“Catch a Falling Star” Christian, Claire & Aaron

Everyone should be familiar with the song Catch a Falling Star.” It’s the song that Christian sings to Claire as a child. It was also very important to Claire that this song, be sung to her baby.

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14 thoughts on ““Catch a Falling Star” Christian, Claire & Aaron

  1. Great theory! You pieced things together nicely and that is very hard to think of!! I’ve heard of many theories about who Jacob really is (Christian, Locke, MIB, even Sawyer!!) Yours is very believeable. I do agree that Claire is alive, if that is what you were saying. This was very well writen 🙂 !!!

  2. This is one of the most interesting theories i’ve ever read. There might be some uncomplete things here and there that are impossible to guess at the moment but you have some major points there.

  3. elsewhere, thanks for reminding us all about Claire’s dream!

    I always felt that Aaron’s significance was much larger than has played out so far. His removal from ‘the island’ is a game-changer IMO. To what end, I have no idea.

    Widmore does have an apparent obsession with The Black Rock Log. There has to be a reason for this. I presume that is because he will discover that some names are the direct descendants of certain people listed.

    Very creative theory and some good thoughts here.

  4. i like this elsewhere. claire and aaron are one of losts biggest mysteries to me. and i would love some answers in season 6.
    your post is very interesting and everything does tie in well.
    charles with the black rock and the paintings has been a little weird to me and i was thinking that it could be of some significance to the storey?
    i also found it really bizare how claire wrote about the blackrock in her diary?
    i did think that claire was dead but now im not so sure about that? guess we will have to wait and see? i really hope we get some answers on this as i wont be satisfied as the claire and aaron storey is one from the old school right? and is one of the storeys that got us all hooked on all things lost in the first place,haha. eko rocks

  5. For everyone that has commented so far, thank you for the kind words!

    sawyerlover62: Yes, I am saying that Claire is alive. I never really subscribed to the theory that Claire died in the explosion. I think she was very much alive when she left with Christian. But, I am also saying that she died! I think she died during a previous cycle on the island and it

  6. elsewhere, I also think you are right about how the Staff Station appeared ‘newer ‘ in one instance, and so dilapidated in the other.

    I also mentioned this regarding Dharmaville when Sun and Lapidus arrived there in present day. It was as if it had never been Otherville at all.

    The outdoor signs for the buildings were still present, and the Dharma recruit pictures still on the walls, etc, and it looked like it had been like that for many years.

    As for the connection between Thomas and Widmore, I believe that there had to be one, which leads to Claire/Aaron, etc., etc.

  7. I’ve actually just noticed that the mobile w/ the airplanes in the room ‘the others’ created for aaron plays the song. (Just rewatched that episode.)

  8. Man I am re-reading your theory, and it’s like omg this is the first theory I read and I truly think the guy could be right. I totally invite you to build upon this theory in a longer post.

  9. If you are in for a longer rewrite, I’d like to hear from you on these points :

    – In episode 1×15 – Homecoming, Claire comes back and has lost all memories after the crash. She basically has to relearn she even knows Charlie and all the other ones. Considering that memory loss is one of the earliest symptoms following time jumps, do you think she may have experienced time travel (‘mind’ time travels such as described by Faraday). Or is it just a coincidence and she was just drugged. Claire remembering being drugged might be just like Desmond remembering being told something by Daniel Faraday years ago : it might happen in a certain reality, and not in a parallel reality. You seem to be referring to alternate realities where Jin saves Danielle vs Jin does not, maybe that also means alternate realities in Claire’s memories at this point.

    – How does getting Aaron out of the island changes the cycle. Esau says : they come, they corrupt, they destroy, etc… How does getting Aaron out of the island breaks this cycle ?

    – John Locke seems to gueninely care about the baby – so much that he makes him this wooden thing as a bed. Why care so much ? Did he know something at this point ? I guess if Aaron = Jacob, the John Locke that cares for the baby is not Esau at this time of the story, since he’d rather want him to die.

  10. Sinister: That’s the great thing about re-watching episodes. There’s always something that pops up that you didn’t catch the first time. I’m thinking about re-watching from the beginning myself before the last season starts.

    Jj23: I’m really happy that you like the theory. I have so many thoughts floating around in my head and I could definitely expand on this quite a bit, possibly when time permits.

    I know it’s hard to tell by a user name alone but, I thought I’d let you in on a little something… I’m female 🙂

  11. Jj23: For now, I’ll answer your questions below:

    The thing about Claire’s memory loss is that we seem to forget that Danielle had to cold cock her upside the head with the butt of her rifle to keep her quite. So, a blunt force trauma to the head could be a simple explanation for her temporary memory loss without any need for time travel. I think the drugs were used to keep her submissive.

    As for Jin and alternate realities… That’s not really the road I’m taking. The island skips back in time. But, what happens if new influences are introduced within those time jumps? Change! Change happens or should we say, “Jacob’s progress!” From there on time just moves along as if nothing has changed at all. I believe Jin was one of those new influence placed within that particular time jump, and his purpose at that point was to save Danielle.

    If Aaron, is truly Jacob and he is removed from the island, how could it not be the beginning of the end of breaking the cycle? If new influences can be placed within a cycle. I believe that old ones can be removed, and I think if Aaron is off the island the chain is about to be broken. He is know longer able to become Jacob. Esau, says they come, they fight, they corrupt, they destroy, but to Jacob the people that he brings to the island are “the means to an end”. Jacob believes that all people are capable of change! With Chaos comes order. Esau, doesn’t see it that way, he just sees Chaos. Look at it this way. Claire wanted to give Aaron away, and she stronly believed that her baby knew it. She realized how much she loved him and that they belonged together. She changed, and she would do anything for Aaron. This is why I believe Jacob is bringing her to him, and she will be on the Black Rock.

    John Locke did care a great deal about Claire and Aaron. But, if you think about it, everyone that Jacob touched had the strongest connections with Claire and Aaron. And every single one of them had a hand in getting Aaron off the island, including, John Locke! I look at Locke as being the double-edged sword. He adds both favorable and unfavorable consequences to both sides.

  12. And Kate sang it to Aaron (i think when she was taking him to Cassidy’s for the first time)… i wonder how/if she knew that Claire wanted it to be sung to him.

  13. Here is AES….

    I love the fact that you are viewing this in a manner that what we are seeing…is change.

    I am almost comletely sold on Aaron being Jacob, love the idea. I think that if it turns out to not be true, the producers will crush the idea early on so that we as theorists, do not dwell on it.

    Claire being taken by Christian to “Jacobs Cabin” makes the theory so much more convincing. I am aware that many believe that the cabin was occupied by MIB, but that is something that still doesnt have a leg to stand on yet.

    If Jacob is using Chritian to protect Claire ,than the reasoning of his accompanying her to blackrock makes perfect sense.

    I love the theory, love the ideas, love the logic and the references.

    Even if you are not correct about every detail, I think you nailed Claire and Aarons importance to the story.

    If you really think about it, in the end, Claire DID give the baby away when she went with Christian, and if he was being used by MIB to change the cycle, or fix it, it could have in the long run led to Jacobs death by Ben and Anti Locke.

    Either way, great theory, very plausable. And I cannot wait to hear more from you. Nicely done!

  14. lostlove: I also thought about Kate singing that song… Maybe Kate heard Claire singing it to Aaron on the island, and it was Kate’s way of keeping a bond between Aaron and Claire. Not really sure though.

    AES: Thank you and I appreciate the comment!

    I agree… In the end Claire DID give Aaron away. But I don’t believe that it was of her own free will. The Claire that we have come to know and who she became on the island would NEVER give Aaron away, let alone leave him out in the jungle. That’s why I believe her dream of Locke was a significant telling to another time when she chose to give him away, and not to the “change” that we are seeing now with Aaron leaving the island.

    If you think about it… Christian told Locke that he was the one that was supposed to move the island, not Ben. So, I think this is what led to the death of Jacob. But, maybe in the end that was the plan. Maybe Jacob knew that he was going to die. He really didn’t seem all that surprised; it was as if he knew it was coming!

    Even though we don’t know the reason, we do know that there is a reason why MIB couldn’t kill Jacob himself. To me, it seems to be the same way of life that Other’s have adopted, it

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