Faraday isn’t Eloise’s son

Her behavior is odd. No real mother would be so driven to push her son into a situation where she kills him.

But they would if it was part of plan to protect her son. What if she tried to plug in a different variable. Someone else raised her son (like Aaron) and she took on a substitute son (like Ben’s Alex); her real son being someone abt. Daniel’s age (and in play on/with the island). A son she would push into physics over music and kill in the future/past, while her real son is ‘safe’.

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11 thoughts on “Faraday isn’t Eloise’s son

  1. i’m sure that all is not as it seems when it comes to many of the relationships and families in Lost.

    I know that names can change but in general, a person’s surname is the same as their parents so really, Daniel’s surname should be Hawking. Eloise may have say, married but kept her family name or maybe Daniel could be from a first marriage and Eloise had since remarried and then changed her surname but i have to admit, the whole Daniel, Eloise and Charles family is very odd!

  2. Yeah, the names seem odd, but I’m still gonna say Daniel is her son. Real good theory though. It would make sense if her goal was to save her son, but I think her goal is a loftier one.

  3. if he is her son, it makes you think that the consequences of the upcoming war must be quite significant for a mother to willingly sacrifice her child for the ‘greater good’. That’s why I think they are mother and son, for the emotional shockingness and subsequent importance of all of Eloise’s decisions.

  4. My take is that it was simply set up to be a 12Monkeys-style tragedy where she knows she killed him, so pushes him to be the best physicist possible so he can “fix” it so he doesn’t die. Avoid his fate. But by doing so, it is just laying his footprints down that lead him to that exact course of events.

    LOTS of La Jettee (the French short film from the 50s(?) / 12 Monkeys in Lost.

  5. yeah, I think she knew she had to kill him but was deperately hoping that with heaps of knowledge he might be able to do something to change it but really knowing that chances are WHH. She is the course correction lady.

  6. OK as the course correction lady, she told Des not to m. Penny (yet) so he could turn the failsafe key and everyone wouldn’t die.

    So, there may be a time Alpert ‘remembered’ where Des m. Penny, didn’t turn the key, no Losties, everyone dies. (And Ben wasn’t lying!?!)

    Course corrected, perhaps several times? each w/Des turning that key.

    If she dies, is she course corrected back alive?

    When did she get off the island?

  7. Interesting thoughts, taking that, what if Eloise can see the posibilities of an alternate reality as changes MIGHT occur eg with the Des they’ll all die thing. Can young Eloise see what might be an alternate reality if Dans plan works, might she be prepared to support it even if they all die if it can save her son? She’s never seen a reality where this may be a possibilty before, she was pretty quick to jump on the let’s detonate a big bomb idea.

  8. About names. I live in Quebec, Canada.

    Provincial law says that a woman does not take her husband’s patronymic. She keeps her own. If she wants to take on her husband’s name she does so by legally changing it at her own expense. In this day and age I think that makes perfect sense. The kid takes on his father’s name out of tradition, however the parents are free to choose either or family names.

    So if Eloise Hawking is a Canadian diplomat in London and gets married at home with a man named Faraday, by Canadian law (if married in Quebec only) she is free to keep her maiden name while calling her son Daniel Faraday or Hawking or Faraday-Hawking or Hawking-Faraday.

    As a side note, I cannot tell you how many times my wife and I travel and people have called her by my name instead of her own. It tickles us each time to see how backwards the world still is!

  9. Eloise has the advantage of seeing Daniel’s book after he had made conclusions – like that people are variables that affect WHH.

    Could she have been reliving circumstances w/changes (progress) until she doesn’t know what will happen next (and we are privvy to but one)?

    Daniel, too. How could he otherwise calculate a disaster within 6 hrs. His book in Ann Arbor could have advanced his knowledge of the time experiments. (Did he tell Dharma about that spinning the wheel of fortune?)

    Imagine the gaining of knowledge in that tiny notebook if he was in a cycle. (I always wondered if ‘Desmond is my constant’ was already written there, before he came to the island.)

  10. “I always wondered if ‘Desmond is my constant’ was already written there, before he came to the island.”

    – Of course it was, that’s why he was so nervous meeting Desmond. Although it’s hard to know when he ISN’T nervous.

    It’s also perfectly reasonable to assume that Eloise remarried… or simply changed her name, we don’t know! She may very well have other connections to the diverse off-island groups via a marriage.

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