Proof the Man In Black is NOT Smokey.

While watching the finale for the sixth time now (don’t laugh) I stumbled across something most of you may have already noticed.
We all know that something took the form of Alex to instruct Ben to follow all of John Locke’s orders. Assuming it is the black smoke who did this, then it is impossible for it to also be Locke. If it is able to take form, I don’t see how it could be both at the same time. So I believe that Smokey is it’s own entity, and the fake Locke is another. Not one of the same. Although it would make sense for the Man In Black (MIB) to manipulate Smokey. Smokey seems to scan peoples thoughts/memories. MIB in Locke’s body, also has Locke’s memories. Possibly because Locke was scanned by Smokey in the past. Smokey somehow passes this information on to MIB.

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6 thoughts on “Proof the Man In Black is NOT Smokey.

  1. You and I are of the same mind my friend. I have two additions to support your thoughts.

    1) When Ben explains the circumstances of his judgment with Smokey and his daughter, UnLocke seems surprised at the outcome. In fact he states that it will now be easier to convince Ben to kill Jacob. If UnLocke is a manifestation of Smokey. What Smokey told Ben would not come as news.

    2) We have yet to see any of the manifestations of Smokey eat anything. i believe the scene where UnLocke is given a mango by Ilana is significant. I believe she had already seen his body in the coffin and offered him a mango to see if he could eat it. It’s just like the story of Thomas the Apostle (which was explained by Ben just a few episode ago in 316). When Christ appeared to the 10 Apostles (Thomas was not present and Judas was dead) he ate a fish and honeycomb to prove he was not a ghost. UnLocke’s devouring (watch it ago, that’s what it was) of the mango proves he is flesh and blood. In my opinion, not a mere manifestation.

    Great post PMO!

  2. i see where you’re coming from – but john was not in the temple when ben was being judged. smokey only appeared AFTER locke left ben to himself.

  3. I also agree…more proof…If we accept, and most of us do, that the man in black was held captive in the cabin (“help me”) and not “set free” until some time in season 3, then how in the world was smokey puffing around for the first 2 seasons? Also when hurly stumbled upon the cabin, there were 2 people in their. “christian” and the eye. Smoky is the man in black are 2 differnt things.

  4. The title of this says there is proof, but I don’t see anything near proof here. Only speculation. I still think that the chain of events points to them either being the same, or at least mib being in control of the smoke monster. The idea that the man was captive in the cabin is possible, but not definite.

  5. The fact that “Locke” looked surprised when Ben told him about “Alex” doesn’t prove anything. Of course “Locke” is able to act looking surprised whenever he wants to.

  6. Remember in Left Behind, we saw the smoke monster as three parts that combine to be one. So it is possible that, if “Locke” is now the smoke monster, that Smokey can be in three places at once!

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