cindy- why, where, how did she go?

hey you guys. im just rewatching some losts. by the sounds of it thats what most of us seem to be doing,haha.
something really puzzles me and that is the whole cindy going missing situation?
they were carrying an injured sawyer in a sretcher, from the tailies camp to our losties camp. then they came across a small rocky hill that they had to climb. and cindy just completely vanished? nobody saw or heard anything, how bizzare and weird is that?
i was thinking that could she have always had a connection to the island, like could she have always been an other? or could the island have took her somehow?
what do you guys think, any ideas?eko rocks

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eko rocks

i love driveshaft

4 thoughts on “cindy- why, where, how did she go?

  1. I remember the last time I saw Cindy was on HYDRA island. Jack was kept in a cage and she was with a little girl survived from the 815 tail. Jack questioned her and she said “we are here just for watching” and then the little girl asked if Ana Lucia was ok.Of course Jack had a furious reaction at this and anyway it was quite a strange conversation that left me quite puzzled. Of course you’d better watch this seen yourself because my memory could be a little lacking.

  2. Sorry I forgot to say that Cindy looked completaly at ease with the others as she had been one of them all the time and that’s what puzzled me the most.

  3. I am not sure about the initial abduction, although I would bet it was more left the way it was to create “mysterious others”, and will never be explained…

    But I think that her attitude may very well have been adjusted through the use of room#23.

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