The importance of forgotten characters

I think that in the final season’s a lot of characters are gonna comeback or we’ll see flashbacks of them.

Walt: He seemed like the most important character of the show at first with his “gift” he’s definitly connected to the island.

Libby: If I remember it right she was pretending not to know Hurley, when we know for fact that she was in the same institution as him. She bought a boat for penelope widmore. And then she ends up in that island!!!!She did not end up in that island for no reason!!!!!!!!!!!

Charlie: I think that the guitar case Hurley was bringing with him on the plane is Charlie’s and that Charlie’s past gonna turn out to be very significant.

Desmond: Desmond’s definitly got a unique gift and I think is really important for the island maybe he’s from the past of the island and doesn’t remember it.

Claire: Claire’s probably gonna play an important part in the next season. To many questions about her and Aaron are unanswered.

Tell me what YOU think.

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13 thoughts on “The importance of forgotten characters

  1. at theoriesonlost, there are no forgotten characters. LOL.
    I think every Lost loving person would like to get more stories of these people.
    But, unfortunately, in the real world its hard to get working actors to fit this back into their schedules. I think the writers have all but confirmed that we are not going to get any more Libby.
    Desmond has never left the show and I’d hope we get more of him.
    I don’t know how much of Walt we’re going to get, but I would hope at least some.

  2. I really doubt Charlie will be back in any significant way. I’m also not sure that we’ll get Claire for any more than a Finale cameo, but who knows.

  3. The important thing to remember is that we have 12 hours of Lost remaining(17 episodes @ 42 minutes each). And now the writers have opened this whole new can of worms with Jacob and his Nemesis. Many, many loose ends will not get tied up.

  4. I think that, at some point, Desmond, Penny and Charlie will come back to the Island. And in one of the final scenes, Hurley will introduce a young Charlie to the guitar… and get him started on his path…

  5. i heard that libby was/is supposed to re-appear, but the actress who played her doesn’t want to return.. not sure what they’re gonna do about that!

  6. Lost is going to end at the end of season six. And no matter what the fans think of how Darlton ends it, there will not be and should not be a movie.

  7. I wouldn’t mind seeing Paulo and Niko again…just so they could die all over again (hate those two).

    Anyway, I’d really like for Walt to make a comeback. I believe his comment with off-island John about the dream he had sets that up pretty nicely.

  8. I never could figure out that episode with Paulo and Niko, i agree, they were ugly people. I just always wrote it off as filler the network made the writers add… i read an article where they said they wanted it to be 5 seasons and the network forced them to make it 6, which is why i think the last half of season 2 and the first half of season 3 were so boring.

  9. I keep wondering whether Cindy the air stewardess who looked after the two kids, Zack and Emma who’s parents had died, will come back.

    And there must be more to Walt, surely

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