What did we really get answered?

Ok so here we go. What did the incident actually answer? Did we find out about the smoke monster- no. Dharma- no. Walt- no. Statue- no. Mythology – no? Who Jacob is- no. Sure we saw him loads but face it we still don’t know anything. As much as I like lost I m beginning to believe many of these questions will be left. Remember we were being promised this AMA ing way of telling the lobby story? Now we ain’t getting it! Many reveals in the finale- where. Sure it helped debunk many theories but ultimately we are still left in the dark. I am excited about where the next series will lie and what will be revealed but just alittle more realistic in my expectations of whAt is going t be revealed! Can anyone shed somelight?

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10 thoughts on “What did we really get answered?

  1. We find out 100% that jacob is a person, not a spirit. So we technically find out “who Jacob is”.

    We find out why Jack and Kate and everyone are important, they were selected by Jacob.

    Not really a major question, but we find out how Locke could have survived that fall.

    We find out where Rose and Bernard and Vincent have been all this time!

    We find out what lies beneath the statue.

    We find out what’s in the crate.

    We find out Ben was lying about seeing Jacob in the cabin.

    We see a better angle of the statue, which (I’m no egyptian expert) should be enough to say 100% who the statue is.

    We find out how and why the Black Rock got to the island.

    We find out who Ilana and Bram et al are really.

    We find out the events of the incident (duh) and possibly how Pierre Chang loses his arm.

    I might still be missing some. So there was definitely a lot answered/revealed in this 2 part episode thank you very much. Sure some of the major questions were not answered, but then what would season 6 be for?

    Also when you say “Dharma? – no. Statue? – no” what do you mean?

  2. How did the statue get there? Who built it? What happens to dharma now? How did they get to find out about the island? Why all the stations really? All the answers we get I feel are superficial, nothing to do with the big picture. Wow Jacobs a guy. I didn’t expect anything else. Like I said the answers are all about theories we have generated. We still do not know who Jacob is. Or why Richard doesn’t age. These were answers we were told were happening. Not to mention loads about the monster, allegedly. It is all still down to individual interpretation of events. Which is great in some instances. O feel we are being made fools of. Look back at the theories forcehis season, how close were we really????

  3. Heres the thing, the series is a story, not just a Q nad A…

    spend too much time searching for answers to the big questions, and you will miss the details in how we get there.

    I dont expect everyone to sit around a campfire and tell stories of the statue, but thats not to say we wont learn of it in the final season.

    I feel the mythology will be left up for grabs, and hope so as well. If the delve too much into one religion, or one possible myth, it will take away many viewers who dont believe in them, and take some of the mystery of the entire show away, which I believe is to some extent meant to be interpreted by each individual viewer.

    If we find out what happened to Dharma, it leaves nothing about them to ponder, either change occured and they end up at a time before the crash, or no change occured and they caused the incident…

    We are never going to learn everything, its just not something any great story would do intentionally to keep a broad and varied audience interested.

    There is another season to come, which will explain the statue, Jacob, possibly why and how Richard gained his agelessness from Jacob.

    Until then, they left us much to debate about, and I think Cappayne did a great job providing many answers from last night…

  4. I agree a lot of stuff was answered. They even explained why Kate’s minute plane was so important to her. Someone was talking about the plane here recently.

  5. JJ Abrams did an interview on Charlie Rose in which he said that as a child he bought a magic kit which that said what is inside is a suprise. He never opened it because he believes the not knowing is more fun. He bought the same kits for his two children and encouraged them to not open it and enjoy the mystery. (his 3yo daughter opened hers but 4yo son still has not. I guess he knows that the mystery is what keeps ups interested.

  6. selected by jacob???? ok say we go along…

    why were they chosen by jacob? whats so special about them? who is jacob? what is jacob? a person?

    what kind of person who lives in an island has the insight to meet people in miami and other villages who will crash on an island tehy arent supposed to crash.

    therefore they are meant to crash so wtf have they been showing us farady for whois trying to undo the crash as they are all trying to undo the crash???

  7. I think we did find out a lot. And I’m with AES – I can’t see them giving us a bulletpoint list of answers for everything that happened on the island. I think some things, like the ancient culture items, are just there acting as pointers (ok, so we know the island has been inhabited for a looong time.) I don’t think we will get answers for everything, and how dull it would be if there was to be absolutely no more speculation… 🙂 In any case, I certainly don’t believe we got nothing out of this episode/s.

  8. Please understand I do not want everything bullet pointed. The point i was trying to get across was simply now we have a much bigger storyline to fill. The answers which we were promised by the shows producers did not materialize and now we are also being told that certain stories are not going to be told. The ingenious libby story which we heard about continuously is now scrapped. Apparently the actress doesn’t want to do it. If the show was so well planned surely contingency would be made? I was disappointed simply because I wanted the answers to specifics which we were told on the podcasts. The statue, the incident. If anything the incident question now looms bigger than ever? What did happen? I am looking forward immensely to next season but can’t help feel we are going to be disappointed. I hope I am wrong, think of the amount of time some people spend on this site coming up with theories and to have many of the ideas unconfirmed or left hanging for me is completely unacceptable, and I feel that is the way things are going. Again I hope i am wrong.

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