How Ben became an Other?

how does Ben become an Other? in the earlier episode he’s walking about with his rabbit and he runs into Richard and Richard invites him to join/come with him and what not. then later on in the season 5 we see Kate giving Ben over to the Others in hopes of saving him. So can they change the past or do they create a different version of the past but with the same future?
any thoughts.

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2 thoughts on “How Ben became an Other?

  1. I was a little bit confused by this at first also. I too thought they changed time or something but I am pretty certain they did not.

    Sayid always shoots Ben and Kate has always saved him.

    I also thought Ben had joined the others at a much later date, but the two things that make me realize this is not the case are

    Richard tells them, he will have no memory and he will always be one of us, his innocence lost… which explains why he does not remember sayid shooting him

    When Ben wakes up in the camp and Whidmore is there…I dont remember the exact words but Charles tells him just because you live with them does not mean you are not one of us… So i believe they heal Ben, and then send him back to live with the Dharma Initiative.

    So they have not actually changed anything.
    Maybe this is part of the reason the others are partial to jack, kate and the rest of the brady bunch.

    When you go back and watch it all, the others are not really killing most of the survivors, they take claire to help her, the smoke monster is doing its own thing, and almost every other death is a side effect of the survivors not listening to the others or doing what they want, like Michael killing libby and anna lucia, nobody told him to kill them he just went about it the wrong way.

    Hope this helps.

  2. hey johnqsack. we dont no for certain how ben became an other really? in a flashback of his when he was a boy, he met a long haired richard just outside of dharmaville. then in another one he gassed all of his people and richard was there again asking ben if he wanted them to move his fathers body. as for changing the past with the same future i dont no? but if you think about it like this. say every tuesday you meet up with your friends sue, jim and michael for lunch. you always go to the same restaurant. then on your way to your usual place you all bump into your other friend jayne. she suggests going to the restaurant next door instead. you all go there instead. basically your all doing the same thing as youve always done and have the same good time but because of jayne things are a little different but with the same results? hope that didnt confuse you? it sounded less confusing in my head,haha.eko rocks

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