laugh, cry, or get angry read it and let me know

So my brain works in weird ways but I came up with a theory that easily enough explains everything. What if the ones that are LOST aren’t even on the show. Their the viewers. hear me out. You have been watching 5 seasons waiting for your answers yet none have come only theories only bits and pieces of a much larger puzzle that you still don’t know what is. and on and on it went for now 6 seasons. We the viewers have been LOST in LOST this whole time. Nobody knows what is going to happen. Here’s a theory What if in the end after the final moment the camera goes dim and then lights up into a room thats padded looks to a window shows a doctor outside a door who says Time to take your meds. And the LOST ending comes over the screen leaving you pissed off asking the question the director said you would WHY? WHY? think about it. You are the one that is LOST we all are. they have strung you along piece by piece little by little and never once gave you a clear answer to any of it. Not one thing makes any since we can only think we know what the cloud is why the boats there why the time shift off the island why dharma existed and what were they anyways military scientist working for somebody who funded them Look the point is no answers what so ever have been given not a one. only pieces that point you into a direction that later gets turned around and points you in another keeping you wanting more and struggling to get answers that they just aren’t giving. Religion is thrown up to explain the name JACOB what if the name JACOB is the name of one of the WRITERS or perhaps one of their CHILDREN or one of their BROTHERS. but the name alone makes you want to understand more. What if naming the episodes is only done to throw you off. What if everything they have done is just to lead you up to the final moment where you find out its all in your head!!! and the black cloud perhaps your medicine that you always try to avoid taking. Jacob and MIB your doctors. The characters from LOST other patients. What if you are the one thats LOST. How much of a pile of b/s would that turn out to be. Oh and before you say it the directors said it was all real and everything would be explained. Perhaps it is all real its real to you ever week when you sit down and watch it. And everything can easily be explained through the idea of you the viewer or should that be we the viewers being crazy. Just a thought but think about it you wouldn’t expect it and you would be pissed. you’d laugh or cry, or get really really mad either way sooner or later you’d ask yourself why? either why did they do it that way or why did i waste six years watching that or why did they bother making that something would leave you asking why. perhaps its not as hard to understand as it may appear.

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X US NAVY know to study patterns and find reasoning amongst that does does seem to have a reason.

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  1. Jschorii I see you are a little angry or disappointed here and somehow I do share some of your statements above and your feelings too. Sometimes I Have thought exactly the same way but no matter if at the very end I won’t get all the answers or if I will be left with an unfullfilled ending. I just hope it won’t be that way, I will stick ’till the end and take this leap of faith on the writers skills that can leave us both breathless or terribly disappointed. What’s important to me is that I have anyway enjoyed the show during the years and that it has entertained me like no other. This mindtwister has been anyway well performed and well written. Like Twin Peaks, for example, it was a masterpiece no matter if the ending was unsolved.

  2. Yeah, this thought crossed my mind back in season 1. I’m sure the people behind Lost kind of laugh at the fact that some of the viewers look at the show title refering to themselves. I think it’s a big coincidence though. I personally doubt the creators decided to name the show specifically after the audience’s reaction. It’s like Seth Macfarlane, instead of calling it “Family Guy”, calling it “funny” instead. I really do think the writers will leave some things open in the end, but I’m almost positive that they will give us a lot of ideas as to what the island is all about before the final finale. Having faith is difficult with this show, that’s why some people can’t handle it. Everyone’s naturally curious, but patience is a virtue as a viewer with this crazy, crazy show.

  3. I believe 100% they will have a brillaint ending. If they cut to black such as horrific shows like The Sopranos, they will lose a lot of writing credit. I for one won’t ever watch another show they write, speak of, or anything.

    Either way lets say this, the only reason they trully added the love quadrangle with Jack, Kate, James and Juliette was to get viewers who don’t really like the sci-fi aspect of the show to watch. Why make all those fans suffer an inconsequential ending other than to make money?

    I dunno, I had more arguing points but I lost track(or is it tract?) as I started writing.

  4. I don’t see this theory being the final explanation for Lost. The authors will find a satisfying end. And it’s totally normal that we’re lost, this is called suspense.

  5. ok didn’t mean to give anybody the wrong idea this was merely a thought but its not a fade to black scenario the writers and directors have said they will explain everything they have also said most to all the viewers will not be able to figure it out. Look at this way its not to be a bad ending all the stuff that has happened up to this point will in the end still be explained on the island with an ending for all the characters rather good or bad but in the end to give the explanation of the island and leave the viewers asking why a simply happy ending won’t work. of course killing everybody off won’t either and leaving just a few of them at the end where’s the global why question come in? why did they end it that way well then that discredits the writers. Look the concept is after all is done the ones that are coming come the battle that is coming happens the boats explained time travel explained all of it. The ultimate ending to the entire story that will leave you asking why is by placing you the viewer the ones that have enrolled yourselves so deeply into the show into the show as the reason the whole thing happened in the first place. I’m not angry over lost far from it. But nothing they have given you for five seasons ever gives you a true explanation the story just goes on and on never explaining things that have happened the black cloud, seeing dead people etc. There’s a thousand theories to the whole thing but in the end why would the directors after 5 seasons of making you hope you were right allow you to be by simply giving you the biblical idea. Why not keep you guessing until the final ending however it plays out for the losties and then show you as a patient in a mental ward with all the losties as other patients and those who played valuable parts in your understanding of the island and things that have taken place are nothing more than the doctors themselves. Right or wrong it would leave the question why and as was said you would either laugh like me, cry or just be all around mad about it. As one of you already said “I’d never watch anything by them again”. See rather this is a ploy for money I doubt it I think of it more as an experiment. Two things in the show that might support this theory is the reference to experiments on the island and the mental ward Hurley keeps up ending in. Just small pieces that unless you thought along these very lines wouldn’t even make you think about this concept. Right or Wrong in the end I think it would be a good ending explain everything twice. First on the island and all the things that have happened come to be understood rather biblically time travel alice in wonderland dream world etc. Then place us the viewers into the show for the first in history making the entire show about those that watch it. It’s all real in the viewers minds. What a concept you the viewer are the main actors of lost. It would be original and a full filling ending. But the WHY question as the directors have said will be asked at the end will be there for each us the question my vary but always start with the word why. Just a thought but in the end I could see it playing out that way. I will go back to my theories on religion, time travel, and character referencing now to try and give other ideas for how this will end. Check out my question about THEORY Analysis and I try to come up with a better idea for a good ending that would work for the show.

  6. Im Lost with this theory! I know its in the “just for fun” section but please leave it there! If this CRAZY theory were to be true then the writers would have a lot of explaining to do, and with only one season remaining, there isnt enough time.
    There isnt enough viewer interaction for this to be even considered plausable, its only on internet sites like this that people gather to discuss the finer details, its not exactly going to be shocking if you r theory is true, its just going to be MEGA_disappointing, and the writers know that, which is why they wont do it.
    Just like they wont do an ending where it is all “just a dream”
    But as i have said in a previous thread, i can see it ending at the begining, with Jack waking up on the beach, or someone completely different waking up, giving us the sense that it is never-ending, as i have said before, you cant mess with time!! It is endless.
    Do you think that when the writers wrote the pilot episode and perhaps the first couple of seasons that they knew what story ending they were going to write for season 6? I certainly dont, because how could they be SURE that LOST would take off and be a hit? They couldnt, so after a huge success with the first season they knew that they would have to give the viewers a good ending, which is why they will strive not to disappoint us! I HOPE!!!

  7. well this one has obviously got some attention most people I’ve heard from don’t like it they say it would be completely horrible to end it that way. I’m not going to waste more time trying to explain it I just thought it up and figured I’d throw it out there I will say this in my opinion if you think the directors or writers care about the fan base of the shows feelings on the ending your wrong we have watched for 6 years and they got their ratings that’s all that matters to them if people think it will hurt their careers your more than likely wrong think about this all they have to do is go to movie making nobody pays much attention to the names of the people making the movies only the actors. Look I’m not trying to hit any nerves here I hope it ends differently too but I could see them doing that. They have left you in the dark this whole time why not drag you on a little more. Point is the makers of lost don’t care what people think of the ending they already got you to the last episode they already have the ratings to keep it going for the last season why worry about what people think of their ending. And just so you know I have the video feed of the directors at the end of season 1 saying they already knew how they would end the show. Given that consider there ending was planned from the beginning of the whole thing the story itself just falls into place as they write the rest of it. How would that be fesible unless they created an enviroment where they could do what ever they wanted and it wouldn’t effect the ending. Even at the end of season 5 they said they still plan on ending the show the same way they had in the beginning. Don’t assume the writers and directors are looking to give everybody the ending that best soots them. Their story will end however they wanted it to from day one of lost. Now I put this theory to rest it was just for fun but in the end if it does happen I stick to my title of it Laugh Cry or be Angry you have to choose how it will make you feel in the end for me if it happens like this I’ll fall over laughing because that would mean for 6 years they strung along all the viewers “Just For The Fun Of It All”. Wonder if there’s a group of physcologist somewhere analyzing the behaviors of the viewers and writing papers on it all. If they were out there and were working with the shows cast and crew this whole thing could have been some crazy experiment for some well educated people to see what we the viewers would do. Just a theory but wouldn’t that make you laugh maybe just a little. The more we write the more they enjoy the show. No more on this topic I have created a new theory that ends it on a less dramatic ending but still leaves you asking why and keeps the story on the actors and not the viewers. Thanks for replying I enjoyed the conversations over the idea kind of hope they do go that route just for the laughs. But the chances are more than likely slim to none guess I have more of a twisted mind then they do. Perhaps I should write my own show. Thanks again for the conversation piece enjoyed talking about it. John

  8. While the writers could very well make the ending be the “viewers are the losties” even adding in that we are all part of some kind of observation station, this would be a horrible use of deus ex machina. O

  9. ok sorry said I wouldn’t comment again but that made me laugh if you don’t know what deus ex machina is look it up that comment will make you laugh. But wouldn’t that be the best way to use it. Changes the dimension of things with a quick answer. They could even name the lost episode that. Wouldn’t that just suck thanks for the laugh that was funny.

  10. Yeah, there’s no way the writers will fail us like that. It wouldn’t even be original if it DID fade to black and they said while laughing “fooled you!!, you’re the lost ones!” What kind of utter crap would that be? The writers (and possibly actors) would have to hide from all the Lost junkies in the world for years, and as mentioned before, it would be employment suicide for all of them. ALSO – If the show ends with Jack waking up on the island, I will then consider everything I’ve read and typed for this show to be a complete waste of time, and this show will go down as having the most predictable and depressing ending of any series I’ve ever laid eyes on. They know better than that, and I have faith that a satisfying ending will take place, maybe not answer-driven, but satisfying.

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