Hello All 🙂 I have so very much enjoyed reading all of these theories and remarks and questions regarding such a magnificent show! 🙂 I have been pondering and pondering all that’s been said and seen on this show and I have come up with a theory of my own. I have to say though that although I am leaning towards this being the case, I actually don’t know and am excited for whatever the turn out may be. We have all been discussing the black/white, good/bad issues and all of that is so pertaining to the whole story. I am thinking though that perhaps all of that is the inlay for the biggest message of them all. I really am not good at writing what I am thinking like this but I will just sum it up. 🙂 I think that there are many various things that have been shown on Lost. From different religions to beliefs to how people view things that people do. I think in all honesty, that the show is about all of us. A story of symbolism…how life is lived and things that people do in our lives. I think the person that they are going to use to represent all of us is in fact, Jack or as some people like to call him, Jacob. I think everything that everyone has been saying can be directly linked to this being the case. Of course, Jacob doesn’t look like Matthew Fox, but why does he have to? Haven’t we all come to the understanding that it seems as though Jacob and the MIB are special and can manifest into different people at different times? I think that Jack’s destiny is going to be to be back in 2007 and find his true destiny is to protect the Island and protect his family. His family being Christian, Claire and Aaron. If he is not Jacob, then I at least am leaning towards them all being related. From the beginning it has always been Locke and Jack on either side of the coin and I truly believe that it will end that way as well. I think the start of Season 6 will open EXACTLY like the opening to Season 1, however they will be in 2007…that will be the trick sort of speak. We will see the opening scene and be like holy cow they are back after the crash…but then we will realize they are in 2007 and will be fulfilling their destiny. I think the mere fact that Matthew Fox is the only one that knows the end of the show says alot about his importance in this entire thing. Think about your life…we all come across people that we effect on a daily basis…we make decisions from the influence of others…we are on person but in this world can do so much even alone. I think all of the Losties have had their importance and have played their roles and redemption…but I think that the person who the show is really about is Jack. Jack meaning all of us. 🙂 The thing is he doesn’t realize it yet. He will though…I think next season we will see Jack become Jacob. I know you are thinking that Jacob is dead so how can Jack be Jacob? Well, even if Jacob just got killed, guess who is going to show up after the incident in 2007? Jack. We have seen the life and death of Jack Sheppard…and now we will just see what happens and how he comes to realize he is in fact, Jacob. His future self will die by the hands of Locke…he knew that. He will come and protect what is his. His family. That is where Aaron comes into play. Aaron will take over once Jack has completed his destiny. I really truly think that we are going to see a wonderful ending to an amazing five years of magic. If Jack is not Jacob, that’s okay too….on a sidenote…I was really bored at work one day and started to look at the meanings of everyone’s first names. It was quite cool. Those writers are brilliant. You should do it sometime if you are bored as well 🙂 Each and every name symbolized their characters to a tee. 🙂 Sooo….please elaborate…tear apart….add in….that’s what I want and need! 🙂 I really should think about finding that number for Lost Anonymous 🙂 LOL….I look forward to hearing what all of you guys have to say!! 🙂

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  1. The writers have often said that the show is ultimately about redemption. And I agree with you that the main character of the show is Jack. He will serve part of the role of messiah.
    I still hold out that Ben Linus, like Darth Vader, will be redeemed in the end. And that he will make the ultimate sacrifice, for the greater good.

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