Juliet is the smoke monster

Written on 16th May 2009

Nice simple theory for my first. Juliet would seem to have been positioned nicely to become the smoke monster.. nes pas ?

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2 thoughts on “Juliet is the smoke monster

  1. Hmm im not Entirely sure about that, seeing as the smoke monster is seen in the heirogliphs so it is likely that the smoke monster has been in existence for a long time since 1977…though i can see some side to your logic…juliet gets blown up into atoms by the bomb…but she holds together some form of conciousness and can manipulate her charred atoms…its a long shot….

  2. She could have also been teleported back in time, which would explain why the smoke monster appears in hieroglyphs. Perhaps that’s also why the smoke monster picks and chooses who to kill. She retains her memories of what certain people have done.

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