Daniel’s body, Richard’s CT scan & The Others

Daniel’s death in 1977 got me thinking. I believe Daniel was born to Ellie prior to 1977, and he could have actually been raised early on, off-island (America perhaps) by someone else before Ellie leaves the island. I do not really buy that he was born from 1978 on, which would make him 26 when he got on the freighter in 2004. So that’s where I’m coming from on this…

So, lets say Daniel was born in 1975. From one perspective on ‘time’, if he had a gravestone, it could read 1975-1977. Right? Which would imply to the average person that he was 2 when he died. But we know that he wasn’t. If he was born in 1975, he was 29 when he boarded the freighter. Then he lived another three years from 1974-77, so his body, at time of death, was that of a 32 year old man.

As I thought about this, from a humorous standpoint, I recalled the CT scan that Richard showed Juliet from the S3 episode “Not in Portland” – Juliet says the scan of the uterus looks like a barren woman’s who is in her 70s. Yet Richard tells her it is that of a woman’s who was 26.

Countless theories are out there about fertility issues, role of children, if the Others can have children (and of all children to actually have, ugh, Ethan)…

Perhaps this is one more little nugget to consider and add into the mix of thoughts on the island mysteries.

And finally, since we haven’t talked about them in awhile and it relates to this ‘age’ thing…

If the Others are ‘indigenous’ to the island, and ultimately they live and stay on the island at all times, the implications are either they have ‘progressed’ normally when the island started flashing…so therefore, they have all now made it into 2007, where Ben, Sun, Locke all are. OR, what if just some of them flashed? Someone like Cindy, perhaps. We also know one particular Other who has ‘moved’ along the timeline at various points, good old Juliet. It gets me wondering again about what happens to the Others when the island has ‘skipped’ through time.

For fun, lets say that Juliet was 35 when the island started flashing. She now has spent three years in 1977, which makes her ‘body’ that of a 38 year old. And lets say that the island has some ‘flash’ that realigns the two timelines for the Losties…so some of the “Pasties” get to 2007. But lets say that Juliet doesn’t…and she keeps on aging, right up until 2004, again. She’ll have lived another 30 years, making her body that of a 68 year old woman, but she’d technically be 35 if you just counted it from birth year. The weird thing is that this seems opposite of what we’ve seen with Richard, making it even more interesting to think about.

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20 thoughts on “Daniel’s body, Richard’s CT scan & The Others

  1. Heya kimberly, this is a great line of thinking! I am really glad you brought it up.

    This whole thing about the ‘aging womb’ has bothered me, since I saw the episode with Juliette and Richard!

    I had some ideas, but none of them made full sense, without any ‘time factors’ applying. Nobody was prepared to entertain these thoughts, way back when.

    With what you are saying, accompanied with what we already know has been happening on ‘the island’, I think we might finally make sense of a few things.

    We know that ‘the island’ has been in some kind of turmoil for the past 30 years, because of ‘the incident’.

    If, ‘time’ on ‘the island’ has been held in a state of limbo, moving differently than on ‘the outside world’, (as I have long suspected), (because they were waiting for a specific time period for when ‘the incident’ could be re-addressed), this would account for the outer physical body not appearing to age, while the inside of the body, aged at a natural rate of progression. Or, something along these lines.

    Of course this would not apply to Juliette, but it would apply to any of ‘the others’ who had been on ‘the island’ for any length of time, and tried to give birth, and would definitely be the reason why Juliette was recruited.

    We may not have the full story yet, but I think you are on the right track.

  2. Thanks Dabs. You’re right on with everything you’ve said.

    I too, have been bothered by that ‘old’ uterus and the fertility issues and have tried to see the connections once we started seeing time flashes. Daniel’s death and age just helped spur the memory of ages not always lining up with ‘present’ time.

    Now to get all ‘big picture’ theoretical…

    If anything that it has made me think about, I am seeing this as yet another case where the writers are encouraging us to have another ‘perspective’ on time. So maybe we won’t learn about the uterus, but that ‘evidence’ along with the two simple perspectives on Daniel’s age is enough to cause people (hopefully) to realize that part of what we are always seeing here with Lost is that time is measured, accounted for, and ‘used’ differently with the island – so the mysteries and their resolutions can seem to fit under that umbrella.

    I would love for there to be more revealed about the uterus issue, how the time issues relate to the fertility issues, etc.

    More and more though it is making me think about what the island is…so a place with the allusions to Egyptian fertility statue/drawings and ‘decomposing’ uterus and people who move along very non-linear timelines for their ‘lifespan’ and then people who technically are dead are alive…

    It’s all there to be connected.

    (I was trying to figure out if it would be possible – and the ultimate ‘twist’- if somehow that was actually Juliet’s CT scan…but, I just couldn’t spin it. That’s just crazy talk now!)

  3. kimberly, you have hit on the ‘key’ word to Lost, and that is perspective!

    I do happen to think that we will get some overall idea of why this happened, and it may become evident, via he ‘time’ factors.

    In other words, I think it will just be a situation that verifies many other aspects of the show and ties in to those.

    As the season progresses, it has become much more clear, that each and every mystery ties in to one bigger mystery.

    I am really enjoying this aspect of the story-telling. In some cases you are not given the obvious answer, but it becomes clear, through other events that re happening.

  4. kimberly this is a great theory and it really made me get excited as I pondered the possibilities. I think you might well be onto something there! Great work and an excellent theory in my opinion.

  5. One of the key’s to Daniel’s age is the fact that he was the youngest to graduate from Oxford and he was doing research in 1996… a full eight years before his departure to the island. I can’t recall if he is a full professor or if he is doing research on his PhH (or DSc; Doctor of Science), but I think I remember him being called “Dr. Faraday”. Now, a “normal” time line would be graduate HS by 18, Bachelors by 21, Masters by 25, PhD or Dsc by 28 (after the publication of a major work). I have a good friend who has numberous doctorates (in the arts) and did not even finish school until he was 36. So even if Daniel got his PhD or DSc at the young age of 24, he would be at least 30 in 2004/1977, plus three years in Ann Arbor… of course, he looks more like mid 40’s, but hey, that’s just the actor I guess.

  6. Well Dabs, I WILL be thinking about this, for sure! As of now, my “motherboard is fried” …that’s the report on the computer…so I’ll be back, eventually. 🙁

    Keep you-know-who in check! 😉

  7. Your “motherboard is fried”? Who told you that? You might be the very first person ever to post a comment on a website with a fried motherboard!

  8. Highbrow, Seriously.

    I wasn’t writing from my dead computer, I’m not an idiot! I was using a different one. The one with the ‘fried motherboard’ is done. Flashing caps lock key when it comes on and everything.

    But wait, how am I here? Yeah, we got a new one. And now I play for other team. (No, stop, don’t go there HB!) I went Mac.

    I hope that by the time I come back on here tomorrow, that you have started a conversation about Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Juliet, Richard and the somewhat poor dramatic effect that had us thinking that Sawyer, Juliet and Kate were leaving for all of 5 minutes until they showed us a preview for next week’s show!

    That was bad.

    Not as bad though as Jack. I don’t even know where to start for that guy. He flip flops worse than Brett Favre in retirement.

    Daniel: “You’re not supposed to be here Jack!”

    Daniel: “Don’t trust my mother.”

    Daniel: “I think if I detonate a hydrogen bomb, I could stop your plane from crashing.”

    Jack: Witnesses Eloise shooting Daniel. Dead.

    Jack (to Sayid): “I trust her.”

    Wow. You’re still a doozy Jack Shephard. Good luck to you.

    Why is he the main character? Seriously!!!!

    Okay, enough venting on a post that is so not even related to any of this. I just needed to vent, to myself…

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