OMG ETHAN (cant’t beleve i used omg)

ok so i have just seen a advert like 5 mins ago for the new series of lost and in it it has Ethan Rom in a hoodie saying shhh what does this mean back from the death, flashback or what if you have seen it please leave your thoughts it was on sky 1 about half 12 tonight

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I'm lost can someone please give me some directions

9 thoughts on “OMG ETHAN (cant’t beleve i used omg)

  1. I have just checked my post and that was meant to be ethan not nathen I was quite merry from the pub when I wrote that I must of had heroes on my mind because I am really into that and all so sorry for the mix up

  2. Lol it’s ok… I haven’t watched the earlier seasons in awhile but I was like what? Did I miss someone? I don’t remember a Nathan…. But anyways….. Flying man!

  3. I saw the advert last night! 2 more months to go! 😀

    Skip – I’m not sure about the guy who was on Danielle’s team, but I googled ‘Nathen Lost’ shortly after reading this and it gave me a Lostpedia page. The guy who Ana Lucia thought was an ‘Other’ way back in Season 2, who ultimately got killed by Goodwin, his name was Nathan.

  4. well ethan certainly still has story to fill. He seems to be very important in many story lines. (locke’s time traveling/dharma times/ben becoming an other, etc.

    i would be dissapointed if he doesn’t come back. hes quite good at the creepiness

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