Sayid and Mikhail

I think we are gonna see Mikhail again but before he loses his eye.

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8 thoughts on “Sayid and Mikhail

  1. Sounds cool, but you could also treat this as a possible spoiler, and atleast a rumour, so people wont get upset about reading this.

    But I also think that the body in the large grave wasnt Horace’s.

  2. Interesting theory, Grego ^^
    2 questions –

    1) Why do we think Horace’s body is not really in that grave? Has there been some hint or indication that I missed? With everything that goes on in Lost, it is impossible for my brain to keep up with it all. What reason do we have to think it wasnt really Horace in that grave with that jumpsuit on?
    2) Pez, why would this be treated as a spoiler or rumor? I dont see any spoiler info there. Or did I miss it?

    I am curious as to what Mikhail was about to say before he got zapped. This idea you have is an interesting possibility. I, for one, would love to see what Mikhail’s story was. Did we ever learn exactly how he lost his eye? I wonder if it is relevant to the story or if it is just to make him look all hardcore and cool.

  3. With Horace’s body in the mass grave all we know is he had a Dharma jumpsuit on and the blueprints for the cabin, in the season 5 finale when Jack and Sayid come out of the Tunnels they end up in Horaces’s place. Then to escape undetected and blend in Sayid grabs Horace’s jumpsuit, which they clearly show is Horace’s, then Sayid gets shot, while wearing the jumpsuit I don’t know how many more times they will be changing their clothes on the island, i don’t think much.

  4. I’m all for conspiracies, but I do think it’s Horace’s body in the mass grave. We clearly see Ben walk up to Horace’s body as if to pay respect to him just after The Purge.
    I love the idea of Sayid being behind Mikhail’s missing eye though – good call. Of course it could also have been that Dharma torture guy – I forget his name…”He’s our you.” Either way, I’m with you in thinking that we will see more of the wishmaster.

  5. I’m just saying that not everybody likes to find out what will happen, and considering this sounds pretty right, it could annoy some people that they found out that it was Sayid’s body in the grave and not Horace’s (if it actually is…)

  6. It does make way too much sense, and it’s something I’ve yet to figure out myself which really kind of irritates me. It’s gotta be Sayid in the grave. Like you said, Sayid is probably not gonna just throw the “Horace” jumpsuit away or let anyone get ahold of it. Not sure Mikhail will be the one to kill him, but it’s gotta be Sayid in the grave man. Good job Grego, and sure it’s most likely a spoiler, but an accidental one on top of that.

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