A big experiment

A reoccurring plot element has been ‘experiments’.

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5 thoughts on “A big experiment

  1. you never no, could be a possibility? experiments and science are a big part ot the show, deffinately!lost has so many twists and turns you never no what they will throw in there next? you think you no whats happening then bamm, blown out of the water yet again,haha. i can see how youve got here with this though. lost makes you think all the time and about almost everything that happens on the show. thats why we all love it, right? your post could deffinately tie in there with the jacob and mib chat on the beach. eko rocks

  2. SevenEcks. no matter how you look at it, it is one big experiment of sorts, whether Jacob and his Nemesis are from the future or the past, or beyond!

    That element is definitely present.

  3. I actually took it the opposite way. I see Jacob as the evil one. I can not believe the one on the side of good would set up Said to be safe from a car accident while ensuring his wife was hit. The way Jacob and MIB interact while on the beach seemed to me like Jacob was the one with the evil intentions. MIB did have a pessimistic view on humanity and the way things “end”, but it was the fact that Jacob was bringing them to the island that made him (MIB) to want to kill Jacob. ALSO, in spite of MIB having the dark outlook Jacob never countered MIB’s argument by saying that they have good in them or something similar. I think Jacob just is luring them in to mess with them for whatever reason. MIB is the good guy, (I think) in spite of the fact he has the dark view of mankind. Jacob wearing the white (and MIB in black) seems to be a purposeful miscue by the creators. Locke (or whatever he is) went to kill Jacob with Ben because of everything Jacob has done over time messing with people. That is why he told Ben that question was “why wouldn’t you want to kill him?”

  4. I also like the future angle. Esp. given another post that I just read talking about why Jacob and MIB don’t have any kind of accent or talk in a different language all together.

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