What about the black horse?

a lot of people have talked about MIB assuming the form of Christian and Locke. People have even mentioned Yemi. What about other appearances? Kate’s black horse? Hurley’s friend from the mental institute? Maybe its possible that smokie/MIB could manifest as these people/animals by scanning dead people’s memories (as I think somebody mentioned somwhere before). Does anybody remember whether the police marshal who was with Kate on the plane was present when her crashed after seeing that black horse? (in one of her flashbacks). If he had seen it too, it would explain how smokie might be able to manifest as the horse (possibly by scanning the dead marshall? i dunno) That still leaves Hurley’s friend unexplained though. Another point to consider is why smokie would manifest as the black horse at all? How does it suddenly appear at the same time Kate remembers it? Maybe this isn’t too important but I was just wonering. Any ideas?

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One thought on “What about the black horse?

  1. Simple: it scans the losties minds and then projects, it dosn’t make sense that it would need to scan other people’s mind. (Unless I am not understanding your question?) Although I do not believe that Smokey is MIB.

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