Faraday was right about #815, sort of….

Prior to Daniel Faraday’s untimely demise, he has a conversation with Jack and convinces him that if they follow his theory based upon ‘The Variables’, and they detonate ‘Jughead’ at the Swan Station, Flight #815 should safely land in LA, never having crashed on ‘the island’. In part, this was accurate with the exception that Daniel didn’t think through all of the potential scenarios that might possibly occur.

He didn’t consider all of the aspects of Quantum Mechanics. Had he have survived, he may have eventually made the proper considerations regarding the detonation of ‘Jughead’. Quantum science tells us that there is not a flat line running from the past to the future. This is the view of most people, but it is based on the old science, and is no longer true. Einstein has proven that time is not fixed, it expands and it contracts. And, time has a vertical dimension. There are many ‘lanes of time’ running simultaneously and you can change lanes. You can begin in one lane, then change lanes to produce a different outcome than you expected in the original lane. This means there are multiple possibilities existing simultaneously in any instant, subject to our conscious and intentional choice.

The power exists to direct awareness through this field of creative intelligence that scientists call the quantum hologram. Through powerful thought it can activate another vertical strand of time. When you tap into an alternate possibility timeline where what you are imagining exists as reality, having the feelings of experiencing that reality puts you into vibrational harmony with the frequency of that timeline. Your visualization selects one of the possible scenarios within that timeline to merge with your present timeline. At the time, Daniel Faraday and ‘the losties’ were unaware that ‘the incident’ was the catalyst for this situation occurring.

What does this suggest? I suspect that we will see ‘alternate realities’ created from ‘the incident’, one where ‘the losties’ do land safely in LA, and another which still places them on ‘the island’, experiencing different histories and timelines. These will run simultaneously as outlined in the description of ‘merging timelines’, with ‘the losties’ travelling in both lanes. This concept of ‘sidewise’ time travel, a term taken from Murray Leinster’s “Sidewise in Time,” is often used to allow characters to pass through many different histories and timelines, all descendant from some common branch point. In this case, it would be ‘the incident’ and the detonation of ‘Jughead’ that creates the common branch. Often worlds that are similar to each other are considered closer to each other in terms of this ‘sidewise travel’.

With conscious awareness and a little help along the way, ‘the losties’ can choose to merge the timeline that best fits. Perhaps, this was the significance of Jacob touching each of them. They were ‘key elements’ required in a much larger picture, and he was ensuring their presence and participation; choosing the fate and destiny of mankind and perhaps the world, for reasons we are still unaware. I guess the real question would be is, will they make the right choice and merge the best timeline for a safe and secure future?

I suspect the experiences they will have in Season 6, will provide them with many tough choices and challenges to arrive at their conclusion. The margin for error certainly exists, as do the betrayals of each side pulling them in different directions for a desired outcome. As viewers, we are in for an incredible season that only Lost could provide, in the style that we have become accustomed to. Start your engines and fasten your seat belts. It’s going to be a wild and crazy ride with some detours in the road ahead!

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~ Contrary to popular misconception, karma has nothing to do with punishment and reward. It exists as part of our holographic universe’s binary or dualistic operating system only to teach us responsibility for our creations—and all things we experience are our creations. ~

78 thoughts on “Faraday was right about #815, sort of….

  1. ADDENDUM: This theory was written, prior to the site re-opening on Nov 9th. In view of recent discussions about when and how this ‘alternate’ reality was created, we may be able to determine how the events we have seen unfold led up to where we left off at the end of Season 5, while also considering other contributing factors.

  2. First of all great theory, and a good read. I’m not entirely convinced that this is how season 6 will progress, but it is certainly an interesting way of looking at things.

    ”With conscious awareness and a little help along the way, ‘the losties’ can choose to merge the timeline that best fits.”

    I’m interested in this part of your theory. What could the best fit be? There are infinate possibilities, and there is no solution that all the losties would agree with. I would suggest that if this is true, the decision will be taken by One man (or woman).

  3. tbis is not mainstream quantum theory, and is not widely accepted in the theoretical community. and I believe Faraday had a far better understand of quantum mechanics than most people (figuring out time travel!).

    perhaps the large hadron collider will play into lost…just kidding…i think….

  4. Hi JamTay, I guess this is one of the questions that re on the table. How do the writers show viewers and answer all of the questions and mysteries that Lost has shown us, thus far.

    The writing method is common place in science fiction writing. The writers have stated that they will provide a story that is understandable, in addition to being believable.

    I explored the realm of possibilities with what we have actually seen on the show, and drew what I felt is a plausible vehicle to accomplish this.

    I completely agree with what you say, as to the infinite possibilities of who will be left standing in the end. As a group, there will be some of ‘the losties’ who disagree. Some of them, will also die along the way.

    The question as to who will emerge at the end of Lost as the hero, will be hotly debated. But, we hope there will be at least one!

    Thanks for your comment and insight!

  5. Great theory Dabs. It makes me wonder though, just what all our theories would look like if we didn’t have comicon or any other leaked info since the season finale. I think there will be two distinct time lines, the one we have mostly seen already and the new one. Some of what we have already seen on screen may be events of EITHER timeline. That could be confusing.

  6. Hi ekolocation, it is a ‘science fiction’ vehicle that plays into Quantum Mechanics, and is used for story telling purposes.

    We don’t know what Faraday knew at the time, and/or how he based his decision and/or if he was using all of the facts. He certainly had all of the qualifications.

    Given his working knowledge and understanding of ‘the island’, would he have actually have known what potentials could possibly happen. I am not sure he could have predicted that at the time. The ‘island’ has many mysteries and I don’t believe he was aware of them all on a whole.

    Something to consider….

    Thanks for your comment, and willingness to at least consider the option.

  7. Hi BanLinus, I think you are absolutely correct about the two timelines, and we are unaware at this point, what we have been shown.

    There is discussion that what we have seen with the FF’s and FB’s are not shown sequentially, so this is what makes speculation in those areas hard to determine!

    Thanks for your comment and input!

  8. “The quantum leap to a healthier you, a more abundant you, a more attractive you, a more successful you, a more youthful you, which exists in another thread of time, is possible only if you are able to break barriers of your current thinking.”

    Why would Daniel need a nuclear bomb to accomplish this? I like the Holographic Universe Theory… I wrote one on the old LT site some time back based on the book by Michael Talbot. But the nuclear explosion part seems to be coming right out of left field. The theory is really more of a “improve your reality through positive thinking” kind of theory…

  9. Hi highbrow, you make some very good points!

    In addition to addressing how some similar aspects of science fiction is written, it does address the aspects of consciousness.

    In particular, what I like is what you have noted about Daniel. I am not sure what Daniel’s reasoning was in making his decision. I only know that he felt ‘The Variables’ would solve the problem. I feel that he didn’t expand his thoughts in this area.

    I do mention the Holographic universe aspects here, and it may apply.

    If you check Wikipedia out on ‘alternate realities’ and Murray Leinster, you will note that his methods have been used by HG Wells, and a variety of other writers, in popular sci-fi, fantasy, and reality games.

    Thanks for your comment. I do understand what you are saying, and wanted to provide a scenario from a story telling view. The writers can use this approach and take the story anywhere they wish, and hopefully satisfy many of the viewers.

    Thanks for your insights.

    PS: I’m not aware of your theory on the old site. If you feel it is relevant, you should post it here.

  10. Hey highbrow, that is such a shame! Is it possible that you could write something up that addresses the ‘principle’.

    I have watched sci-fi shows, read about it a little, but still do not fully grasp the context! I’d really appreciate it!

  11. Thanks daddyx! I think you are right about that.

    Given the emphasis placed, this has to apply, and why I addressed ‘the ‘consciousness’ aspects of it.

    I’ll have to check out ‘pendular’ alt/time travel.

    Thanks for your input!

  12. Hi daddyx, is it ‘pendulum’ time travel? I think so. I looked it up on Wikipedia and I like what it has to say.

    Very nice with ‘the observer’ aspects! Nice catch!

  13. No problem, daddyx. The page redirected me, thankfully. I read the description, and thought this must be what I should be looking at.

    Thanks again, and I agree with those elements being used!

  14. Dabs, I just recently read something (and by recently I mean yesterday) that looks like a variation of the concepts you raise. I have to goo back and check it out again but one idea it set proposed was that all the different variations of the future send possibility waves back through time and when it connects to the one past event that it is most in tune with, it becomes real. Give me a few days and I’ll get back to you on more of this.

    As always a splendid theory that jumpstarts our minds.

  15. Hi Sinster, I appreciate it, if you would post back with any information.

    I started out with one link, and it went crazy from there. I somehow stumbled onto the information, by accident, and it just seemed to fit nicely!

    Glad you enjoyed. I look forward to many more discussions and ideas on this.

  16. HI Dabs,

    I can see how this theory could apply, and it’s intersting fringe science, but I’m really not sure that they’d use this, as this sort of theory is a bit too wishy-washy for the needs of a narrative. That is, it feels a bit too “If I want this to happen it will happen and I can just make the reality I want to make.” Do you know what I mean?

    Plus I don’t know that they would introduce another big theoretical base for things when they have set up some pretty difficult concepts for the audience already. I think Faraday’s style of experiments WILL play out in S6 in line with the stuff we’ve seen with Desmond, but in a different way. But the dots are going to have to be connected pretty quickly as time is running out – as there are a lot of mysteries and if they are to avoid whole expisodes of exposition, they have to be very interconnected, and based on what we know to date so as to just slot in simply and in a non “on the nose” way.

  17. Hi Yojimbo, I definitely can see what you are saying about the aspects of Fringe science.

    However, time travel and alternate realities don’t exist in real life either, so I guess we have to let go of some of our preconceived ideas and settle on a way that will allow the writers to present a story to us in a way that is not too convoluted.

    I am not sure how they would do this, but am open to any ideas that anyone has. By discussing them, it might bring us to a better understanding of how the next season will be approached.

    I think that it is rather clever that they have used many aspects of real science and worked from that point of vantage into the realms of sci-fi.

    I guess it is all about perception, and this may not be the way things play out. I really felt like it might be plausible.

    My intent, is to provide a way of how they might do this, while maintaining the integrity of the show.

    You raise some valid points!

    Thanks for your comment!

  18. Hey their delila I like it and I don’t i guess I’m still trying to get my head round it. So what you are basically saying is when the bomb goes off it causes 2 different timelines to run alongside each other and sometime in the futer they will merge, so when does the timeline split 30 years in the future during flight 815 or the moment the bomb goes off so in 1 reality Richard is telling the truth and he seen the losties die and inthe other 1 they survived the bomb and they are still alive and kicking. Also with Jacob touching people ( that sounds wrong lol ) do you beleve all the people he touched are the varibles. On a sidenote I don’t like the idea of alternate timelines I think that will make the storytelling of the show to easy

  19. Hi Samson, yes I do know what you mean by that.

    I stayed away from specifics for a couple of reasons. The writers have admitted that certain flashbacks have not been shown to us in sequential order, so it may be very hard to pinpoint certain things at this point.

    In researching Quantum mechanics, it states that several things must happen before an alternate timeline occurs.

    We have Ben turning the FDW which ‘splinters’ time and sends ‘the island’ skipping through time. Later, John Locke sets it back on its axis and ‘the island’ stops skipping, but ‘the losties’ are stuck in Dharmaville 1974-1977, while the ’06’ are on the outside world 2004-2007.

    We know this time-skipping has no effect on ‘the others’. Therefore, an alternate has not been created yet. When ‘the losties’ detonate ‘Jughead’ in ‘the incident’, the effects of the splinter in time caused by the FDW, combined with the explosion is what I feel will cause an alternate timeline.

    An alternate timeline, meaning when time starts running simultaneously. We have not seen the effects of ‘the incident’ at this point.

    The 2 timelines will allow what I have mentioned in my theory to occur, (amongst other things) and the writers are able to tell their story any way they wish, while logically answering the big mysteries, without it seeming ‘cheesy’ or far-fetched.

    I do believe that ‘the losties’ are The Variables, but I suspect it is something even more than that.

    I wish I could tell you what that is, but I honestly don’t know.

    I open this theory up, because it has so many opportunities for members to apply their own ideas.

    It’s a way to get the ‘creative juices’ flowing.

    Thanks for your comment Samson and forcing my brain into a black hole after that explanation. lol I hope that helps.

  20. But I need the specifics to get my head round it lol, do you think that all the flasbacks we have seen have been from 1 timline or a mix from both alternate timelines, I’m sorry dabs but I don’t like this idea I think it will get confuseing skipping from 1 timeline to the next and I dont see what point it will serve merging them back together in the future I can see that this idea will give us an answer to the whispers but that’s about it i like your thoughts on it and I’m sure I will be thinking about it atwork tomorrow so I might have more to contribute then but as of this moment in time I’m not alternate timeline belever it’s just the 1 for me

  21. Hi Samson, I don’t think that it will become confusing. I feel the writers know how to tell the story in a way, which will not be confusing.

    If I knew what was in the writers heads, I’d not only be psychic, but quite successful too! lol

    I realize that this is a concept that some may not like and/or wish to accept. That is perfectly fine. Hopefully, what this does provide is, an opportunity for us to think about how the writers will wrap up the final season, and answer all of those big mysteries in a way that makes sense.

  22. I’m trying to get into your way of thinking on this because i like to think of other theorys that I may not beleve myself or even like and i think I mite have something to contribute but I’m on my iPod at the moment so I can’t comment properly I will give it some more thought tomorrow and try and get my head around it a bit more and try and post you a better reply you can sink your teeth into tomorrow night

  23. You got it Samson, I will look forward to your thoughts once you are in a better position to comment.

    I would expect that you would have something to contribute. You always have!


  24. I believe science fiction can totally be real. Remember we once thought the world was flat.

    I DEFINITELY think the show is going 2 show different scenarios, concerning timelines…

    I also want 2 say, I’ve been thinking of this… Even though our losties set off jughead, flight 815 is still 2 hours off course, so something else was also drawing them to the island… just my opinion…

  25. In my humble opinion I think all the flashbacks we have seen, and flashforwards are from one timeline.

    The alternate timeline was created during the incident… but wait didn’t Pierre Chang already know of the incident, but he said it was in 1984, so is there another incident?

    How I LOVE lost.

  26. Hi Sinster, I agree with you on both counts. Most of the research for my theories is from Wikipedia and classified as science, with the exception of alternate realities, and some other subjects which may still be considered ‘fringe’ science.

    Many of the people ‘weighing in’ on these topics have researched them fully, so you are correct.

    We still cannot ignore that #815 was drawn to ‘the island’ by other forces as you say. While we mention the science, we cannot leave out the ‘spiritual’ side of the universe.

    I’ll be addressing some of those issues in future.

  27. Sinster, lol I did the very same thing. I went to Lostpedia and looked it up, and ‘the incident’ in the 80’s was due to malfunction of AHDG. (not sure if I got the lettering correct).

    I was attempting to translate ‘the incident’ with Samson, and I think, like you we need to wait and see which are which, because as you say, we may have been already seeing aspects of this already.

    They really know how to ‘mess’ with our heads! lol

  28. I cannot really imagine how the show would go if there were not at least two timelines with two different perspectives.

    I think you are correct to assume that the incident was the beginning of this, although I cannot help but believe there would be no incident, no 815 crash, no Ajira crash, or no multiple timelines (if true) without turning the frozen donkey wheel.

    I feel that the wheel is and always has been the key to unlocking the islands properties.

    I think that the Swan/orchid are more modern technological forces that attempt to control the islands energy, after viewing and studying the FDW.

    I do feel that Faraday KNEW what he was doing…whether he felt he would be killed or not, he had a plan…did he deep down inside, somehow know Mommy would stab…er…shoot him in the back?

    I have always labled Faraday as the cause of all of this. He tries and tries and tries…but always fails at what he is trying to accomplish…until of course Desmond gave him the numbers necessary from the future to successfully complete his experiment.
    I have to wonder what Dan was doing in Ann Arbor all that time…

    Eko, I cannot help but believe that the LHC has always played an inspirational role on the show…
    Just look at the 8 sided design of the collider next to the Dharma symbol on Lost, combined with what they are trying to do with the LHC and the “fears” of some regarding a black hole or time travel, and it is almost harder to find a way that it doesnt fit…

    Highbrow, I think Dans “hydrogen” bomb idea is the easiest and most simple way of “fixing” things (yes, seriously use easy and simple describing detonating a hydrogen bomb)…
    They are past the point of no return…they are past using simple fringe science.
    Dan knows that the date of the incident is looming, and action must be taken quickly…hence the bomb…

    Sampson, alternate timelines are a small hat for a big head…so wrapping it up is understandable…

    The idea is based on something changing from how it originally played out.

    It only takes one person/entity to know how a timeperiod played out, to know that something is different.
    The hardest part is, it is nearly impossible from our viewpoint to KNOW what was the same and what is different.

    We have to rely on what is being told and shown to us, and as far as we know, everything we saw in the first four seasons could be the second timeline or the original!

    Great theory and conversation starter as usual Dabsi…And great job by all keeping her on her toes…

    Ps…I would love to see more in depth theorizing on the “hologram” thought…
    I am aware, but have not directly applied it to Lost…

  29. I can’t wait 2 read the spiritual post… Remember science vs… fate…

    OMG this website definitely needs a lost countdown clock..

    I pretend lost is real in my imagination… :0)

  30. Sinster, this is my baby that I’ve been hoarding for the right moment.

    Given your statements, I think you will appreciate it! At least, I hope so!


  31. @JamTay1

    I disagree there are ‘infinite possibilities’. To me, the 2 timelines that will be shown are pretty much the only 2 possibilities. I think we have to take the ‘whatever happens, happened’ statement and apply it to two realities : ‘whatever happens, happened, in either of the 2 timelines.’


    I totally agree with you that only the detonation of the bomb is likely to have caused an alternate timeline (or whatever event that preceded this and convinced Daniel Faraday he needed to do it). In fact everything else that was done in Lost will integrate to a single timeline. When Faraday chose the bomb as a mean of changing time, he knew that the explosion of a bomb at this site was in perfect contradiction with all the subsequent events shown in seasons 1-5. That’s why he chose a bomb and this precise location.

  32. Jj23, I think now you know why I was so excited when I read your theory!

    You nailed the reason for all of this….It completely made sense to me, that the ‘war’ was over time lines.

    I am in agreement with you regarding the integration. What you say does make sense to me now, why Faraday chose the bomb. I was conflicted by his choice. Thanks for clarifying this point.

    It definitely seems to be coming together in my mind now.

    Great thoughts and ideas from you!

  33. Sinister, I get your idea behind “whatever happened happened” being relevent to two seperate timelines (I also believe there are two, although the possiblility for more…up to infinite DOES exist, I just dont think it applies to Lost)… ‘having said that’, I believe that there was only ONE original timeline, therefor… having two would mean that the original one had to have changed to create the second (different) one…

    The infinite possibility arises by the second changing, then the third, and so on…all being created by another with at least a slight diffenence between them…

  34. ahh yes, lost the whole point in my babble…

    So “whatever happened happend” cannot apply to BOTH timelines if any, for the simple reason that “whatever happened” in the first timeline did NOT “happen in the second…or it would not exist at all.

  35. Dabs – can you please clarify what you say above?

    “We have Ben turning the FDW which ’splinters’ time and sends ‘the island’ skipping through time.”

    -Why do you think the FDW caused the splintered time?

  36. Hey Dabs, do you mean that the different characters are going to ‘be’ in different realities each determined by their own agendas? How would they interact to bring the timelines together?

  37. Hi Yojimbo, my understanding of Quantum mechanics in terms of how an alternate universe is created is, that you need several factors to occur.

    The first, is where ‘time’ itself is splintered or fractured in some manner. My limited scientific understanding of this has to do with expansion and contraction of particles. (this is a cursory explanation) I encourage you to check out Wikipedia.

    When Ben turned the FDW and knocked it off of its axis, it sent ‘time’ spinning out of control, and we see ‘the losties’ travelling to different time periods. Once Locke turns the FDW and places the FDW back on its axis, the frenetic ‘time skipping’ stabilizes, but ‘time’ is still stuck. The ‘losties’ are in the 70’s, while ‘the others’ are in a different time period on the same island.

    The condition which was created still exists. Time itself has been splintered or fractured.

    Once ‘the incident’ occurs, all of the necessary factors have taken place, and it produces ‘strands’ in time. aka alternate reality.

    I hope that is helpful. My apologies for not being able to provide a better explanation.

  38. Hi Tas, first of all this is a great question. How we as viewers would see events play out on Lost, would be no different than what we have seen in all previous seasons, where we see parts of an episode where they are on ‘the island’, flashbacks/flashforwards, etc.

    If we base this on Faraday’s words, that #815 will land safely in LA, I think we will see this, and what happens in their lives.

    We will also see happenings on ‘the island’ in addition. They will be in both realities, but how the writers tell us this story, is up to them. I do think it is safe to say, it will be a mixture, as it has been in previous seasons.

    I would suspect that ‘the losties’ will have some conscious recollection of having been on ‘the island’, similar to deja-vu, once they are back in LA. They will have awareness, and the touch of Jacob that will keep them together somehow, collectively.

    I don’t know if we could anticipate how the writers will choose to show us how they will accomplish merging the time line.

    Season 6 will be shown like all other seasons, with the exception that we will see them in both realities, simultaneously.

    Your question is great, and there is so much to take into consideration, that I find it difficult to more specific.

    I hope this helps at least somewhat.

    Thanks for your comment!

  39. people. alternate realities are simply explained in Sliders. juuust kidding but I do remember that show. good times. i do like the idea of the war being over the two timelines… i really like it. but im not going over to the multiple timeline side yet.

    if there where two timelines, i would like the explanation to be that someone messed up the past for selfish reasons and the losties are there to (most likely unwittingly) fix the past.

    in addition…im splitting hairs and this has NO relevance what so ever (although I am a science buff). They detonated an atomic bomb, not a hydrogen bomb. in order to set off a hydrogen bomb, you must set off an internal atomic bomb to start the high energy chain reaction necessary for it to work. the losties took out the internal atomic bomb. don’t hate me for this correction.

    ok im rambling but I am bored at work. half day today.

  40. Hi AES, your main comment just showed in my e-mail box in the wee hours, so I didn’t see it here until I looked up. Those lengthy comments, strike the system again! lol It has happened to me many times.

    As always, your thoughts and insights are appreciated. You are correct, this theory serves as a great conversation starter, and hopefully provides a unique glance on the whole premise of alternate realities and how the writers might use ‘sidewise’ time travel to explain the story.

    I hope that it inspires many theories, ideas, and discussions in future.

    Thanks for your comment.

  41. Hi ekolocation, so funny that you mention ‘Sliders’, as it was one of the shows highlighted in Wikipedia for ‘Sidewise’ time travel.

    I agree that we are looking at a situation of two timelines. I think where the explanation may get fuzzy, lies in the interpretation of the experiences of viewing what has happened in the past within this concept.

    Sorry you are bored at work today! Hopefully, the morning will fly by.

  42. Ok dabs ive had a think today while i was at work and for this theory to make sence in my head this is what i have come up with,
    First of all i dont like the idea of two timelines running along side each other with 2 jacks, 2 sawyers and so on going on about their lives with no idea of the other then sometime in the future they merge back into 1 reality, in my mind i would like to think its going to be like a car driving down a dual carrageway, when the bomb goes off it causes the car to switch from 1 lane to the next the car still has the same destination as before but is now in a different lane and further down the road it will switch back to its original lane,
    Now to apply it to lost, if their is going to be 2 timelines ( i will use jack ) their will be 2 bodys of jack 1 that crashes and 1 that lands in L.A. but only 1 conscienceness and that is what will jump to the other timeline, when he lands in L.A. for some reason he will know something is wrong and that they shouldnt of landed safely and he will be drawn to the island, when further down the line when the time line course corrects itself the bodys and timelines will merge back into 1 reality with the 1 conscienceness having scattered memorys off both timelines. maybe another incident or the result of the valenzi equation will cause the timelines to merge again. this will also be a good way to bring back dead characters with the 2 realitys merging where if they were dead in 1 but alive in the other, Also when the 2 realitys merge the island will show signs of the 2 realitys like when sun went to dharmaville and it showed signs of the others living their but also like it had been abadonned for 30 years

  43. Hi Samson, I think you have grasped the concept quite nicely, and really like the insights, thoughts and ideas you have mentioned. Your ideas are great, and fully anticipate seeing some of these scenarios play out!

    In order for an alternate reality to exist, it does run simultaneously, unless the writers intend applying their own unique version, which is entirely plausible.

    However, my preference would be if they remained true to what an alternate reality is defined as, stated in Wikipedia. Having said that, they could still maintain the integrity of an alternate reality and sell it, as they have proven themselves to be quite masterful story-tellers.

    As mentioned, I personally veered away from portraying anything too specific, until we see how the writers will apply this concept to Lost.

    I think you did an absolutely brilliant job with the interpretation!

    Great Thoughts!

  44. dabs do you think the merge will be the big finale of the series or do you think they will try and wrap it up midway thru and show the aftermath of the merge up until the finale

  45. hi Samson, that is a great question. I suppose it could begin working towards the merging effects mid-way through the season through to a climatic conclusion.

    What I am having a hard time visualizing is, how will it end. Will the FDW be turned again or another incident type scenario which reverses the effects? This is what I am having difficulty seeing. In addition to, how it will all end. Jj23 wrote in his theory that the war is over the two timelines. I believe this to be 100% true!

    The science surrounding how the merge will take place, is not ‘scientifically’ in my brain yet. lol I think we may be introduced to some other aspects of Quantum mechanics, that might explain how this could occur.

    Somebody else, may know more about it, if so, I hope they comment.

    I attempted to delve into that a bit, and found myself down a ‘Black Hole’, mind travelling! lol

  46. Thanks for the answer Dabs, two timelines I can do, I was a bit worried that you meant heaps of timelines, so can relook knowing your intention now. To throw my two cents in on when they may merge -I can see them having the new timeline running for the first 5-6 episodes then merge it and bring it home with all hell breaking loose becasue of the split and merge. They tend to follow this pattern if you look at the overviews of the seasons, they’ll take about 5 shows to wrap up the problem from the finale then start ramping up to the next problem. I think we’ll see the timeline merge quite early on in the season. How? Why? Haven’t got a good enough idea for that yet.

  47. ifoundmyloophole, please call me dabs!

    I am so glad you like this theory and others that I have posted.

    I can’t wait to hear some of your ideas, and see the theories that may arise from considering this ‘alternative’. Pun intended!

    I have no doubt that you have been all over the internet on this particular subject. There is a lot of information available.

  48. Hi Tas, I had the exact same thoughts as you did, when I first read the information.

    I was worried that I wasn’t articulating myself very well with my answer.

    I completely agree with your take on Season 6, and how it will play out.

    Like you, I don’t feel that it will take ‘the losties’ very long to realize what is happening by way of their own consciousness. With only 18 episodes (sobbing), I think it will take some maneuvering to work towards the ‘merging’.

    I have no ideas myself to consider at this point!

    Great thoughts!

  49. Dabs, I think that there are two explainations for the splintering andmy reasoning is based on two theories that I posted several monthes ago. First, there is Jugghead. As you may recall I posted a theory called “Schrodinger’s Island” where I used Quantum Suicide to get around the Grandfather Paradox and speculated that the interaction of Jugghead with the E/M pocket would cause 3 scenarios to happen at once.

    The second theory had to do with the FDW and how it may move the Island. That theory was “Einstien, The Swan, and The Eldridge.” In that one I speculated that the FDW caused all the timelines and realities to be twisted together and then when the tension was released was when the Island actually moves.

  50. Hi Achalli, I recall when you posted both of those theories, and it was not long after Series 5 concluded, which placed them on the ‘cutting edge’ of the alternate time theories, before any information became available through Comic-con.

    I found them very insightful and give good grounding for some of the answers dealing with the FDW and ‘the incident’.

  51. ifoundmyloophole, I definitely believe the answers to Lost are in the details of what we have been shown over the last 5 seasons.

    It is those answers which have brought us thus far.

  52. Dabs, I’m warming up to the alt timelines idea, and you made it pretty palatable here.

    Here’s a thought. The writers themselves admit that each season has distinct, broad themes. Consider the Losties experience:

    Season 1: we’re alone except for a French lady.
    Season 2: we meet other survivors, primitive Others, and a dude in a hatch.
    Season 3: we meet Others living in barracks
    Season 4: we meet people from a freighter
    Season 5: we meet the outside world again, and 1970s Dharma Initiative people.
    Season 6: we meet copies of ourselves from a parallel universe, and work out our differences over tea. 🙂

  53. Rick_Deckard, I have offered a view as to how Season 6 might play out from a story-telling point of view.

    It is one option for people to consider, and seems as if it is one of those options, that might be plausible, as other people have theorized. I also fully appreciate that alternate realities may not resonate, nor appeal to everyone.

    It is up to anyone who reads a proposed theory to arrive at their own conclusion.

    While, this is something I am considering myself. I am open to hearing other views/options/theories in this regard.

    Thanks for your comment.

  54. Dabs, I sense you might’ve taken my comment the wrong way and I didn’t mean it so. I actually think this theory and its thoughtful explanation is the best new idea I’ve read on here since I joined!

    I like how you’re thinking about it from a story-telling point of view. I was thinking in terms of broad seasonwide themes. We know the writers like those… “The Time Travel Season” “The Season With Flash Forwards” “The Freighter Season.”

    They’ve already told us Season 6 will have some basic different narrative structure along these lines (at least I think I recall reading that), and given that we’ve flashed both backward and forward now, flashing sideways (or “vertically” as you called it) seems a logical next, and final, move.

    And as for having tea, I said that just because I have no idea what someone would do if actually confronted with a copy of themselves. At least we know (via Miles) that the universe doesn’t explode.


  55. Hi Rick_Deckard, I am aware by comments you have made on the ‘alternative reality’ theories posted recently, that you appear to be open to these possibilities, so took nothing from your comment.

    I also realize that what I propose in terms of the ‘sidewise’ time travel may not fit with all people, so I want to reiterate that I feel this aspect of viewing next season, holds many possibilities within that realm.

    I welcome any and all insights.

    Thanks for your comment!

  56. I’m a bit confused about how this theory has changed from what was outlined in the main post to now. It has gone from “we can travel to any reality we want” to basically outlining my exact same thoughts as put forth in my Ajira thread, complete with “splintered time”, 2 realities, etc. I take it Dabs that you have come around from your disagreement of that thread? Because the way Samson has heavily rearticulated it is pretty much the identical concept I outlined a week ago. For anyone that wants to reread my theory, I also outlined how the writers could sidestep the whole doubles issue too.

  57. hey dabs!

    lovely read as usual.
    i think considering everything you said, i thought i might make a slight observation about faraday and locke, and perhaps ben.

    you mention the changing of lanes and how you can move between them, as in different time lines. i think its particularly interesting, and i know you know how much im interested in locke and his time manipulation. i feel it interesting that he seemed proactive in seeking out the technicalities off time travel. for instance when he showed richard and ben behind the tree, to observe something that happened in the past. that means locks has actively seeked out that one can ‘change lanes’.
    as for faraday, i think he perhaps had the same ability or close to finding out the truth, or the loophole.
    when the failsafe key is turned, thats when the power becomes redundant, or perhaps juliet letting the bomb go off, that has an unpredictable outcome.

    but all in all, i find it interesting that some charactors know whats going on, whilst otheres seem to just go with the flow.

    perhapsin season six, we shall see people become more accustomed to finding out a solution to put things in the presant, and leave the past where it is.


  58. Hey losts-columbo, I was hoping that you would be the person to bring up Locke.

    We can hardly deny that when Locke is the person who sends Richard over to give Locke the message, that something different was occurring. More than any other character, we know that John Locke has a ‘communion’ with ‘the island’ regardless of any and all of the bumbling mistakes we have seen him make.

    Locke was in a different time-frame than Ben, Richard, and his other self, and I suspect this may have been the first time that viewers caught a glimpse of a cross-over. I don’t feel that what we witnessed in that event, has fully unfolded yet.

    I also can think of one other event that hits me as being reminiscent of this also.

    Here is one thing to consider about the Swan Station. We know that before #815 crashes on ‘the island’, that Desmond was manning the Swan from 2001. We also know that Kelvin Inman was part of the monitoring, when he arrived on ‘the island’ after the Gulf War, and had Radzinsky as his team mate.

    We don’t know the impact of ‘the incident’, and whether or not this is what caused the Protocol in the Swan Station, or, if the Swan Station is destroyed, ala Faraday’s insights.

    We have two very different options available to us, as to what occurred. Perhaps, it is both.

    I suspect that you are right about Faraday having more knowledge than we have been shown thus far. Hopefully, we will find that out in S6.

  59. losts-columbo, I have one more thought to consider.

    At the statue Jacob makes the statement, “I see you found your loophole”. Is it a possibility that the ‘loophole’ he was referring to, was when Locke sent Richard over to deliver the instructions to John? I am thinking this is what might be inferred.

  60. dabss!

    you took the words out of my cyber mouth! i think thats exactly what jacob was reffering to. it was easy to make the assumption he was reffering to the loophole on how to kill him, and i think circumstance lead the viewer to think that, but as you say when he lead ben and richard to view their past self, then i think that was definently a loophole, as i dont think it was something that was meant to happen, but locke was special enough to find out. im a bit of a locke devotee to be honest, i think hes the most important charactor in the show, he just ouzes mystery and more than anyone apart from richard and jacob, his hole demeanour just represents the island and its mystery!



  61. Hi losts-columbo, I think most viewers made the assumption that Jacob was referring to Fake Locke finding a loophole to kill him. I believe this was only part of it.

    What further substantiates this idea is, Jacob’s final words before he dies. He says; “They’re Coming”, which we see how shocked and angered Fake Locke was.

    It was Jacob’s subtle way of telling him that he had pre-empted his plan, and that Fake Locke got ‘hung’ in his own loophole.

    Can’t wait to see that play out in Season 6!

  62. yeah, definently, i think locke thought hed won, but jacob had one final left hook, shall we say!

    “theyre coming”, now why would that fear locke, what could come that fears locke the most? i think perhaps the outside world? but surely that cant be what jacob is talking about…but worth pondering!


  63. Hi losts-columbo, that is an excellent question that you pose, regarding ‘who’ they are according to Jacob’s final words.

    Not knowing what the ‘big’ picture is, between Jacob and Fake Locke might be determined best, if we actually knew what the ‘big’ picture is.

    Having said that, I feel that it must be something that ‘the losties’ are involved in, and what the repercussions that may have been brought about as a result of ‘the incident’. The ‘incident’ is occurring simultaneously in the story-line as Jacob is being killed.

    I anticipate that while it is possible that there may be other influences from the outside world involved, that the main focus will be with the characters we have come to know on ‘the island’.

    I am also anticipating that those numbers might also be inflated, along with a few other twists, that we won’t see coming.

    Thanks for always asking questions that challenge me to think outside of the box, and take my thoughts beyond what I have posted!

  64. well, t, i think what you say is the right way of thinking! but i have had an epiphony, that lockes shock surely cant be to do with the losoriginals! aftwr watching it i think he has a look of fear not of disbelievement (if thats even a word), he relises what hes done is not right, perhaps he knows jacob will be alive in another time line anyway, but aftwer phsycoanalysing lockes hopesand fears, i think he fears anything beyond the realms of the island, i think he fears the facet that someone may be ahead of him on terms of being able to read the island scares him the most!
    locke is scared by jacobs sentiments, that must be the outside world, or perhaps even the past?
    which means we definently need to go on a date! haha!
    im glas that i make you think out the box, i dot intend it that way, perhaps im a little strange, or an argumentititve little scottish idiot, but if it makes you think a diffrent way then thats amazing!



  65. Hi losts-columbo. On the contrary, I have always found your insights to be quite brilliant.

    My statements were to imply that whatever the implications are/were for Fake Locke, when Jacob makes that statement carry the knowledge that Jacob has pre-emted his plan, and he, better than anyone knows where that is going to lead.

    The ‘losties’ are a part of that, but also, as you say, those implications are far larger. It has to be as you say it is. I cannot think of any better way to put it, than you have.

    I am open to hearing any further thoughts you might have, because you are definitely on the right track!

  66. hahahm well your one of those people that you long fro compliments from! so i feelgood! ahha!

    its interesting to note that jacob knew that locke was going to fallout of his ‘dads’ office appartment, just like the way locke knew of his healing by richard and the compass exchange!

    so perhaps theyre on the same level! lockes is the main man!

    i mjust go for my work night out now, so ill chat to you later my favourite canadian!


  67. lol losts-columbo. Glad you feel good!

    I suppose we will learn exactly how Jacob had the ability to not only pre-empt ‘the plan’, but put forth the actual actions necessary to avert it. Essentially, his ‘master plan’.

    Clearly Jacob’s statements to Fake Locke, has made him realize what he needs to be afraid of. I happen to think that he likely has many things to fear.

    I completely agree with you about John Locke. He is ‘central’ to the story. His unique communion with ‘the island’, makes him special. No doubt we will learn just how special he is, and what his overall importance is to ‘the island’.

    Hope you have a good work-out!

  68. Hi Wesley, I wrote a theory on The Variables back when the episode aired. I felt that I had a good understanding of the implications of that concept.

    When Comic Con aired the Videos, I believed that from a ‘writing’ perspective, this would be the best logical approach to Season 6.

    Thanks for your comment!

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