Jacob’s Touch

While re-watching the season finale, one major question came to mind. Jacob paid a visit to several of out Losties at crucial points in their life. But had it always been this way? Did Jacob always attend Sun and Jin’s wedding or buy Kate’s stolen lunchbox? Or is this the new alternate timeline, Jacob intervening at key points in the character’s lives so things could be different for them somehow?

In other words, were these flashbacks or Jacob rewriting history for Kate, Jack, Sawyer, Sayid, Jin + Sun, and Locke? And why did he visit Hurley in “real time” (a.k.a. during the scope of the show) while all of the others were visited in their (somewhat distant in Kate and Saywer’s case) past? Where these guys touched by Jacob all along?

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2 thoughts on “Jacob’s Touch

  1. Good point…..I believe he always touched them (obvious open for debate )………. the characters involved are to pivotal for Jacob, to embrace on a second run or a seventh…..he knew from the beginning he is much too powerful to let gaps in the future, present or past go…..This is a first run in for him to meet…..Not saying it’s the first second ninth run for the above aforementioned losties….sum it up………Jacob knows what the hell is going on.

  2. hey. i think since we have never seen these moments before we assume that jacob has always done it. if perhaps we saw one of these scenes before without jacob, we can say he “changes the past”. but you never really know in lost, do you…

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