widmore knows its the real oceanic 815 plane at bottom of ocean

what better way to hide the truth than get people to believe he faked the whole thing, i dont believe he would had been that careless with the documents, he wanted them to be seen, he wants his

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11 thoughts on “widmore knows its the real oceanic 815 plane at bottom of ocean

  1. i think ben arranged the whole fake plane was tom friendly that told us all the details.seems obvious really.but i like the idea of reverse psychology,but it would leave a lot more questions as to how there was a wreckage of 815 on the isalnd

  2. It would kinda be cool in a twilight zone sort of way if they changed things, and the plane went down anyway, but with no island to crash on, killing everyone.

  3. Then why Miles during his admission test to join the crew sent by Widmore to the island “felt” from the dead guy on the restaurant that whole stuff about the plane and empty graves?

    That is a planted plane and the real one was on the island. I don’t think Widmore is hiding anything regarding this specific thing. That was just an attempt to preventing people from finding the island or other incidents to happen.

  4. if you believe in the more than one time line theory, then this could work. plane crashes on island, time line 1. plane crashes in ocean, time line 2. destiny the same, passengers in plane crash.

  5. CAN’T BE. Lapidus said it was not the real pilot because he was missing his wedding ring. In that same scene, frank drops a plane in his fish tank which FLIPS OVER, the wreckage was not flipped over. Therefore, the plane was a fake. In addition, explain how the plane split in two and parts landed on the island, but u claim the real plane in its entirety is at the bottom of an ocean.

  6. monkeybreath, i think we are watching events from different timelines. we have seen the plane crash on island, what if on an other timeline the plane ends up in ocean? if it was coming in for landing,(maybe the island dissapeared just before landing) would it def flip over? i believe lapidus was seeing himself on tv footage(different timeline)no wedding ring, lapidus doesnt wear one. also he said he should have been pilot on that flight.

  7. that’s possible but probably not true. Im not sure i understand the two timeline thing. So r u saying the plane crashes, then crashes again (how?) or jacks manages to detonate the h-bomb and change history but the plane still crashes

  8. If it was from another timeline then why would there have to be a mass excavation of graves to fill up the plane that was in the ocean? Surely all of the people that were on the alternate timeline 815 would be the same as the ones that were on the 815 that crashed on the island?

    The real 815 crashed on the island and Widmore planted a fake plane so that everyone would think the plane was found and they would stop looking for it, in case someone happened to stumble across the island…

  9. changes history, alternate reality if you like. maybe the mass excavation of graves was to scatter bodies on island along with fake plane, to fake crash on island in alternate time line, we just havent seen this yet. i think the ending will have some strange twist.

  10. there will be a twist but your theory doesnt make sense. Why would widmore fake a crash on the island? The plane is already there and if this is another timeline well no one is going there to see the plane

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