What’s up with miles anyway? I havn’t seen this spoken about much. He can TALK TO DEAD PEOPLE, this seems a bit strange, and its interesting that he was born on the island. Does this mean that there wasn’t the same problem of birth on the island back then? Or was ne not born on the island and I’m just mistaken?

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  1. you are right miles doesnt get talked about much? i like miles, hes quite a dry sense of humor and funny. he was born on the island we dont no yet why hes the way he is (can talk 2 dead people)? not quite sure if miles mother was pregnant before coming to the island or not? ethan was also born on the island around the same time miles was so its looking to me like there wasnt a fertility problem back then?? i hope we get some more info on miles’s ability next season as i’m sure in flash backs this season its been brought up a couple of times, but we hav’nt been given any answers yet?? thanks 4 bringing miles up though, he’s deffs worth talking about. eko rocks

  2. Yeah I know what you mean. He’s almost like a “dark horse”, and I’m sure (and hope he gets more attention next season.

    But maybe before the “energy pocket” was penetrated they had no problems with fertility. I could see how something like that would change things.

  3. There wasn’t the birthing problem then, but Miles may have been carted in the sub off island for the birth.

    Miles. Has a pretty cool gift he never uses. Ex. When his dad asks if he should get the people off the island ‘cuz Miles said there was to be a big problemo, Miles looks surprised and says ‘He’s been right so far. If he said get them off, get them off.” So, if people died, why didn’t he know since he was standing on the ground of the dead. I wondered the same about the purge guys. Why did Widmore need someone who could speak to the dead for his ‘get Ben’ mission?

  4. Oh, and do we have evidence that anyone but an Other has pregnancy problems? Seems all the women but Rose & Juliette that step on that island get preggers or gives birth (and some believe Juliette’s pregnant now due to all her belly touching the last episodes).

  5. You should read post by Rock Tripod called Smokey/Evil Locke/Cerberus/Jacob’s Enemy. It a really good idea about the reason for the fertility problem.
    The problem wasn’t caused till after Miles and Ethan were born. The “Incident” hadn’t happened yet. But yea Miles could have been shipped off the island on the sub because all babies were. I do not believe there was a doctor on the island at the time (minus Juliet, but they didn’t know about her at the time)that could deliver babies. That’s why it was such a big deal for when Ethan’s mom went into labor early when she was still on the island.

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