has now made me believe in Jacob’s list more and more. The six that are on it, and six will hopefully emerge at the end.

    As for Ms. Hawking she is unsure, at this point, only because she has no control over these variables, and the many outcomes, that could arise. She now has to rely on her own faith.

    It is not an exact science as you well know. Try predicting a horse race, using odds, and you know how anything can scew up the plan!

    What I find fascinating is, the notion that all of this was in fact orchestrated from early on.

    I am also of the belief that as far as time travel goes, that we may find out, how this works, as I don’t believe they landed in 1974 for no reason. I do not subscribe to coincidence. It goes against my faith. There are no coincidences, just well-laid plans, no matter where they are orchestrated from! lol

    I can’t thank you enough for the movie. It really set my head straight! I would also welcome any further imput you have. Lost is one mystery, I am determined to solve!

  27. I know it must be late there for you, so if I miss you tonight, have a good night, and God Bless!

    A very enjoyable conversation!

  28. Okay Dabs. I need to run this by somebody, and I can’t go back and watch “Because You Left” (can’t find it anywhere online!) I feel like I could sound crazy, or have the beginnings of a theory (or support for some other ones) brewing.

    So what really got me about the Variable is the scene with Daniel going down to the Orchid where he runs into Chang and tells him about the incident at the Swan that is about to happen.

    This is the second time we have seen this scene this season, but this time around, we got to see Daniel stop Chang in the elevator going back up.

    Leading up to ‘The Variable’ version of this scene, Daniel and Miles are outside the Orchid and Daniel references “10 more minutes” and then says, “Right on time” when Chang arrives.

    The ‘Because You Left’ version of this scene does not include the interaction with Chang.

    In ‘Because You Left’, the next time we see Daniel is when he goes to the beach when everyone has figured out that the freighter is gone, the beach camp is gone, etc. and they are all freaking out.

    The thing about this that is bothering me is how out of order we are presented with the scene with Daniel encountering Chang at the Orchid.

    Is this simply a ‘preview’ scene – something that we had to wait 13 episodes to see? And technically 3 years, because the ‘flashing’ for the island stopped by that scene, even though everything else that occurred from there on out in the episode – in terms of flashing – was the ‘present’ for the Losties?

    I’m hung up on this because Daniel’s references to time in “The Variable” make it appear that he, like Hawking, has foreknowledge of when events will happen. Obviously, he knew the EXACT timing of the Swan explosion, when Chang would arrive, etc. In “Because You Left”, he knew all about the flashing, what was happening in time, knowing that they were ‘skipping like a record’, that the island had a radius that allowed him to move with it, etc.

    What exactly did he ‘study’ or research to know the timing, the cause, the issues? And when?

    And was this scene the same scene both times, or was one version of it perhaps him time traveling, and so the second version is when he talks to Chang?

    Looking forward to your thoughts.

  29. Kimberly! Wow! Great catch!

    Daniel does consult his notebook just before Chang arrives to check it. If nothing more than it indicates that he has previously written down the exact time when Chang arrives.

    See if this works with your theory.

    Daniel is talking to Desmond and flashes to 1977. Then hikes towards the beach but crosses paths with Chang who is waiting impatiently for his driver to fix a flat tire on the van. Chang tells his driver to hurry up. He needs to get to the Orchid station. Daniel carefully notes the time down for future reference.

    Obviously there needs to be more for him to categorize this as notebook material, but you get my drift?

  30. kimberly, I was so hoping for this to come up, as I sort of alluded to it, in my theory, in a very general sense without mentioning the actual words.

    What I thought about this scene was, the writers are making an attempt to cleverly cover their tracks, by not giving up too much information to the viewers.

    They are trying to make us believe that we didn’t see the whole scene play out, the first time. If you caught the subtle differences, then fine, and we caught it.

    I believe that Ms. Hawking wasn’t joking when she said Daniel was a very gifted mathematician.

    We have not seen the whole story of Daniel and Theresa’s experiments. I believe he did find a way to travel, but lost his memory for some reason, and Theresa was permanently disabled.

    I think when we see him the first time around, that is what it was, but in this episode, it was another trip.

    Many of us felt at the start of the season, that a ‘looping effect’ existed. We see time being bent, when Sawyer views Kate assisting Claire with Aaron’s birth, during a ‘flash’.

    I feel this was the first indication, that all was not as it seemed.

    As I mentioned to losts-colombo, the ‘whatever happened, happened’ theory, was really to throw viewers off of the trail.

    Quite a brilliant ploy, actually, but nothing was adding up properly. It was as if a huge part of the puzzle was missing.

    I feel this episode was the turning point, to many things in understanding what is going on.

    So, in a nutshell, you have hit the nail on the head. One version was of him travelling, and the other version of him, was after he finally figured out what the answer was to the problem!

    I am so greatful you brought this up. There seem to be few who share similar insight these days.

    Sorry I missed you, earlier!

  31. Thanks Dabs, you never let us down.

    So in his experiment, does Daniel time travel in corporeal form, or does he mind flash the way Desmond does?

    In the season opener are we seeing a 2004 Desmond who has mind flashed? Then when he runs after Chang to the elevator he has come back into himself… ?

  32. Hi Andre7, that is the one aspect that I am not clear about at the moment. I need to re-watch the first scene, and circumstances surrounding it, to give a clearer perspective.

    Thanks for your input! I will get on it, tomorrow and report back.

  33. Thanks Andre & Dabs!

    I too, believe that if it is the case that there are two occurrences of this scene, and in “The Variable”, we see Daniel’s death, that it could actually make some other things make sense! But that’s for another time.

    Also, I am with you both on trying to figure out if this was ‘conscious’ time travel, as we saw with Desmond, or if this is the case of “two” Daniels – for lack of a better term. Dabs, your example of Sawyer watching Aaron’s birth is what I am alluding to, since technically at that point there were two Sawyers.

    Daniel’s ability to know what would happen in when Chang arrives and when the Swan blows up is much like the scene with Desmond off-island at the bar. (The very scene that has been beat to death around here lately! 😉 )

    The place that his foreknowledge gets confusing is why he needs to go find his mother at the Others camp and his “you’re not supposed to be here” comments. So he gained knowledge of what was coming – the Incident, when Chang is where, etc. And he also could mean that the truly, the Losties aren’t supposed to be in the past, not just, “Oh geez, why are you here, I’m going to try to detonate a bomb and that’s a problem?” (Kind of like his line to Juliet when she catches up to him and Charlotte at the Tempest.)

    But why does he want to visit his mother? Is it because she sent the Losties back? Or was it something that he thought he should do to try to change the outcome of events, passing along information? Or was it his heart getting the best of him? See??? What are his reasons, since ultimately he’s killed by her there. Why would he know some events but not others. Is it because he failed in changing the outcome so he could have just studied the past? But why would he know the EXACT time of Chang’s arrival to the Swan?

    Sorry — lots of little nuances that turn into bigger issues in this!

    Thanks for joining in the conversation!

  34. kimberly, I still haven’t had the opportunity to view the episode, but will.

    My recollection of the first event, was that Daniel had no conversation with Chang, or anyone else. The only contact he had, was physically bumping into him, and muffling an apology, I believe.

    Much different the second time around. Either way, it is some for of time travel.

    The other small scene Daniel had with the young Charlotte, was he did not tell her if she came back to ‘the island’ she would die, therefore, a small hint, at him attempting to resolve that issue.

    I feel the reason Daniel was going to see Ellie was, to try and employ her and ‘the others’ help, with the upcoming ‘incident’. There was no other reason for his urgency.

    Again, it points out to us the viewer, that with variables, anything can happen, as the outcome is not assured.

    I believe Daniel is correct, when he says to Jack, “you shouldn’t be here”. I don’t feel it was ‘the losties’ destiny to be on ‘the island’, at all. It was all orchestrated for them to be there.

    I believe this stemmed from one particular thing that happens, and like a domino effect, spiraled into them all being present on ‘the island’.

    I really believe ‘the island’ did heal Daniel’s mind, and while he was off-island for 3 years, he finally figured it all out!

    Upon his return, he intends to set things straight, but in part, fails, and is killed by his own mother.

    We may look at that, in part, as fate!

  35. PS: Don’t expect to see AES come out to make comment or join in the discussion.

    I know he is watching, and does miss a few of us.

  36. The more I have thought about this, I think there is a connection between Daniel’s reason for him telling Desmond to find his mother when Daniel went to Des in one of the flashes.

    Lets just take note of that little interaction and try to think of a reason why at that point Daniel would tell Des to find Ellie.

    From what we have seen, Daniel was a complete wreck prior to him leaving on the freighter to find the island. He was an emotional, mental mess. He wanted to know if Ellie approved of him going to the island. She said yes, it would heal him.

    What in the course of that span of time happened – between leaving on the freighter, getting on the freighter, pouring over his journal, etc. – that would make him think that Desmond would need to find Eloise in order to help stop the flashing. He learned something about Ellie’s involvement with the island, it has to be! And how could he have learned? Perhaps some of the same ‘remembering’ type memories that actually are similar to Desmond ‘remembering’ the interaction with Daniel at the Swan in 2007. Perhaps the same reason why he cried about 815 being ‘discovered’….

    I think this is key. We’re so NOT done with Daniel! He MAY be dead, but hey, so is Christian, right? 🙂

  37. kimberly, now I understand why you were asking if Daniel had another journal. I don’t think Ms. Hawking needed his journal, though.

    I can confirm that when Daniel first meets Chang in the Orchid, he bumps into him while carrying an oxygen tank, and apologizes. No other words were exchanged between them.

    Daniel is witness to the conversation between Chang and another man about the drills they were using, to drill through the wall, that were melting. There was an injured man on the floor.

    We were seeing a flash. The ‘losties’ were seperated at the time, and Faraday was in the raft, so initially started flashing differently than the rest.

    Now for Daniel’s reason for knocking on the door to the Swan. He had just finished telling Sawyer there would be no point in doing this.

    Daniel abruptly changes his mind, when he sees Charlotte’s nose begin to bleed. I believe that was when he had his epiphany on several levels! So you are correct. It all came flooding back to him.

    Charlotte’s nose bleed, kicked his memory in, and he decides to knock on the door to speak to Desmond, and proceeds to ask him to go to Oxford and see his mother. He tells Desmond, to tell Ms. Hawking that he was wrong, and that people were going to die!

    We know this conversation never happens when Desmond does find Ms. Hawking because Ben and some of the ’06’ were present, and discussing how to get back to ‘the island’.

    Likely, Desmond was confused by all of this, and may have felt the conversation was redundant. Who knows.

    Had that conversation have taken place between them, things may have turned out very differently. The ‘timing’ of things in that respect were very bad!

    This fortifies my belief, that Ms. Hawking was acting on the knowledge of Daniel’s experiments and research!

    The remainder of Daniel’s story will play out, and we will learn more about his initial research, which will fill in the gaping holes.

  38. We do have 3 years of Daniel we don’t know anything about. We also have events that happened during the “flashes” that could be cleared up. I feel pretty secure in thinking that the looking at the watch thing had to do with the flashes… maybe Daniel can feel them happening, I donno.

  39. You got me Dabs. I have very high self esteem and I do very much enjoy the attention of women… and I’m not too picky about thier hair and I can deal with the flames.

    I don’t think there’s much left to coincidence on the show… so I guess that was pretty easy, huh? I agree.

  40. lol highbrow! Your good taste matches your self esteem!

    You agree with me?

    Now that I have just picked myself up off of the floor, I just want you to know that I am freeze-framing this moment in time for eternity!

    And, the comment, for future use! lol

  41. Highbrow, it was funny when I first wrote my comment after yours I almost said, “Look out Highbrow…” but figured you could handle it. Not so much wrath directed your way as much as my so-called-attitude…

    Good sport. But, all you can say is “I agree.” Were we that good in all these comments? Thanks! This is a day to remember! 😉

  42. I agreed with the part where you said there was no coincidence on the show. I agree. There is little to no coincidence on the show. Now, all that changing the past stuff is a different story….

  43. Highbrow – I am unusually open to the idea that changing the past doesn’t work…tying it into the same concept as we’ve seen with course correction. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s not going to be attempted, which is exactly where we are at with the storyline. We’ve talked about this before, and it finally got addressed on the Variable, when Daniel points out that it is the present time for the Losties so therefore, some things are not ‘assured’ of turning out ‘okay’.

    But anyway, with this whole scene with Daniel in the elevator with Chang, I have a lot of thoughts about it, obviously. What about you?

  44. Which part were you thinking about? Specifically what he said or that he was trying to change things by revealing the future to Chang?

    Given Dan’s state of mind throughout last weeks episode I have to say I’m not surprised that he’s trying to change the past. He wants to save Charlotte desperately so he’s convinced himself that he can. So he tries to tell Chang and even though he presents Chang with some good evidence (his notebook) Chang doesn’t believe him so it could very easily be just what was supposed to happen.

    If you belive the DBV then apparently Chang will eventually get onboard with the whole “men from the future” thing after the incident takes place. Then he’ll know that Dan was telling the truth and naturally he’ll turn to the people who had originally showed up with Dan… Miles, Juliet, Jin and Sawyer. OMG, you really are my son! Please tell me you were the captain of the football team and president of the science club! Oh, you had spikey hair and a nose ring? I can’t let that happen… I must change the past! I digress…

  45. good day!

    i just want to ask, in the new episode, daniel gets shot at the end, does he actually die? ive read everywhere that folk saying hes dead, so i just wanted to know, was it confirmed at the end of the episode?

    as i was thinking, that mrs hawking sent jack and co to the island, after convincing them of course, because when daniel gets shot jack is there to help this time, in a diffrent time, they werent there. why eles would she need them back on the island.

    perhaps its a clue into why she said that this time she doesnt know whats going to happen.

    i also think chang knows exactly whats going on, but im not sure we fullyknow his intentions on the island, what say you to the thought that chang was pretending to not know what daniel was telling him, it may benefit him in his scientific experiments.

    yes babbling now.


  46. Good day losts-columbo!

    You make some very good observations!

    As far as the episode is concerned, it is not verified that Daniel is dead, (although he looks dead), but I just listened to the Podcast from the writers and they have confirmed this, in their usual manner. Although, technically dead, we haven’t seen the last of Daniel. hmmm…..

    I think you are correct about Ms. Hawking. She is nervous, because she has virtually sent, and is counting on ‘the losties’ to correct the problems. She doesn’t know how this will play out. It is out of her ‘hands’ now, to some degree, given what we know about how variables work.

    I do tend to think there must be a back-up plan of some kind.

    I also agree with you on Dr. Chang. At times, he seems to be oblivious, but he really heeded Daniel’s words. I think at some level he does know certain things.

    If there is any hero to be found in Dharma, it will be him, who rises to the occasion!

    I really like your idea, that as a scientist, Dr. Chang would place ‘scientific knowledge’ above all else!

    You were not babbling, btw! lol

    Loved the conversation and your insights!

  47. hello! im really ill just now so i disnt really check what id written, wasnt to bad! ahah!

    your info on the podcast is interesting, why not make it obvious he had died. or maybe my standards on how to die are just to high!

    mr chang is definently aware of something. or perhaps hes trying to forget about the fact he might be losing his arm, which me and you both know hes not going to lose this time, but he doesnt know that because he doesnt realise jack and co are on the island this time.

    i loved your insights to, and im glad you enjoy mine, because they really are fantastic! im so ill though and i stillcome out with this great insight, im so ill i feel as old as the taste of water itself, and ive drunk enough of the stuff….oh wait, im definently babbling now

    good bye dabotchery “dabomb” dabs, im sooooo street!


  48. Oh, losts-colombo, I’m so sorry you are feeling under the weather!

    Yep, you should be proud of your thoughts and insights! Even when ill, you are right on the money, honey!

    I have to keep reminding myself, that when the writers say something in a Podcast, they say so many things, in a tongue and cheek manner! So, it’s hard to know what direction they will take this in.

    I am wondering if Ms. Hawking will come to Jack’s aid, in addition to Chang. He definitely seems not to be very surprised about what is happening.

    I figured you must have some idea for asking about Daniel, but that can be saved for another day! Love to hear your thoughts!

    In the mean time, get losts of rest, and if the water fails, have yourself a hot toddy, laced with a good shot of alcohol!

    Sometimes, that works!

    Get ur ‘street self’ feeling better soon!

  49. HA HA Dabs… I was kidding… but my joke turned out to be rather appropriate… After I posted my comment I did a search on “hot toddies” (I swear I’ve never heard the term) and it turns out that the purpose of the mix was to make it easier for women to drink scotch.

    You see, women don’t do things quite as well as men…

  50. ahahha, thaks, ive no idea what a hot toddie is? it sounds like a terrible english sausage and toad dish….

    i ama guy monoborw! but the thing is, you right about the whole we do things better, but we can do great things when together!

    like…..rick james.

    alos, women in scotland dont need any excuse to drink whiskey(scotch) get it right! women over here are reffered to as men.

    oh god!


  51. losts-colombo, ‘monobrow’?? hahaha! lol!

    You tell him!

    You are sooo bad! You do seem to be preoccupied with the whole ‘Super Freak’ thing, though! Not that that is a bad thing! lol

    Get yourself some rest, and behave! lol

  52. ahaha, im sorry highbrow, i just always think of monobrows when i see your name, but im sure you have amazing singular and well kept brows!

    what do you mean superfeak? ahha,

    ill try your hot toddy,

    and ill get lots of rest to mummy dabs.



  53. losts-colombo, don’t worry about highbrow. He has high self-esteem! lol

    I consider it payback for his many ‘whatever happened, happened’ comments in my posts.

    He’ll take out his wrath on me anyway! Something, I’ve grown quite accustomed to, btw.

    Try the drink, and get lots of rest!

  54. highbrow, please forgive me for laughing! It is quite rare, that you get a taste of your own!

    Allow me my moment! lol

    And, with that, I will give you the last word, as way of my apology!

  55. highbrow, I think you owed me at least that!

    Whilst, I sympathize with you, give me this once in a lifetime opportunity to laugh about it. And, I promise not to remind you…..too often that is…..hahaha lol Just kidding!

    It is all good, and we do all need comedic break. I have to admit, I didn’t see that one coming! lol

    I am just as quick to laugh at my own missteps. I know you do too!

  56. That was a funny conversation to read. Man Highbrow, a hot toddy when prepared right, especially with a little cinnamon stick added in, can make any cold bearable. You’ve been missing out.

    And monobrow or unibrow, that’s funny stuff. (You’ve been asking for it.)

  57. yeah, kimberly! you have to give credit where credit is due!

    I am only saddened that I never thought of it! lol

    losts-colombo might be feeling under the weather, but his mind is as sharp as a tack! Hope he goes straight to bed after that drink, though. highbrow, could be in for it! lol

    Yes, Lost in 29 hours!

  58. Well, to be fair Dabs and Kim, I’ve never made fun of either of you… or anyone else for that matter. I’ve made fun of some of the specific things that people have said or been outspoken in my disagreement on certain issues but I haven’t made fun of anyone.

    I could start…

  59. ahaha, sorry mister highbrow, i didntrealise the implications of my conjecture.

    david attenburgh would have had a filed day here, the Pack mentality of the ruthless women have been waiting months to pounce on you!

    you will get your revenge though!


  60. ahaah, im not taking any sides, and i certainly am not some kind of 18th century mysoganist,

    although, i would say i do need a women (mum) to heal me back to perfect health…i knew going to mexico on holiday was a bad idea!

    dabothchery, im not sure i can do the tot hoddie, i dont have no whiskey, would gin work?

    only one way to find out!


  61. lol losts-colombo, I thought I might have seen you do a flip-flop there, but I get where you’re coming from! Just teasing you, anyway.

    Mexico? I thought I told you to stay away from swines! lol And you question the nickname, ‘super freak’? lol

    Gin will work just fine! It’s the combination of alcohol in the hot water with sugar and lemon.

  62. ahahah, im so confused! am i superfreak?

    i know you warned me off mexico, but the pig was just great, it was sooooo gooood! and swine? why swine? pigs are great, bird flu never got called vermin of the sky flu.
    PIG FLU all the way! ssssssssswwwwwwwiiiiiiiiiinnnneesss!

    gin is amazing highbrow! even better hot! i think dabs is trying to get me drunk….


  63. ahahahahha

    im sooosorry turtles and sloathes come to mind! sorry dabs, i get you. i dont mind being named after one of rick james’ women! ……kind of ahaha

    kimberley, hot gin, emm….never tried it really but poach some pears in rose water and a wee bit of gin….bit of cream, and roberts your dads brother! gin poached pears with fresh whipped cream.

    go now! try it!


  64. If I just all of a sudden don’t visit here for awhile it’s bc the battery is dying and the cord ain’t charging. It’s not bc I’m offended…

  65. So your power cord is broken and your battery is dead (and apparently not charging)? Hmmm… 510 is probably out of warrenty… Do you have it on a docking station?

  66. kimberley, you knew i was going to give you a recipe on gin poached pears?? wowwwwwwwww

    dabs, go make it itll be amazing!

    i dont mind being even mentioned in the same sentence as rick james, he is one of the best musicians of any ones life time.

    beethoven, hank williams, robbie williams, take that, then rickjames!

    in that order, if there was a god of music thats what hed say…genuinely…


  67. Nope, no docking station…power cord works, it’s the actual connection where it plugs in. I think i’m about due for a new computer. (The keys fall off, too…it’s pretty WT.)

  68. losts-colombo, all great musicians! No doubt about it!

    I could see you maybe being a little bit like Robbie Williams, the bad boy of rock!

    If I had all of the ingredients, I’d make one straight away!

  69. Wow, those docking stations are expensive! I have like an infinity of them here at work… how do you feel about stealing from the government?

    A new battery will cost about $140. A new power cord will cost about $80.

  70. Oh no…LC, I was talking to the pervert Unibrow.

    I might have to respectfully disagree with your Robbie Williams choice there tho. But I know he’s superstar everywhere but America, so I won’t hold it against you.

  71. Yeah, the D510 is a bit out of date I think… we were using 410s and 610s here but we’ve moved on to D630s and D830s which are pretty nice.

  72. that was sheer cheek fae you mrs dabs! i couldnt be further away from robbie williams, i do love hank williams, im not an old man! you really think theyre great musicians? takethat…?? please ….nooooo


  73. Got a new laptop lying around, too? (Preferably one that doesn’t overheat, make strange buzzing sounds, and has a down arrow key? And I can’t make the cute sqiuggly thing next to the 1 key either.)

  74. You just said you like them! lol

    I thought maybe you did??

    I mean you are a fan of ‘super freak’, aren’t you??

    hahaha! gotcha!

  75. Got plenty… and technically I guess you’re part owner! I think they’d still consider it theft… We have 60 more coming in next week…

  76. One of Robbie’s albums was “The Ego has Landed”… but now that I think of it, that could work for you too…hahaha! You’d prob like him!

  77. I’m not sure the federal government would consider you a customer and I don’t think we have drawings or raffles…

    So you were talking to me when you said “Are you being serious? If so, I

  78. Well, someone said he’s a superstar everywhere except in the US… I live in the US. I’ve lived in Asia as well and I don’t think he’s very well known there either…

  79. Oh, but I can be a close-minded music snob, so I will qualify my statement as such. I’ve known and loved people who like Robbie, and I really didn’t hold it against them for long. 😉

  80. robbie williams was in Takethat, who were huge everywhere, i think highbrow, youve forgot about ow much you loved him, i thought your south park picture, was a south ark rbbie williams, thats why i mentioned it, robbie was sooo hot in his blonde days……ahahhaa

    but seriously, lets not give robbie the grace of talking about him anymore.

    he is a deuche, couldnt have put it better myself.


  81. Ok. Yeah, never heard of Robbie or Take That. I’m like Kimbery… a music snob. I’m dating a woman who likes country and it’s driving me crazy! When we’re in the car I make sure to have something obnoxious playing… Her limit so far is Leftover Crack. She’ll put up with NOFX.

  82. I think it was around ’99? that his Angels song was popular. And no, not like Sex Pistols at ALL…are you crazy? He’s like Adult contemporary meets dance club.

  83. ’99, yeah… I was not living in this part of the world. I was living in a bubble and not hearing new music at the time. Seems to have been for the better though…

  84. honestly….i dont have much time for music…but if i had to pick.

    glen daly (i know you wont have heard of him)

    jeff healy (youd be blind not to realise how god he is)

    emm….i dunno im just beong silly…ill listen to anything really! just not robbie williams.

    nofx i kinda like them mono, seperation of church and skate is a good song,

    what do you like dabs, im going for david cassidy or something…



  85. I saw nofx play last summer and a new band on thier label calle The Flatliners (from Toronto) opened for them… they’ve been one of my favorite bands ever since.

  86. We met this couple at that show who was down from Yellowknife (up in the part of Canada where people aren’t supposed to go). They were funny. They were down for a mining convention (I didn’t even know they had those!)… the girl went around asking people not to smoke.

  87. Yulk, David Cassidy??? How dare you?

    I also like Jeff Healey. I like blues music, mostly. Stevie Ray Vaughan, Kenny Wayne Sheppard, Johnny Lang, Gary Moore, etc.,

    I appreciate music, and I like mostly rock and blues. Too numerous to name a favourite.

  88. Great converstaion everyone, but it’s time for me to hit the road. You can start talking about me now if you want, since I won’t be here to defend myself. Later!

  89. I knew music talk would someday come to this site… 🙂 Yay.

    I just have to be done now. (Still typing one handed shutuphighbrow.) Gotta deal with this stupid computer issue…

  90. well you might prefer the carter family then! ahah

    im only kidding, i just thought id give you a platform to go from, puting the foot in the door for you, but i ended up putting my foot in my preverbial mouth.

    jeff healy is a beast, cant believe hes dead, didnt see that coming…..ouch!


  91. nothing worng with her being a sixty year old women, they like monoborws….it was big in the seventies. ahha

    good night big yin.


  92. losts-colombo, Carter family is really hitting beneath the belt!

    I can’t believe Jeff died so young! Sad, he has a blues club about 70 miles away from where I live.

    I went there once.

    G’Night highbrow! Don’t let your big head get in the way of oncoming traffic! lol

  93. yeah it is sad, and id love to go to that, perfect music for a pub!

    good night highbrow! dont let the monobrows bite!

    i cant do bed dabs, to much paracetemol and ibuprofen, im like ozzy osbourne on lighter fuel just now!


  94. ahahah, ill try not to, i should light my cigarette then…..must….smoke!

    im up all night at this rate. might watch some old episodes of lost…try and catch up!


  95. oh yes will do! ill be up anyway with this swine of a flu. well, this has been a rather amausing night of conversation! made me feel a bit better!

    thank you dabs!


  96. losts-colombo, glad it made you feel better! I really enjoyed it as well.

    We had a few laughs, and thankfully, you got the ball rolling nicely on that front!

    It totally sucks to be sick. Be better soon!

  97. ahah, it was a good laugh.sorry to use your theory page as a place of conjecture unrelated. i keep saying conjecture today! why?

    i dont mind being ill, gets it out the way for the summer…were i get hayfever anyway! i have a all year round flu! folk with swine flu have got it easy! ahha!


  98. lol losts-colombo No problem with turning this into a little fun!

    Life is far too short, to take everything seriously!

    I also have allergies, so don’t know what it’s like without sneezing!

  99. mrslinus700, that is so very sweet of you to say!

    Thank you so much for the kind words. I am really glad you like the theory.

    The discussion above is awesome too, but as you can see, we have digressed into having alittle bit of fun here!

  100. life is too short! i wonder if thats what eloise hawkin said to hubby widmore! “lifes too short…lets get our son killed eh?”

    oh god!

    allergies are terrible, but i get good drugs, thankfully i dont have hay fever yet, cos that would be one set of pills to many i think! ahha!


  101. losts-colombo, I use an inhaler, so no fun there, but I see what the antihistamines are doing for you right now! lol

    Got to get me some of that!

  102. aww inhalers are cool dabs! dont be like that, theyre futuristic, people are always like, wonder what shes got in there?

    the antihistamines are fine with me, im being myself, and the antihistamines and i are having a great party!


  103. Glad you feel comfortable to be yourself! You are definitely a great addition to the site and to my dreary little life!

    Just wait until those antihistamines finally wear off, though! Hopefully you will sleep like a baby!

    I got to rush off to make some dinner, but if you’re still alive later, feel free, to let me know how you’re feeling.

    Ciao, bella!

  104. yeah, thats why i cant type well i find it hard to get how i feel across in type form, but i try my best.

    i hope i sleep well.
    have a good dinner. and thanks for making me feel welcome!

    arrivaderci bella!


  105. lol losts-colombo, the blog bike?? That wasn’t very nice! hahaha Hope you’re on the mend, btw!

    highbrow, can’t someone be nice, without having it turned into some kind of ‘Jerry Springerish’ moment?

  106. ahaha, yes! yes i did!

    and dabs, i dint mean you were the blog bike in the usual sense, i meant because your such a great peddlar of ideas…ahaha


  107. Oh, losts-colombo! That was a nice clean-up job, if ever I saw one!

    I can see you have attained your degree in BS #101. lol Advanced! hahaha

  108. losts-colombo, I have a feeling you likely do that just fine, without the drugs! lol

    I like that in a man! hahaha

    Be back in a little bit!

  109. Paula Abdul used to be a pop singer in the late ’80s. Now she’s a judge on American Idol and she’s famouse because she always says nice things to the contestants even if they suck. Dabs is like that… she’s got nothing but good things to say about everything (except me).

  110. awe highbrow, that is so untrue and unfair!

    You know I love you more than my luggage! lol hahaha!

    I love your avatar, and you are a fine friend on the site!

  111. i dunno, if shes bad to you, i think your the one she loves most, dont be hard on youself! ahah

    need to go charge now back soon !


  112. losts-colombo, highbrow and I are like oil and water, we don’t mix that well, but have an appreciation of one another!

    Get some rest, doll!

  113. Me too. I live in Rosevile right now but I think I am moving to Colorado at the end of summer. I love the Detroit music scene. I’ll miss that the most.

  114. Yeah? I live in Port Huron but recently moved from Royal Oak. I went to the Telegraph Reunion Show a couple months ago in Hamtramck… it was awesome!

  115. Yeah, Smalls… Before Hellmouth started playing I told my girlfriend that she’d want to move back to the wall before they started. She didn’t listen to me and was on her ass in about ten seconds! They were pretty awesome…

  116. That’s pretty funny! I brought this girl from Florida to see Easy Action and the Almighty Lumberjacks there. She wanted to leave cuz she got scared.Cool!

  117. I finished my drink and the girls got pissed because I was throwing ice cubes into the crowd… I don’t think we’ll be taking women with us anymore…

  118. ahah, cant you see how pretty it is the now?

    i kinda want to change it cos,you folks have things to do with lost….and i have an actual picture, be it looking at my arse, of me.

    hmmmm….decisions decisions!


  119. losts-colombo, I think it’s adorable! It also speaks to your great sense of humour!

    Like highbrow says, who cares if it’s Lost related. Many people don’t use Lost photos.

    Express yourself in the manner in which you choose! That’s my take!

  120. ahaha, adorable? ive never heard anyone say that about a picture of me skateboarding!

    yor right highbrow, i didnt realise yors wasnt, everytime i see your picture, it kinda reminds me if, robbinhood and Doctor doom had a fight, and robinhood one and stole his mask!….sort of haha!


  121. haha lol losts-colombo! I have a feeling you likely look a little bit different!

    I think the Southpark character, suits highbrow! It helps him get away with more mischief! It least that works with me! I just look at how cute the avatar is, when he’s ran me out of patience, and I instantly smile!

  122. Are you asking me if I am over 50?? lol I just biatched-slapped your avatar! lol

    I will never come clean with my age, but I’ll give you a hint, I’m not young, and I’m not old!

    I have good insurance, too btw! But thanks, anyway!

  123. I wasn’t implying anything about your age. I’m watching CNN and I just copied something I heard in a commercial.

    I think you and I are around the same age Dabs. Neither old nor really young.

  124. highbrow, you are soooo right, but you have to admit the truth! You were trying to get me to spill my guts!

    Nice try, but no cigar! lol

  125. Yeah, I was 32 once, but that was quite awhile ago! lol

    Sucking up, will get you nowhere highbrow! And, I’ll never tell on public airwaves anyway!

  126. i know what agae youare dabs! for a women who loves superfreak by rick james, id say your definently 29…….

    in polarbear years thats 12. i wonder what age i am….??


  127. I know how old you are Dabs. I won’t put it here since it’s obviously something you want to keep secret.

    I’m 32… well, almost anyway.

  128. losts-colombo, thank God it’s not in dog years! hahaha

    You come off younger than you are, but I feel you are likely around the same age or close to mine, which is way over 29!

  129. how are you being honest granny|?

    ive given a clue to my age highbrow is 32 (almost)

    come on spill the greens….i mean beens.


  130. Granny??? You guys are being sooo mean to me!

    Not even relatively close!

    losts-colombo, are you saying you’re 2, because that what rhymes!

  131. aww! i was only teasing, im sure your only 37 anyway……

    well 2 is almost a good guess, add another little poo on there and you have my age!

    poody poo twenty two.



  132. Thanks, highbrow! I don’t have kids, let alone gran-kids! lol

    I am old enough to have kids, but have a cat instead! lol

    losts-colombo, 22? You’re just a babe in the woods if that is true! But, I’m not buying it for a moment! lol You’re older!

  133. losts-colombo, you have the knowledge and wisdom of someone beyond those years!

    I must look up ‘alpha woman’ before I get all excited! lol

  134. ahaha, all genious starts at an early age, look at the marvelous daniel faraday, i have a myspace if you dont believe me…

    alph women, the best kind of women there ever can be! like you….and definently not a granny.

    no granny knows what a hot toddie is…


  135. There’s some guy on an overpass over 696 outside threatening to jump. Traffic is crazy! It’s going to be one hell of a ride home… I hope I get there by 9…

  136. My daughter and I go out on a “date” every Wednesday evening… I hope I make it in time for that… damn uncertain economic times…

  137. ill get into jesus heaven to, thats the only problem, ill have to choose which one! but i think ill pick jesus heaven cos i hear he turns water into wine, which means no spending money at the pub,and i also hear he makes a mean tuna sandwhich!

    i love you chef jesus!

    i am 22, ill show you my myspace?


  138. She’s six.

    I’m about to head out a little early to try to make it through this traffic in a reasonable time… I’m sure we’ll have plenty of Lost stuff to disagree on tomorrow! Can’t wait! Later…

  139. Well, glad you’re taking off early, browman!

    She must be adorable!

    And, if you disagree with me on anything within the next few days…….hahaha

    Have a safe drive and enjoy the show tonight!

  140. whats funny? that highbrow is venturing into the traffic? thats horribe, the mans showing some dedication and you shoot him down!



  141. haha! lol That was directed at you. We simoposted! silly!

    What is funny though is, if his big brow gets in his eyes on the ride home! lol

    IMO = in my opinion

  142. ahahah! what wwill be even worse is that if the guy whos thinking about jumping sees that, hell jump so far in the opposite direction! they should maybe dangle highbrow in front of the guy, and he might jump back onto safe land!



  143. I always knew highbrow was good for something more than just disagreeing with me! haha lol

    That’s what you call, being scared straight! lol

  144. haha lol brow beating! Hilarious! Yes, poor highbrow!

    I know kimberly will always call him unibrow from now on, thanks to you! lol

    He takes it well, though!

    I’m going to head off myself for dinner and some quiet time soon! I’ve had a really busy day!

    So, when will you be watching Lost’s episode? Will you get it tonight, so you can be on site tomorrow?

  145. ahahah, well if kimberley is happy then i am to!

    right have a nice dinner, bet it wont be as nice as mine! ahah!

    ill get it tonight late so hopefully i will get in on the action!

    have a nice time, treat yourself you busy young women!


  146. losts-colombo, what are you having for dinner?

    I’m having pasta witch chicken and red sauce. Home made by me!

    I am busy, but not all that young in years, but in heart, mind and spirit!

    Enjoy your evening, and Lost!

    Ciao bella!

  147. i made dinner earlier, i made a couscous with pepers and pakchoi, and made like teriake chicken, the proper way! not bottled sauce, bottled teriyake is a paradox initself!

    and like i dollope of parsley youghurt! im soooo good at cooking!

    yo do seem young!

    arevaderci bellabella ragazza


  148. Okay, I had to come back and say, that sounds sooooo delilcious!

    Cooking the way you described, you must be a good cook!

    Enjoy it!

  149. The po po were able to talk the jumper down after about nine hours… he’s alive and traffic wasn’t that bad… turned out to be bad going the other direction…

  150. highbrow, glad it all turned out well.

    For some reason your other comment didn’t display here, but I got it!

    Are you trying to say that you are a woman? lol ‘Just messin with your dressin’! haha

  151. I got the same random email about HB’s comment. Maybe that link slowed things down…or maybe HB is using his government tech job to create confusion and delay. 😉

    At least we now have established that HB is both a punk and Paula Abdul fan.

    I do have to say, from my childhood…Nothing beats Paula’s “Forever Your Girl” as one of my favorite tapes as an aspiring dancer/singer. (However, MC Skat Kat was so uncool.)

  152. kimberly, the other day, I kept missing comments. Later on, after everyone had left, I suddenly received 39 e-mails in my in-box! lol

    The site must have ‘belched’ today! I thought it was some secret message from highbrow, trying to say he was a woman or something! hahaha!

    I won’t bug him too much today. Poor thing is having a hard enough time.

    Perhaps I could offer him a brow massage! lol

    Paula is definitely great, and sorry some of the humour was lost on me, due to the delay! Straight up, is my all time Paula song!

  153. Not enough time for me to make it! Beer & wings does sound good!

    I’ll just settle for the beer at home, I guess! lol It will help wash down the steak and salad I just finished!

  154. A buh-buh-buh-buh-buh-buh-buh-buh-buh-bye….

    Wings and beer. Yum.

    Steak and salad. Yum.

    Seriously. You are making me hungry…but there are all these half-thoughts swirling around in my head about destiny and making things happen, as a slight twist to “whatever happened, happened.”

    I’m going to make a sandwich.

  155. Oh don’t you worry. I’m working from home today. My sandwich is made, and I’m hoping for a little inspiration to strike now. (I just now have Straight Up stuck in my head, so that’s working against the inspiration mojo.)

    And if I could make it for happy hour, I would. I love happy hour.

    And Def Leppard was my first (of many) favorite Brit rock bands. Love Bites. Classic in my little mind.

  156. I work for several researchers, who are funded out of the University.

    Interesting work, pays the necessities, (not much more), and allows me to do what I like! So, it works for me! I left a lucrative career behind….which I don’t miss at all.

  157. It is great…but I can get so ridiculously distracted. Obviously. 🙂

    Lately I have been justifying it, as I say that it somehow sharpens my communication/writing skills. Which are important for the job.

  158. Mine too! lol But, I do schedule my day.

    Sometimes, I get way behind, and have to rush like mad, or am up til the wee hours.

  159. Yeah, a schedule is a necessity. Or at least the beginnings of a schedule. I have a lot of distractions. Fortunately, not too many deadlines, as they are usually self-imposed.

  160. lol kimberly, I just received mine today!

    By no means is it an 8 hour day of work! Half that, and then some times, less if I get what I need and can work without disruption.

    That’s the only negative! People can find me! lol It’s like a swinging door around here!

  161. Yeah, I work part time, but my job is actually part time…I don’t know if I could do full-time work from home. And I go into the office a couple days a week, too, but it’s nice and flexible.

    Oh and the refund comment was directed at HB…he’s a gov’t slacker we’ve discovered. Although, I do think those can be synonymous, so it’s no surprise. 🙂

    (Kind of kidding, I know the postal workers are working their butts off around our neighborhoods at least.)

    BTW Dabs, it’s evident in your postings that ‘research’ is a real talent! It’s good to have around here! (As I’ve said, I don’t always have time for it, so I respect the time you put into your theories and ideas!)

  162. Oh, well I guess I could take some of the credit for your return if I worked for the IRS but I work for the Department of the Army so I’ll just take responsibility for your freedom. You’re welcome, citizen.

  163. kimberly, highbrow’s job is as secretive as the mysterious happenings on ‘the island’.

    Gov’t slacker! haha! I picture him hiding in his cubicle all day, typing away madly, making it look like he’s over worked and underpaid! lol

    I am working on a deadline at present, so I am completely fried! Who knows what I might confuse next! lol

    I like what I do, and have learned to access information quickly. I am glad it reflects in my posts! So, thanks for the nice compliment!

  164. Standing at attention, now sir! I truly honour your service! You guys are underrated!

    Even though I am a Canadian, I would like to thank you for your service and our freedom!

    I know you have served overseas!

  165. When I was on active duty I used to give an intelligence update to the Canadian, British and Australian officers in Korea… it was always a lot of fun… they were admirals and generals but it was very informal and involved a lot of chit chat…

  166. highbrow, that is way cool. I’ve long suspected that there was way more to you!

    Likely, because you under play things! I can see you in that role!

  167. I loved that job. I don’t have a four year degree though so there was no way for me to get into it on the civilian side. I tried at the CIA, NSA, FBI… eh… It was better in the army, you just had to go to the school and pass all the tests… then after that you needed a degree in political science and languages…

    Anyway, I’m out… Later!

  168. Oh geez. Now I’m supposed to be all nice to you, huh… like Dabs is. I knew you weren’t IRS, but now you gotta go and slap me down… 😉

  169. You better be nice now kimberly. Something tells me, that ‘browman’ may share some of the same torturing abilities as our friend, Sayid! lol

  170. wow highbrow! cool job, we should call you
    g.i-brow! haha!

    dabs, today i went into work today for a couple of hours, and i was speaking to one of the punters about my current flu. too cut a long story very short, when i left, i was saying my goodbyes to him and he said in his thick Coatbridge accent “right pal, dinae forget tae hae a hottoddie”

    wwowowow! how strange to think that nhed never know that by him saying that would remind me of you. like a women i seak to on the internet, im still finding it strange….dont know why! but pretty funny nonetheless.



  171. losts-colombo, G.I. Brow. That is hilarious! lol hahaha! Now why didn’t I think of that!

    I also have coined him, ‘Buddha Belly’ too!

    That is too outrageous, that your fellow co-worker would mention a hot toddy!

    Coincidence, I think not! You better have one! That’s twice somebody has told you! lol

    Trust me, nothing gets any stranger than talking to this woman on the internet! haha! lol But, I mean strange in a good way! lol

    I hope you are feeling a bit better, and are able to get a good rest tonight!

  172. hahaah! i like speaking on this to you folks, ive never done one of these blog things before so im glad i met you all!

    im feeling a bit better thanks very much, not hat a hot toddie but i borrowed a hot boddie from my friend…..

    also, dont know if you realised, but in the new episode (which i havent seen the last ten minutes of) has two john lockes, everything im thinking about lost is coming true….kind of…like when you saw that scene, i immediately thought of primer!

    i really liked this episode so far!


  173. losts-colombo, so glad you are liking it here! I know you are welcomed by more than just myself!

    lol Hot body huh! haha! Good for you!

    I really liked the episode, but some people didn’t.

    I know the part you are speaking about, with the two John Locke’s. I spoke about this in another post today. It did not make sense that John Locke could take ‘the others’ directly over to himself.

    That was a ‘flash’ when ‘the island’ was flashing! So, something else is definitely up there. I am glad you caught it, because that has to mean something significant, IMO.

    Yep, it’s looking like Primer, more and more in certain aspects.

    Btw: You mentioned you like Hunter S. Thompson. I will recommend a movie if you can find it, that you might like, along the ‘quirky’ side of his writing style.

    It’s called, Things to do in Denver When You’re Dead! Stellar cast too! Christopher Walken, Andy Garcia, Steve Buscemi, Christopher Lloyd, Don Cheadle, Treat Williams, and may more!

    It is ‘character rich’. If you do see it, remember this phrase; ‘boat drinks’. It is a cool movie!

  174. dabs! i shit you not! sorry to swear, but thats like my favourite film! jimmy the saint! ahhaha! i have it on VHS an old tattered box i got in a charity shopwhen i was younger! love that film!

    the thing about the flashes you have to rember is there is no, at this time, concise reason for its time structure, ie ten minutes then the next one in an hour. and it seems that in certain aspects, the flash is making the people involved change to diffrent periods, it did mention a “perimitor” which may have something to do with it, but i guess well find out soon!


  175. losts-colombo, that is unbelievable that it’s one of your favourite movies. I thought of it, when we were speaking yesterday! You can see the parallels and why I thought of it!

    It’s definitely one of my all time bests, too!

    I totally agree with your take on the ‘flashes’ and some kind of perimeter being involved. There has to be, in order for it to make full sense!

    It certainly has a 4th dimensional feel to it!

    Great minds, huh?

  176. “gentleman! we have boat drinks” ahaha, i rember that now! i can see why you thought of it, its beacause i remind you of jimmy the saint! haha…i wish!

    i think i get what the deal is with the flashes and why they go wherevere they go,i just have noclue how the flashes work, are they natural, man made? if they were man made then it would be clearer why the episode have been structured round these flashes. because it would mean, if they wer man made, that thats why evrythings happening around them because someone knows when they happen. ie john locke.

    hes obviously realised that hes being transfered to certain points, bt now hes “not dead” like in primer, we didnt realise their was a third time machine, so john has manifested himself a double…


  177. losts-colombo, Jimmy The Saint is okay, but I prefer intelligence and wit!

    I think you are onto something with Locke, though.

    Understanding the mechanism behind these flashes is key. I think they are being made to happen, in terms of ‘the island’, itself.

    I think it would be an understatement to think they could end up precisely where if one wanted, or needed to change things, that is the precise time frame they landed in.

    Somebody, something is orchestrating the movement through time!

    That’s the best I can come up with at the moment. I should watch Primer again, and see if I can glean any additional insights.

  178. jimmy the saint was intellint and funny! i liked that about him he wasnt the usual heart breaking spaghetti eating brooklyn itaian idiot! i like him! ahha!

    exactly what i as thinking dabs! the word yo used “orchestrating” very good word, somehwere, there is soeone whos ahead of everyone else… not sure who!

    but i must go to bed! work tomorow!
    its been short, but sweet as ever!

    ciao bella bella ragazza!…oppure, bella bella orsa polare!


  179. Oh, you are the sweet one, and yes you are correct, Jimmy was all of those things. But so are you!

    Just didn’t want to create the impression I was into his looks or anything. lol

    I think Locke is plugged into ‘the island’, and whatever it is that is going on!

    Get some sleep, and don’t work too hard!

    Ciao my bella! Sweet dreams!

  180. Im curious, since the past is the past…what are the odds that Jimmy Lennon in “Flashes Before Your Eyes” is going to come in and hit the bartender in the head with the cricket bat….1:1?

  181. just wanted to mention summit dabs about the new episode, i dont know if youpicked up on it, but you probably did considering yuo went to the picking up university for people who pick things up in tv shows, class.

    when chang was saying to the builder guy about how he shouldnt lay the charges as it would be catastrophic, and that he wasnt aloud to change the past because “those are the rules”

    chang said he believed that harnassing the power would allow “them” to manipultae time.

    therefore, they hadnt harnassed it yet, so why mention the rules. as anything to do with time travel and paradoxs are redundant and mere speculation.

    so for him to mention about it was odd. and his reaction to seeing miles and finding out it was him, wasnt very full on. he was quite blazey about the whole thing. so it kinda backed up what i mentioned beofre to you that chang knows alot more than we think. i think he already has manipulted time…maybe!


  182. losts-colombo, I got the distinct impression that Chang’s experimentation had gone beyond that level also! I think this is why he is so concerned.

    He knows much more than what he is letting on! As you say, if this were true, he would not need to panic, and he is panicking.

    As a scientist, working on his own, who knows what he was doing. I think back to the video of the two #8 bunnies.

    He knows the consequences!

  183. I do have a theory I will post next week that focuses on the positives in the episode.

    Nothing too startling, but it does set things up for the finale.

  184. yeah th bunnies thing! i dont buy the bunnies idea, i dont think it really makes a whole degree of sense, it was speculataive. i know what we saw, but i think theres more to come from that, i think he says there are rules, but whos rules.

    perhaps theres a small group who know the rules, but others whom have diffrent rules.

    but yeah, kinda gobbletaegook sorry. i just dont buy anything thats said right now.


  185. Well, here is why I mentioned the 2 bunnies. It proves that he was experimenting.

    The rules, likely came from what he thinks he has discovered, or, what somebody else thinks they know about time travelling, which we know is likely incorrect!

  186. yeah i get you! but what im saying is, the show is possibly a way to show a diffent side to time travel ie

    “heres the common conception of time travel and all the plathora of reason why it works and why it doesnt and paradoxs etc”


    “heres our verion of time travel, but this time we incorporat it into the show and mix it with the common conceptions”

    lets reinvent time travel. thats what it is!


  187. losts-colombo, that does make good sense.

    I see what you are getting at!

    I think the writers want us to expand our minds, and go completely outside of our comfort zone, for a reason.

    We’ll only know what that is, when Lost is finished!

  188. your right! its kind of like if you imagine back to the future, that was a common conception of time travel.

    and Primer was an intelligent, and i think , original idea on the common conception,but with a bit of a twist,

    but lost will be the new conception of a time travel that doesnt folow said rules.

    and also, completely off the point, but on the point of this post, and were talking numbers here.

    i mentioned it on Highbrows new post, but chang wakes up at 815, and eko was talking about lotto numbers and probability.

    whats there to say that the island has some sort of mathamatical pattern and repeat numbers for some reasoon, just a thought, becuase that morning scene with Chang was odd, we never saw his face, almost as if he wasnt significant, but what we were seeing was!


  189. I like what you say about setting a different conception about the time travel aspects!

    This may come into play when Lost has finished it’s story. My understanding, is something else is in the works, but have no information. Perhaps, there is a reason.

    I read your comment in highbrow’s post, and noted about Chang.

    I had once thought that the numbers were referencing iterations in time, or something along those lines.

    There may be some significance to the repetition of the numbers, though, and where and when, and how they show up!

    I tried getting information, and nothing else fits, so wondered if this might have something to do with, how time is running on ‘the island’. A pattern of sorts!

  190. yeah, i kind of get the impression that evryones just kind like “who the feck knows well just have to find out”!

    the numbers repition is interesting, i hate to refrence another film but have you seen “Pi”? the ideas of repitin of numbers in the stockmarket, which could relate to the repition on the island.

    but yeah, mus g to bed now half three in the morning! no…i tell a ie its half two! but yeah, thanks for sharing the spoils again!

    arevaderci bella ragazza!


  191. losts-colombo, as always, so nice talking with you!

    I haven’t seen Pi, but if you recommend it, I’m sure I wouldn’t be disappointed. I’ll check for it.

    The whole sequencing of numbers and repetition are what is key, if only we could figure it out. In time, though!

    Get yourself a good rest!

    Ciao, my bella!

  192. Pi is a horribly enchanting movie that makes you want to measure everything…you have to see it at least once…I call it an annoying masterpiece

  193. a.e.s (ace)

    annoying masterpiece may be a god way to describe it. im not sure i found it annoying.
    i found i amazingly informative and thought provoking. i love films that give me the feeling that yove found out something about the world that know one else knows.

    tis a great film!


  194. losts-colombo, I got into the first five minutes of the movie late last night, and knew I had to be fully awake to get full appreciation from it. It looks intense!

    I’ll have to schedule it for earlier in the evening!

  195. oh yas! it is quite an intense film, but i really think that you in particular will benefit from watching it, especially the stockmarket and the nmbers, which will go along nicely with yor variables theorum.

    so, make space in your filofax, if you even have a filofax? if you do then sort that out its not the nineties!


  196. losts-colombo, I am definitely planning on watching it, in the near future! I already downloaded it.

    I knew I would have to have all of my faculties in tact, to have full appreciation! lol

  197. …i dont want to know anything about your faculties being in tact misses! what do you think this is? a carry on film?

    Carry on up the dabotchery!

    sid would be proud!


  198. haha lol I love the “Carry On” movies! They were a riot!

    I was raised on good british humour! My mother was born and raised in Folkstone, and all my relatives are from there and Canterbury!

    Loved, On The Buses, benny Hill, Fawlty Towers, Absolutely Fabulous, etc.

  199. oh dabs! i cant believe you actually like the cary on films! folkstone and canterbury? they both carry on the strange horse racing things of the past week, as they are both really amous horse racing venues! strange!

    baaaasssiiilll! what ever you do! dont mention the war!

    brilliant! i cant believe youve seen on the buses to!


  200. I have seen all of the ‘carry on’ movies. My favourite character in On the Buses, was Olive! lol

    Basil was a ‘brilliant piece of work’!

    And, I loved Patsy and Edina! Joanna Lumley is great!

    I visited England, for approximately 3 months, and all my relatives in Folkstone and Canterbury. Great places! Good fish and crisps!

  201. ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh nnnnnnnnooooooooo!!!!!

    dabs! yove put adagger through my heart! not ish and crisps! its fish and chips!

    i see were your mix up is! i wont blame you!

    olive would have linched you for saying that! ahahah!

    you need to come to scotland for real “fish and crisps” anyway!

    right, short and sweet again, that will make me go to bed with a smile on my face though! so thank you!

    ciao bella regazza!


  202. losts-colombo, lol Fish and chips, it is, in Scotland, then!

    Have a good sleep, and I’m happy to see you’re on the mend!

    Keep smiling, my bella!


  203. sorry, just wanted to meantion, in context of this theory, do you think when faraday was talking about the losties being the variables, that jacob knew this to, thats why he set them up at their young age, to become the variables?

    yes! i must go tosleep now!


  204. dear dabs,

    me and my friend rewatched lost tonight, its like 4 oclock in the morning here in bonnie scotland!

    ive never rewatched an episode before, but i really got to grips with things, i think.

    i dont know where to start but in terms of your post, the variables are a good startingpoint.

    like i said last night the jack, hugo, kate, sawyer and locke were all in the spotlight with jacob. it seems that these chosen ones, are the ones at present weve seen that are jacobs variables.

    in context of locke. when he falls out the window, and jacob is there. hes not there by chance. hes there because he knows thats what is going to happen. otherwise hed be shocked. he wasnt, he walked straight over there and said his piece.

    now, locke came onto the island as a wheel chair bound man. when the plane crashed
    onto the island he was miraculously cured, because as we later find out its the islands “powers”.

    john locke that weve seen currently, as your fond of charactor study, has been a man offorcefulness, some sort ofpredetermined knowledge unto himdself and ben and over Richard (which again is odd).

    taking this into context of spiritualness, john wants answers, why me? why has this happened to me?

    now, cut to the compass scenario. we knoe locke gave the compass to richard in the fifties, and the compass ended back with locke under the crashed plane. but that is the same locked that turned up in the first episode. the locke that we see marching richard and ben to the outskirts of the plane, and tells richard about what he is about to do, is the locke we now know goesto jacob in the last two eisodes and so on and so forth.

    add into this the diffent time lines. im guessing jacob travels on a certain time line, hence being able to see sawyer as a kid, knowing only a year later he is fighting jack in a jungle as grown men.

    we knoe that locke has traveled ona diffrent time line, ie the compass scenario.

    all this together leads me to think we as viewrs and commentators on therum have yet to see a pivotal seen. where is the scene were we understand lockes change of dirrection. of course, he dies. but as his coffin comes on the plane, and he ends up with sun when they come back, this is the diffrent locke.

    and to finalse my ideas, i fully now believe that locke has perhaps always been on the island, the locke we know now, not the dead locke. he is of a diffrent time, i get this idea from Primer and the doubles.

    i think locke we know now, is clever, and has possibly been forward or very far back in time, a scene we have not seen yet. and he was meant to get ben to kill jacob.

    oh god, ive written too much and not made any points.

    ive had a few drams or ten! and i wanted to get something off my chest.

    ill try be more coherent some other time.

    lots of love, losts-columbo, the peoples poet.


  205. Well hello to the ‘people’s poet’. I wondered what you were doing up so late. I am going to leave you a comment on your thoughts, but understand if you have to get some sleep!

    I will comment below, and if you have to go, not to worry, we can pick it up another day.

  206. its cool dabslap! im wide awaik.

    im sorry for the waffle, but when you talk about soemthing, i mean, i had such a good idea, but im crap at putting it down on this, which is why i never post a theory!

    but yes…comment away!


  207. By the by, you are very coherent to me! Quite the intelligent one!

    I am so glad you picked this out, because it has been really bothering me. Glad you’re sticking around for a bit.

    So, I will post now. And, you should post! You got the ‘goods’! lol

  208. i do have the goods, tonight, in cider form! ooohhhh dddeeaaar!

    its just i think ive solved something in my head, i need to make it coherent, im glad yo understand me! its actually quite a relief!! ahahha!


  209. I also noticed that it appeared that the ‘other’ Locke took over, and that the dead Locke is the Locke we once knew.

    I also liken this to Primer. I think in this case it, may be we are viewing two people, who from the beginning of time have always been on ‘the island’, (Jacob & ?) and have always been locked in this battle.

    This is where I think the ‘two’ Locke’s come into play, and the different time lines.

    We saw ‘a’ physical body of Jacob, however we do not know if this was his original physical body. I am not ruling out, that even he may turn out to be someone else, and likely is.

    I don’t feel I am articulating this very well at all. lol But, I am attempting to. i know you know what I am trying to say, though. lol

    I am inclined to agree with all you say, but have not worked through the logistics of it.

  210. im in full agreement with what you say! thelocke we sawin the first series is the locke we see dead that llana brought with her. the locke we now know is in my opinion, and i hope you get what im saying here…

    picture Primer, by the end of the show, were clued up in the know that there was three time machines, one in which abe built, becuase he had already gone back in and forward in time, we just didnt know it at the time. so to sum it up, abe has gone back in time to create a chai n of events, logging when and where he was to make sure he dint ruin his plan. hence why we see him looking over the balcony at seeing aaron on the bench. he knew this because hed already been there, in actual fact, hed been there twice! (my interpretation of course, but i think im right)

    put this logic with locke, and the compass, the compass is a way of following locke. as i explained before, the compass went to the fiftie and it came back to the crashed plane, we know locke was also, and i stress the word “also”, sittin not twenty meteres away in the FUTURE with ben and richard, seeing himself.

    the one he sees is old locke. the one watching is new locke. he has, like abe in Primer, known this to happen. which simply can only mean he was already there to see it, or hes logged it in his mind like abe, and went back to make sure he was right!

    you get what im saying?

    i hope so!


  211. Well that just summed it up for me! I am convinced, and it was that very scene of watching his other self in the jungle, that made me think, that there had to be two!

    I know some people will say this can be explained away by the smoke monster, Jacob’s nemesis, etc., but it doesn’t IMO.

    I re-watched, and Locke in the box, (sounds funny) lol, is dressed in the same clothing that he was placed in the coffin. And, at the end of the scene in the finale, he is still wearing them!

    This can not be explained logically! It had to have occurred, otherwise.

    The writers have stated, that aside of the spiritual aspects, redemption, change, choice, etc., that Lost is a sci-fi show.

    Therefore, there has to be a major twist with Locke. Everyone is rooting that he becomes the hero, so regardless of which one that is, (body, I mean), it’s one of them!

    It would also work in the ‘bad twin’ thing!

    PS: I agree on the balcony scene in Primer, just for the record! lol Glad the cider house, rules! haha

  212. dabslap dearest!

    you used the word i was searhing for “occured”, exactly. that john locke is dead, that is what has occured. were missing information which well get in the new series, such as as i think, john we see now has always perhaps been on the island. i dont think the smoke monster is much a do about nothing! ahha! john is his own entity, a new one at least. with out sounding like a brken record, if you follow the compass, then follow new locke, then the answer is there. two diffrent times, two lockes, and one compass! and i thik the compass wil, come into play again!

    jeeez louisse! kits light outside again! i should really go to bed!


  213. losts-columbo, I can’t thank you enough for shedding light on the whole Locke thing!

    It has been really bothering me, since I first watched the episode, and wasn’t able to get a firm grasp on what it was. You helped to reaffirm in my mind, that I was on the right track, but couldn’t quite piece it together.

    I think what is important, is to remember, that in this show, a physical body may be what throws you off track!

    I have another theory in the works, so we can chat up some more angles!

    The missing information will come, no doubt!

    Now, get your your young arse to bed! haha lol

    Have a good night, my bella!

  214. qahahah! wow! young arse to bed! yor always giving me into trouble! ahah!

    im glad you can take stuff from what i say its quit a nice feeling! haha!

    im exscited to hear your theory! and ill have some feedback im sure!

    hae a gid day the morra hen!

    arevaderci, bella tiempo viaggiatore


  215. haha lol I definitely have to translate that one!

    PS: Check out the new rules! I saw your other comment, and totally agree, but don’t get yourself into any trouble!

    I’d fight for your honour, anyway!

    Sweet dreams!

  216. dabs i AM the statto interruttore,

    not really, i dont see if i come into those rule categories, i was just being silly, hell relise that!

    good night


  217. I knew that, and didn’t realize that was close to the persons name! I am rolling on the floor!

    You tickle me! lol

    Raise it all you like!


  218. ohhh! i see what you mean now, i didnt look at the posters name long enough,i thought it said what i have written! ohhh dear!

    ill make a formal apology!


  219. tried to apologise, failed misserably, as did my spelling and attention span!

    right misses im off to bed before yo kick me up the back side!

    good night!


  220. hi pal!

    its quite funy loking back at my comments, because, even though i was a bit boozy, its probably the most perfect sense4 ive ever made!



  221. Hello, losts-columbo!

    You definitely make sense to me, at all times! lol

    Loved your ideas on Locke!

    Hope you’re not too hungover! lol

    PS: I laid my head on the pillow, still laughing and woke up still smiling and chuckling away!

    You are one of a kind, my friend! GoTta love that!

  222. ahahah!
    i wast that drun really, its just that way you get over excited ad think you rember loads of things you were talking about with friends, but then realise you a, cant rember,and b, it wasnt that good.

    but thats a high percentage, fortunatly i dont suffer from that kind of complex, everything i say should be quoted! haha!


  223. lol haha losts-columbo! Maybe a bit tipsy, but still the conversationalist!

    Indeed all you say should be quoted! lol

    I had a wee laugh tae me self! Smiles all around!

  224. haha! i lovewhen you try your scottish twang,cos even though i dont have a clue what you sound like, your canadian? (if so, sort that out! haha!) i can imagine yo typing it out.

    am glad ye cid hae a wee bit o a laugh, that aieways geed!


  225. haha lol It wasn’t easy to type, but I tried!

    I am Canadian! No real accent, but i know I couldn’t do a Scottish accent. That is a difficult one to attempt! lol

    The last sentence you wrote is adorable!

  226. hahaha! adorable! thats not what i had in mind! i can do canadian, except i dont know weather to do the english part…or….haven forbid! the FRENCH part!

    thats my only quam with canadia. half of you speak english, and half of you speak french. and it annoys me you half that speak english, allow the others to speak bloody french! occchhhhh naaaw the nooo!



  227. haha lol Only one Province in all of Canada speaks mainly French, and dictates to the rest of the country that everything be spoken and written in the two languages!

    Don’t even get me going on that one! lol

    I am not french-canadian! I am anglo-canadian.

    nawwwww the nooooooo is right!

  228. god in bennet! hahah! dont worry about it dabs, the french need some sort of attention! they like that. theyre like a cheese toastie maker! remember? when you first get a toastie maker, and everyone makes a lot of fuss about it for a month or so….then its forgoten about..well thats the french in a nutshell for you. make a lot of fuss the do bugger all!

    richt hen, a need tae gan tae ma kip! ma throats pure buzzin so am gan oot for the count!

    see ye efter!


  229. hey!

    i didnt notice you siad good night on my other post the other day!

    so i shall say god night here to!

    good night! (buona notte)


  230. Thanks, losts-columbo!

    I am quite ill, at present. I have a full blown upper respiratory infection, and have been sleeping all day.

    I just wanted to stop in and say hello, and wish you a good-night, too!

    Ciao, my bella!

  231. oh no! i have give you my horrible disease!

    i knew all this late night conversation was too good to be true! im sorry dabs!

    i didnt know it was contageous over the t’intenet!

    you go rest up! and perhaps a nice scotsman in a kilt will come rescue you from you r sordid love affair with the disheveled side of life!

    what ever that mean ive no idea! get well soon!

    good night bella ragazza!


  232. Thanks, losts-columbo! I’m working on it.

    I was really looking forward to a nice Scotsman visiting me in his kilt, but in my fevered state, all I got was “Fat Ba$tard” from Austen Powers’, ‘Goldmember’.

    Not exactly what I was hoping for…… haha

    I might be ill, but my humour is in tact! lol haha

    I do miss our conversations, so I will battle what ails me!

    Ciao, my bella!

  233. hey daabomb!

    hope your feeling better!

    just a horse acing related comment for you!

    a horse won today called louphole! spelt diffrent but very apt!

    and you must be feeling ill to watch austen powers i hate that series! ahahh!

    glad your in good spirits, and i hope youve had a few spirits hahah!


  234. losts-columbo, at the moment I am almost feeling sub-human. lol

    It was a dream! Not the movie! You missed my sick joke…sigh

    I have only been drinking water…sigh

  235. hahah! i knew what you meant i was tryng to freak you out a bit! kinda worked!

    get well soon misses!

    on a very diffrent note, every time i read your name, and say it really fast, it kinda sounds like some sort of weird undiscovered atmosphere! like an atmosphere made up of the spirits of bitches! wellll weired!


  236. Dabs…I do hope you feel better soon! After 5 days of being in bed virtually 24/7, I’m finally feeling better. I hope you can soon say the same!

    I have had way too much time to think – yet without full mental capacity my thoughts have become convoluted, tangled ideas. At one point I talked myself into thinking that somehow we’ll never find out if there is a ‘good’ (light) or ‘bad’ (dark) side at play and we will be strung along to interpret it all ourselves.

    I also had the thought that if Richard Alpert was on the Black Rock, and it was indeed a ship involved with the slave trade, then perhaps he has become the slave (to Jacob) in order to find his own path to redemption. All sorts of simple yet bizarre things have come to mind…

    Anyway. Keep getting better. Looking forward to hearing something from you soon!

    – BTW, did you happen to see HB’s note about thinking that Rose and Bernard were using Jacob’s cabin? When you are clear minded enough I’d love to hear your take on it. I haven’t watched it again yet to take note.

  237. hahaha lol well thanks losts-columbo! You really know how to flatter me, don’t you?? lol

    I couldn’t believe you didn’t get my joke….sniffles

    So, you were ‘messing with my melon’? lol

    I was pretty proud of that joke, especially being in such poor health and all. Biatch can’t catch a break no how! lol

  238. kimberly, the source of your confusion comes from hanging out with ‘the browman’. Not your illness! lol Take a break! lol

    No way rose & Bernard were in that cabin.

    I may only have mental faculties in tack for a brief time, here. But, I will catch up with you later, for sure.

  239. hahaha!

    i did get your joke! i was just hoping you werent imaging fat bastard in a kilt! oh gggooooddd! ahahah!

    i was meesing with your mellon! but i do hope that is plural! haha!

    it looks as if i gave my terrible illness to kimberley to!

    get well both of you!


  240. losts-columbo, please quit making me laugh, because I start coughing! haha lol

    Leave the melons out of this conversation! lol I am not operating at full mental capacity, so it’s easy to take advantage of me in my weakened state!

  241. hahaha! well im glad to know yo can still laugh!

    i must go now! people to see things to do!

    i hope your feeling better tomorow!

    have fun!

    ciao bella!


  242. losts-columbo, no matter what I will always have humour! lol

    Thanks for the well wishes, and don’t get into too much trouble! lol

    Ciao, my bella!

  243. kimberly, I know I don’t have the capacity at present to talk ‘anything heavy’ lol I can barely lick my lips! lol

    I promise I will be in better form, come the beginning of the week.

  244. stephen wright the comedian and writer i guess…i dont know of the footballer..haha!

    i woulnt either big yin, i dont understand the obsession of falling out a plane, with three chances of a parachute or yor dead meat!

    freefalling? was that you in your dream?

    or have you fallen off the bed or something?


  245. Okay, I thought you may have been referring to the scottish footballer!

    Anyhow, have you never heard the song by Tom Petty called Free Falling?

    Falling off of the bed? lol haha! Not since…..never mind! lol

    I asked you a question on AES post, if you could respond to it. It’s about time-loops.

    I am feeling much better, btw!

  246. i did answer it! get looking looky!

    and i do know that song! i was going to refer to it, but i got lost in falling off bed times!

    im glad your better mrs mother teresa, im glad you never put your sandles in the bin!



  247. losts-columbo, I just saw your answer! Brilliant thoughts, I might add!

    My sandles maybe, but not my feet! lol

    I have the painter here painting, and he needs me for a wee bit!

    Glad you are back! You were missed!

    PS: You should think about a theory on your time-loop ideas! They are ‘da-bomb’!

  248. da bomb!!!

    oh not a painter! if he needs your help…he must be jewish! hohooh!

    and you know i dont do theories dabs!
    thats for you to do! i just make comments, im the comments junkie!


  249. losts-columbo, I will accept that you don’t write theories, as long as you keep making your brilliant and insightful comments!

    I shall work on your ‘lost’ addiction! lol

  250. hi d-bomb!

    sorry about last night, the Earl of Rochester (john wilmot) was round my house last night, and i had left this logged in.

    little did i realise he was a lost fan, so he must have been posting things to you with out my know!

    hes a wicked man!


  251. Hi losts-columbo! no need to apologize, for I do enjoy a bit of tawdry poetry! lol

    I enjoy his wickedness and ever so glad you share some of his vices. I do hope that you will avoid some of the ‘illnesses’ that plagued him though! lol haha

  252. ah! but adhere to my vices my lady!
    oi! wilmot gt out of here!

    ahha, i couldnt live his life, but hes my favourite man of all time, and poet!

    hes abslutly brilliant!


  253. Yes, he is brilliant, and I can see why he’d be your favourite!

    I thoroughly enjoyed this other side of you, too!

    Regarding the wise old owl comment you made to me, the following is a bit of a famous poem.

    A wise old owl lived in an oak
    The more he saw the less he spoke
    The less he spoke the more he heard.
    Why can’t we all be like that wise old bird?

    Well, I got ‘the old bird’ part down pat, anyhow! lol haha!

  254. haha! yur not that old at all you eejit!

    i cant rember the wise old owl comment…..
    i must go back and check.

    i dont think a.e.s liked the earl of rochester, he never took heathe to his joyess charms!


  255. losts-columbo, I can be a ninny at times! lol

    I am not so sure AES was focused on any of our comments!

    How could he not appreciate the Earl of Rochester? I mean, really. That is just sacrilege!

  256. the earl is truly amazing! and also, im not sure if youve seen it, “the libertine” with johnny depp? i always loved wilmot, then that film came out and its amazing!
    you shold watch it if you havent!

    i think a.e.s might be a purist, and he had to sencor the comments, what i was teying to say is they might have just made ther own rules fortime travel! simples….

    this poem is unbelievably good!
    i havent stopped reading it since i was 18teen!

    i think you will love it to!


  257. Let my silence not be confused for ignorance…

    “But a meek, humble man of honest,
    Who, preaching peace, does practice continence;
    Whose pious life’s a proof he does believe
    Mysterious truths, which no man can conceive.
    If upon the earth there dwell such GOD-like men,
    I’ll here recant my paradox to them,
    Adore those shrines of virtue, homage pay,
    And, with the rabble world, their laws obey.
    and if such there be, yet grant me this at least:
    Man differs more from man, than man from beast.”

  258. a.e.s! hahah, i knew you would have read my comments, but chose to stay silent due to its highly profound nature….aha

    that is my favourite poem, the last line is genious!


  259. losts-columbo, I have not see ‘The Libertine’, but will make a point of seeing it.

    You are correct, the poem is amazingly good! Thanks for sharing it with me!

    AES, I also love your poem!

    All very appropriate and indeed enjoyable!

    You guys are amazing!

  260. haha! mrs dabs you have to watch it, its great!

    and aes’ poem, was in fact the last verse of the the ‘satire against reason and mankind’!

    hoodwink he is! ahah!


  261. haha losts-columbo, I read AES first! No wonder it all looked familiar to me, when I got to the last verse! lol

    Ah, yes! Me thinketh, me hath been working too hardeth! lol I am in dire need of some respite!

  262. hi wee yin!

    just to let you know, i was working today and a horse won and it was called “dabbies ridge”

    made me think of you! ahah!


  263. losts-columbo, nice to know you were thinking about me, wee yang. lol

    I also was thinking about you as well, as there was an old Columbo movie on! haha lol

  264. ahaha! “yang”????

    what the hell is that? aha!

    its weird isnt it? that this sight could bring countrys together! ahhhh….what a wonderful age we live in! aahha!


  265. haha lol I was going for your ‘yin’ to ‘ying’ and you are my ‘yang’, silly!

    I have been known to move mountains, with my sweetness! haha Can you tell I’ve been smelling the ‘paint fumes’ today? lol

  266. hahah, the only yang we hae in scotland goes with noodles and cost 4.50! ahahah!

    ahha, some sort of fumes anyway, i hope those painters havent moved in! they seem to have been there a while, are you rewatching lost with them? ahah!


  267. I was just about to post my comment, and lost power!

    Anyhow, that is a lot for noodles!

    I am doing the bulk of the work myself, and decided to do the whole condo. I have one neighbour who has been painting the ceilings (white) and the baseboards for me.

    I shall get into Lost after this is done. A few more days.

  268. Hello Lost friends…

    Just wanted to say hello, and let you know I have a small question coming in ‘fun’ about a time period that may be important to the plot…

    Should be out this week, but I have been having comuter problems. Mainly Email and IM related, wont let me send out for some reason…and limits some sites that I can visit, although this one works great as always.

    Just wanted to say hello.

    Oh, hey DaVinci ;], when you get done painting, I am DYING for more insight that spawned from your previous theory…I have some more to add to that one when I get some time as well!

    Columbo, glad to hear thats your favorite poem… I cant help but feel a weird connection between the last few lines, and the Beast/monsters likeness to a few characters…ad the weird similarities between the way it describes men being different as Jacob and MIB are almost opposite in a way…

  269. AES, sorry to hear about your computer problems. Hopefully, you’ll get it fixed soon.

    I will watch for your post, and also am ‘dying’ to read that theory, you’ve been plugging away at! i know it will be another awesome read!

    DaVinci’s work is nearing completion, so I will get back into the swing of things in the near future. It would have taken less time to complete a masterpiece than this has taken me. lol

    Ciao for now!

  270. dabs! i applore you to take five minutes out of your schedule and watch the intro to the libertine, hres the link.

    its utterly brilliant.

    and a.e.s this poem has a lot of link to jacob. like were wilmot almost semizes that animals share a likenss to the current period. were survival and breeding is instinct, and he mentions god like creatures on nearth, should they exist have created a terrible period. which is like jacob being god like, and have the tendincious of an animal, to seemingly kill without emotion, but for survival/nessecity.

    ys theres a bit of spin here, but you know you can almost make a connection! haha!


  271. the comment i posted about the intro to the librine i wanted you to watch! ahah!

    sorry maybe only i can see it or something…

    maybe i need some sleep!


  272. lol losts-columbo, so that’s what you were talking about! I have been flying around here, literally, and am in need of the tiniest details explained to me! haha

    I shall definitely watch it, but if I am still missing the point, please explain it to me. I am all wound out on coffee right now! lol

  273. hahah!its all the paint fumes!

    there is not point really, i just thought id send you the link to the start of the film! thats all,

    there isnt anymore.


  274. haha I am on auto-pilot right now! I didn’t see the link, but I will find one! I have a good source for finding links to movies!

    Thanks for thinking of me, my bella!

    I should be back on track in a couple of days! Then, I will have time to think again! lol I raced to the cash in a store today, and did a slide, and almost did the splits! haha The girl, really laughed! haha

    Ciao, my bella!

  275. losts-columbo, your link and comment has finally appeared.

    I have viewed the introduction to The Libertine, and I must say this is on my radar for watching within the next few days!

    My, he was the ‘naughty one’!

    Thanks so much for sharing it with me!

  276. haha! i knew youd like it!

    and once you finish the film, you will have the exact opposite feelings toward him than you did in the intro, believe me!


  277. losts-columbo, no doubt that I will. I see in his eyes, that he appears to have a ‘dualistic’ nature. The other side, which is likely not so endearing.

    Bonus, if I can relate him to any Lost characters, too!

  278. haha!, welll, i dont think he has a very dualistic, nature, however, he does change! his bawdyness is a reflection of the period, and of the monarchy, wilmot said that the king, has made a lifetstly of drunkeness and debauchery! as he says in his poem against charles the second “All monarchs I hate, and the thrones they sit on,
    —From the hector of France to the cully of Britain” and he revels in it, but perhaps for political reasons… will enjoy this movie!

    he most definently relates to none of the charactors1 HE IS ONE OF A KIND!


  279. Well, I can’t wait to see it anyway! It looks really interesting. I also liked Dangerous Liaisons, Valmont, and Sense & Sensibility. I could see myself living in that time period. lol Although, as what, I do not know! hahaaa

  280. teresa, that comment you left me turned my brain into chips and muchy peas. ive no idea what its meant to ay, ahahha!

    but it does seem to be a good indentation of a heroin laden invalid fae glasgow (glesga)! good effort!


  281. haha lol Translated it says, how is your day, or how are things with you!

    It was a gaed yin, don’t ya think?

    I wanted to impress you with my ability to pick up foreign languages quite quickly! hahahaha lol

    Glad you appreciated the effort!

  282. i think thats your ow wee translation hen! cos ive certainly not heard any of that quasi canadian scottish jibe in my life (puff, buff is scottish for life) aha!

    so, yeah good effort but maybe you could consult your scottish book of phrases publsher and get him sacked!

    on a side note…what do you call a masculin jewish tea bag?




  283. losts-columbo, haha lol that is funny!

    I am sorry you didn’t like the phrase I got online! It was under Scottish sayings and phrases, but was classified as Scottish slang, so maybe that is why it doesn’t ring a bell for you.

    At least I tried, that will teach me! lol I thought I was being clever! lol No such luck, though! lol

    Glad to hear from you!

  284. hahah, well what ever website it was, it was wrong! i work in a bookies and i hear all kinds of things and know the scottish slang language like the back o ma hon.

    basically dabs, the website lied!!!!!!

    like the widmore pregnancy test! it lies!


  285. Okay then, we’ll blame it on the website! That works for me! lol

    I knew if anyone would be familiar with the language it would be you, so if you don’t know it, I was misled by the Widmore Lab! lol

  286. well, we shal leave it to the website to rclaim its dignity and make some proper scottish slang!

    and if widmore had done anything like he has in lost, in scotland, trust me when i say he wouldnt have a leg to stand on! or anything to urinate with!


  287. losts-columbo, there is no need to call me names! hahaha lol

    I know what haggis is, but I’d prefer some of your other fine dishes instead, if that’s okay!

  288. ahhaha!

    well, dabbis it is, haggis dabbis, the greek canadian with scotish blood!

    and what is wrong with haggis might i ask?

    and, scotland and fine dishes dont go well together, another myth you picked up on the web dabs? ahha!


  289. losts-columbo, no myths about the food! I presume it is much the same as in England. OMG, I am alienating a nation. lol I do enjoy the food, though!

    Nothing is wrong with haggis, it is just the name!

  290. Hey dabs theirs nowt wrong English food what about the Sunday dinner and the full English breakfast that’s how I started my day yesterday

  291. Right you are Samson! Those Sunday dinners! ummm, yum! Yorkshire pudding and a good side of beef! I miss Bread Pudding! My Gran made the best!

    Breakfast is really good too!

  292. How can you lie straight to my face when it was my gran who made the best lol (everyones gran is the best cook arnt they) and yes the breakfasts are good nothing says I love you more than treating your other half to a full English on a Sunday morning especially if it’s me being treat. P.S. You have to many posts on this theory it’s takes forever to scroll to the bottom on me iPod

  293. Samson, sorry about the scrolling! The post itself was long enough, and became a place for a few of us to chat.

    Everybody thinks their Gran is the best cook. I could never make a few of her dishes the same way she did! I guess that is what makes them unique and ‘the best’!

  294. My nana used to make steak and chips for me all the time she used to pick massive tatys so the chips were the length of the plate and the steak used to be really juicy she said it was the way she cooked it but I guess I will never find out now I have tried all ways to do it but nowt seems to get it the way she cooked it

  295. Samson, I’ve heard so many people say the same thing! I think what we are missing when attempting to reproduce the recipes is, the love they put into making those tasty delights for us!

    That is what we are missing!

    I feel nostalgic and hungry! lol

  296. I no what you mean my nana could of made me microwave lasagne and it still would of been the tastiest meal I would of had and I’m not hungry all full up I’ve just eaten now I’m tucked up in bed watching se7en

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