A coincidence? I think not!

Written on 14th May 2009

With all of the obvious biblical symbolism and themes from the latest episode, I really began to think about everything from the show in a religious point of view. I noticed that John Locke had crashed on Flight 316. John 3:16, arguably the most famous Bible verse in existence. I don’t know exactly how this ties in, but the real John as a Messianic figure or Savior would be very interesting.

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6 thoughts on “A coincidence? I think not!

  1. Ok Long shot here…but was the man that pushed Locke out of the Building Definetly his father? b/c if not it’s possible that Jacob was or somehow is…and didn’t John’s mother claim to have concieved him immaculatly??

  2. Veered, this is definitely symbolic. I wouldn’t count out John Locke just yet! He may be dead in the last scene we saw him in, and we may have been fooled into thinking he was resurrected, but ‘it’s not over, until it’s over’.

    He could still end up being a hero!

    ImperiusRegina, I have long been a skeptic of Anthony Cooper not being Locke’s biological father, and although Locke’s mother was supposedly crazy, I think there may have been something to her words, regarding his conception.

  3. Also the manner that John died seems symbolic. He literally died so that everyone who believes in him would be able to go back to the island.

  4. Veered, my understanding of ‘what lies in the shadow’ has been interpreted (not officially), as ‘he who will save us’.

    At the end of Season 5, who was lying in the shadow of the statue? Just a thought!

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