After watching last night’s episode, I started to wonder if Jacob really exists at all! What if he is someone just made up by Richard and Ben to deceive Locke and control their group? Ben and Richard looked none too happy to take everyone to Jacob, and even said that they were going to have problems with Locke. The experience in the cabin could have been totally orchestrated by Richard and Ben to scare the wits out of Locke, which it did. And if Locke now knows for a fact that Jacob’s a fraud, by saying he wants to kill him, he’s calling their bluff??

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5 thoughts on “Jacob

  1. what if the reason why Ben and Richard look scared is because Jacob is scary. like in the episode where Locke shines a light at Jacob, and scary things happen.

  2. I think Jacob may be a sort of “wizard of oz” and you may be correct that richard is behind the curtain, or perhaps christian. But like in the wizard of oz, he’s not a bad guy, just misunderstood. I guess the real question is who is the wicked witch of the west?

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