Everything falls into place. Innocence, loopholes, and the great chess game.

So we finally have the players. Gods in their own right that are playing one great chess match that will decide the fate of mankind. Jacob and his friend, let’s call him Bob (thanks HurleyBird 😉 ), are just short of being gods. They can change shape, heal, kill, and be anywhere at once though they can apparently be killed. They are part of the fabric of the universe and the island is their home. And they have a bet. A bet that will determine the fate of mankind. Jacob has bet that man is redeemable and that he can be good. Bob has declared that man is inherently evil. We will see who is right.

Since the beginning of the series there has been talk of the island being a purgatory for troubled characters. It’s true these characters are messed up. Murderers, torturers, and thieves which is exactly -why- they are on the island. Jacob wants to prove that mankind can be saved. He has taken the ‘worst’ and seeks to prove to Bob that mankind can be redeemed. That is why he shifted the survivors lives so that they came to the island and brought people, including the Black Rock, to the island.

The Black Rock is clearly another story of redemption. They ship was a slave trader, most certainly not the nicest people. They were to be proven to be good people but since they are no longer present it is clear that they failed. Except for Richard. Richard redeemed himself and proved to be invaluable to Jacob who became friends with him making him immortal. It is also possible that Illana was also from the ship and also an immortal in service to Jacob.

As for Bob he was unconvinced. He still thought humans to be evil and worthy only of death. His view of his ‘friend’ was similar. Unfortunately he could not kill Jacob himself, however there was of course the loophole. In order for humans to be fairly judged they had to be able to make their own decisions. No matter what they did they couldn’t -make- people do anything. Talk to them and try to convince them to follow their path yes but not force their actions. Thus Jacob could not stop Ben from killing him. Ben had to be allowed to do whatever he wanted to.

Ben was never supposed to be anything. He was another piece in the game, one that Bob had more faith in than Jacob. While he did redeemable things such as save Alex he killed the entire Dharma initiative and backstabbed and killed many other people. He only proved, and continues to prove Bob right. Jacob wants him off the island badly because he knows that he will do and things (maybe even knows that he will kill Jacob). So he gives him cancer (so that he will seek treatment of island) and lets/helps the boat find the island to take him off of it (working with Widmore? Maybe.). If Bob posing as Christian (see next paragraph) had not gotten the island moved then Ben would have been gone perhaps.

As for Bob, I feel as if he may not even have a name. -Humans- have names and he hates them. He may spend all free his time in his true form as the smoke monster. I would say that he works along with the smoke monster but Locke disappeared at just the right time before the monster came out. He killed Eko because he was too redeemable though has let the others live because he truly believes that they are evil and will fail when the moment of truth (which they both mention) comes around. He can take the shape of those dead on the island. Specifically Christian and Locke. As Christian he either killed Claire for being too good or convinced her to come with him as he did Ben by assuming a familiar form. He invaded Jacob’s cabin probably around when Hurley saw it appear and began pretending to be sent by Jacob.

Jacob may be dead but his game is far from over. The pieces he has set in play are still dancing and will make the moves that will prove that humanity is worth saving or keeping alive. He brought the save able to the island (twice for some). The plot of the next season will the remaining survivors learning they must prove humanity worth saving and moments leading up to the ‘decision’. I want to have Desmend come back to prove that humanity is worth saving or Ben to redeem himself truly but more likely I think it will be Jack in some final dramatic act like perhaps sacrificing himself to save the other survivors. But overall each of the survivors will help through the traits Jacob instilled in them. Specifically I think Sun and Jin’s love will save them in part.

Sorry for any rambling. Comment appreciated.

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26 thoughts on “Everything falls into place. Innocence, loopholes, and the great chess game.

  1. I’m new here and still somewhat LOST, but I’m impressed with your theory. I think you are largely on the right track. Great job!

  2. I like that. Not entirely sold on the Richard Alper thing. I think he’s been there since even before the Black Rock. The giant Anubis-looking statue is much older than slave ship. I think Richard is the sole survivor of the Island’s indigenous people.

    Also, good call on naming him “Bob”!!! A Twin Peaks shout out, I hope…

  3. Love this interpretation! Great job. I particularly like the way you described Jacob and his “brother,” “friend,” bob. I think many things you describe here play into the themes of the show in general, especially since change tags right along with redemption, and has been one of the most-debated topics among theorists. If humans are redeemable, then the supposed inevitable failure can be changed. It doesn’t really matter who is good and who is bad; what matters is what you want to push – change and redemption or an inevitable end?

  4. subliminal, this is a very nicely written theory, and I definitely can see the idea of a ‘game’ between Jacob and his nemesis being played, but on a grand scale!

    The whole notion of free choice, seems to be contradictory, in itself. God loves you and wants you to be happy, but gives you absolute discretion to ‘screw it up’, if you choose. But, that is also the beauty and the mystery of life.

    The two deities involved have been playing this game for a long time, as seen with the full view of the Statue and the Black Rock in plain sight.

    The game, has always produced the same results, as per their conversation. Jacob’s nemesis wants to change this, and says he will one day find the necessary loophole to do this.

    He found that loophole by becoming the Fake Locke and tricked everyone.

    I get the impression that this came as no surprise to Jacob, and he allowed for it all to happen.

    But, I hardly think the game between the two of them is over!

    On the contrary, I think it’s just starting to become more interesting.

  5. I don’t know but the main plot sounds more biblical at each new season.

    Ben reminds me Judas, the unnamed fellow the Devil and Jacob, Jesus Christ.

    If that’s is from where they got their inspiration Jacob most likely just tricked the Devil by creating a loophole so he could be murdered to redeem the whole humanity.

    Don’t know…

    The hard part will be to wait yet another 8 months to see the outcome of everything we just saw.

  6. PERFECT! You just solved LOST; if it ended like that, I would love it. The show truly is about duality, yin and yang…even in the opening episode Locke holds up a black and white backgammon piece to Walt. Jacob was wearing white, Smokey…black.

    Good point on how Smokey did everything to get Locke off the island, killed and then brought back…(since anyone Jacob touches can’t die on the island); so he possessed Christian and made him tell Locke he had to get off the island and die. The question is how he manipulated Ben to kill Locke, and bring him back to the island.

    Funny how they completely replaced the idols of the show, those who seems to know wtf was going on. Ben turns out to be a pussy, Faraday dies, Locke isnt even himself…that leaves Richard Alpert as the most wise character on the show, save Jacob and Smokey of course- but they’re hardly people. Of course, we all know Jack and Desmond will influence he ending of the show the most 😛

    If the bomb did go off, then that explains the radiation suits, and why no one can have a baby on the island.

    I too am rambling it seems :p

  7. I think you are right on saying its a “chess game” between Jacob and Bob, that has been going on since the beginning of time. The hyroglyphics tell the story that they were once pawns between these two rivals. The anchients who erected the statue were also players in history. The losties are just the next group of players. I do not think it will ever be revealed if they represent God/Satan, Good/Evil, Hope/Hopelessness, Timetravelers battleing to save mankind or let them destroy themself. It will be left to each of us to draw own own conclusion, and we will all be able to feel we were right. The big question seems to be will Jacob represent Good, God, Hope side, or does Bob. Seems we are being led to believe its Jacob, but when they were talking on the beach and Bob asked why bring them here an play game again, it always ends the same, could he realy be saying good always wins, and Jacob saying its all progress, Bad or Evil will never stop trying to take over and rule?

  8. Very Biblical indeed.

    The final scene with Jacob, Ben, and “Locke” was just screaming Prodigal Son to me. Ben was upset because he was the one who always did what he was asked, was loyal, and never strayed. Locke was the prodigal son who returned after leaving, and was welcomed back with open arms. I dunno, just riveting television.

  9. I think that the assumption people are making that Jacob is the good one may not be true. Jacob in the bible is Jacob the Liar, tricking his brother out of his birthright. In the last episode, Jacob’s words were kind but his actions were not necessarily. Helping a little girl get away with a crime, especially one who in the future commits a greater crime, is not necessarily good. Encouraging little Sawyer to write an angry letter and stay angry is not good. Distracting Sayed while his wife is run over, waiting for Locke to be pushed out the window and leaving him cripled, distracting Jack at a moment when his father gave him good insight into his character, all are not good. Maybe Smokie is the good one trying to stop Jacob from using people as pawns in a game.

  10. @ dabiatchishere: Actually i got the impression that evil most of the time. Bob/Locke says something along the lines of that Jacob is wrong a lot and Jacob responds that it will only matter who’s right in the end at the final test.

    @ locked: Know what you mean the next 8 months will be so sad every wednesday night. It is somewhat biblical but mostly I think because the bible has so many stories of heroism and gods that it is easy to find comparisons.

    @ dizzy: There is no good or evil side since both of them believe they are doing good. Bob’s version of good merely encompasses eliminating the human race. :/ But really the character don’t represent anything but people who can be both good and evil which is a large part of what makes the show interesting.

  11. So are you saying its a game between 2 riavals, neither good or bad, and they probably had the same conversation sitting on the beach as they watched 815 crash? Just more players arriving?

  12. Oh no to be sure 815 is a game changer that they wouldn’t discuss casually. The people on that flight are the final ones that will be determining the true outcome.

    This is a game in terms of how it is played but it’s consequences are far greater. This difference in opinion made one of them kill the other. While it is like a game it is not a game.

  13. I agree with Subliminal that, 815 is a game changer, and will result in the final outcome. Otherwise the whole series is kinda of moot.

    Regarding that.

    Something I thought of that no one seems to have caught or at least mentioned.

    This is obviously speculative but seems to me that Rose and Bernard will have something to do with redeeming people.

    Supporting Points:

    1) they pop up for the first time all season since the beginning during the finale!?!? (sure we were all kinda wondering if they died or not but unless they have some significance why rehash them.)

    2) Consistant theme of white and black through out entire series. (not gonna bother referencing the countless instances) Usually as opposing forces, however Rose and Bernard are the perfect couple to signify the union of both sides.

    3) Conversation at beginning of finale between Jacob and rival.
    Rival said all they ever do is kill and destroy,
    Jacob seemed sure that people could coexist on Island peacefully, accept the lot life dealt them and be happy.
    This is exactly what Rose and Bernard have done.

    4) I believe Rose and Bernard could be the Adam and Eve skeletons from early in the series.

  14. @ subliminal

    For sure, the Bible is a book that you practically can make anything fit into it. Every single time something involves strong characters, and good vs. evil you can attach to it.

  15. Nice work!
    Dabs I agree with you: the game is absolutely not over yet!!!”Bob” can change forms and be Cristian, Locke etc so what if Jacob can do the same thing?I mean what if someone else and not Jacob was killed by Ben? The great fight is about to come.

  16. Gonna have to agree with this pretty much in entirety.
    I posted a similar, but not near as well worded version of this theory on some other site immediately after watching the finale, and before finding this awesome site.

  17. look listen i dont want to pi55 on anyone;s parade here but im growing increasingly frustrated…no outraged to be percise.

    what chess game and what innosence and what are these things? gods??? lol…anyway

    a plane an island the smoke thing no coordinates boon shannon charlie etc etc etc were all those things irrellevant?

    who the hell is that monk who was with desmond? where is he whats his role???

    inman??? how did they all get there? hostiles or dharma? how did they bring the machinery? who financed dharma? who are there representatives in the real world?

    bakunin?????? wtf????


  18. good theroy. i dont think that jacob will be back. if oyu think about it what is death to a god. If you are human then it means the end. for them it could be a lighter subject and not really a big deal more like just beating someone up.

  19. jacob is the god of sobek he is also not dead his body that was stabbed by ben is dead his spirit lives on and now he must seek a body to live in

  20. Anyone remember season 1. “Locke” actually explained whats going on to walt when he gave an odd explanation of backgammon. Its a game, black vs white good vs evil. The Jacob and “Bob” aspect is moving along the lines of Lucifer’s bet with God when questioning the inherently evil human race in the story of Job. Lucifer fell from heaven because of his disdain for God’s love of humans. He later challenged God’s views by saying that humans will always corrupt, and at the decisive point, after having been put through trials and tribulations they will forsake God and question his authority and will. In this bet Lucifer was given free reign to destroy the life Of Job whos was the most pennetant and blessed man. God however could not interfere with the new course of Job’s life. He could only watch and allow Job to exercise his free will. Thus he was not allowed to convince Ben from killing him, only tell him he had a choice. I cant keep explaining but research it for yourselves and see the parallels. The two men seem to be not just god and lucifer but some sort of immortal beings that take on the aspects of gods from different mythos and religion. “bob’s” relation to anubis and the underground temple chambers. And Jacob dwelling beneath a statue of the creator god. The constant allusions to Appolo. I dont necessarily believe this but consider that the Jacob we see interacting with losties off island throughout time is not necessarily Jacob at all. He got kate off the hook, thus she never learned an important lesson. Gave James a pen so he could continue writing his revenge letter. Stopped Sayid from getting killed thus forcing him to watch Nadia die and enter a killing spree. Possibly revived Locke so he could use his unfaltering faith against him. Hurleys naive self could be carrying something to the island for him. Jack I dont know.

  21. I agree that Jacob and the dark rival (Esau, not Bob, in my mind) have competed for centuries. It seems to me that Esau manifests as the smoke monster unless he is animating someone who has died, such as Christian, Locke and Alex during Ben’s judgement. And not that there was a trail of black ash surrounding the cabin, albeit with one section interrupted, which seems to indicate that perhaps the smoke monster manifestation has been abandoned in the final attempt at winning, finding the loophole, over Jacob.

  22. I think the idea of a bet between two higher beings is kind of a jaded concept, despite the fact that it seems more and more like what’s going on. Anyway, there’s an inconsistency with something you said–you posit that the “gods” cannot do anything to directly influence free will, but also that the Rival killed echo.

  23. @ coco: Consider my parade officially pissed on. If you have these questions you should go post them in questions. Yes there are some loose ends but once we find out what happens the pieces will fall in to place. Perhaps we’ll never learn things like why Inman was on the island I have to say it’ll be no big deal…

    @ emagic: I for one think that Jacob is very well dead or they wouldn’t have made such a big deal about killing him/Bob wouldn’t have put such a big emphasis on it either. However like Dumbledore he will still fight on through the soldiers he created. However these troops are the losties who’s lives he steered rather than Harry Potter. 😉

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