the 70’s losties

richard says that he watched them all die (the dharma initiative and the losties) but if the losties arent part of t he d.i. anymore, do they join the hostiles, if so, how does richard watch them all die?

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4 thoughts on “the 70’s losties

  1. maybe richard wasnt talkinjg about the losties specifically. i believe he was just refering to the d.i in general, he saw them all die in the purge.

  2. hey mouseboy22, yeah i think he was probably talking about di in jack was wearing his di getup.
    with lost who knows though? he could have been talking about our losties aswell. richard has been on the island for a very very long time and has seen loads of different things happen in very different times? eko rocks

  3. mouseyboy22, several members have been discussing Richard’s statements about him witnessing ‘the losties’ dying.

    One thought is, that he saw them die in ‘the purge’ of 1992 perhaps. That is, if they indeed ‘flash’ away from ‘the incident’.

    It’s anyone’s guess at this juncture, with nothing solid to go on.

  4. Could it not be that he simply pressumes that they died if he watched “The Incident” go down and then suddenly they were gone. He could assume they were all killed in the flash.

    Another thought is that perhaps Richard is one of those guys who just tells people what they need to hear. Consider the fact that in 1977 he meets Jack, Kate, Sayid and Sawyer for sure, if not others. Would he not know or say something when they crash on the island 25 years later? I suppose that’s something else worth considering when you try to decifer whether or not they were successful in changing things or not.

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